The Avengers 10 Years Later

The Avengers 10 Years Later

Hey guys, I’m Morgan! And these are the Avengers! You know, my dad was the Iron Man. But he is in a better place now… Love you 3000 Daddy… Anyway, do you guys wanna know what we would look like 10 years from now? I bet you do! Check this out! After inheriting the shield from old man Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson picked up the mantel as the new Captain America and has been leading the Avengers for years. After years of intergalactic adventure with the Guardian of Galaxy, Thor has eventually discovered a new planet for his people and reunited with them. Now, he rules as King Thor. After the event in Avengers Endgame, Hulk decided to retire from the front line and is now the mastermind behind most of the Avengers’ missions. After being a part of the Avengers for 10 years, Captain Marvel is now one of the leaders that everyone looks up to. He is now teaming up with his daughter who he has trained for years to be his successor. In order to cope with the losses of both her brother and lover, she dedicates her life to the Avengers. She is now much more powerful than before and goes by the name Scarlet Witch. Still defending the earth from threats as the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange is also assisting Hulk in managing the Avengers as an organisation of superheroes. With the help from his sister, King T’challa now wears a much powerful Black Panther suit, giving his enhanced agility and strength. James Rhodes’ outstanding achievements over the years have earned him the General ranking. He now commands a fleet of Iron Patriot all over the world to protect Earth from alien invasion. Working alongside Sam Wilson, he is the third Captain America after Steve Rogers, hoping to redeem himself for all the innocent people he has killed as Winter Soldier. This size-changing duo has been an important asset to the Avengers. The team get more powerful when they were joined by Scott’s daughter, Laurie Lang who goes by the name—Stinger. 10 years after the passing of his beloved mentor, Spider-man painted his Iron Spider suit red to commemorate Iron Man’s selfless sacrifice during the war against Thanos. Peter Parker is now mentor to the young Miles Morales who became an excellent partner of his. Following the death of her husband, she took over the Stark Industries and officially joined the Avengers in the blue suit as Rescue. She is now mentoring her daughter Morgan to be the next generation of superheroes, keeping Tony’s legacy alive.



    Now I have a rough-draft story idea for a far future Avengers team; My idea is that a clone of CAPTAIN AMERICA is created in the hopes of having a great leader for the new Avengers team, and yet it is going to take a long time until he grows up to the right age, and to add he needs to live a full fun time until the time of adult responsibility for stuff.

    What I imagine for the clone of (Steve Rogers) is that his name is a bit different, and that his adopted parents are friends of the scientists who created him, and that the DNA sample responsible for his existence was collected by two of (Steve Rogers) kids that were a boy & girl; Now I imagine that his son was born second while his daughter was born first, and I imagine that his daughter was a doctor&scientist while his son later grew up to become an all around expert pilot for all types of flying aircraft-crafts.

    Now I imagine that the daughter’s name could be Emily, and she is genuinely interested in two types of fields one is being a doctor, and the second is being a fully knowledgeable scientist that knows about technology & biological research stuff, and to add she is the one who created the first cryogenic machine which was used to preserve a DNA sample of her father (Steve Rogers) in it, and also to add the possibility of cloning research project to be used to clone animals & people.

    Now I also imagine that since (STEVE ROGERS) went back in time to the year of 1970 than he not only returned the magic stone to that time frame, that he also decided to reconnect very slowly with Agent Carter, and I imagine a few months later the two secretly got married under fake last-names that was Runner, and to add I imagine that they moved into a town that is many distances away from anyone who could recognize them that might cause them problems, and also to add that they bought a really nice house that has all the best features to it.

    To add I imagine that (Steve Rogers) died by accident do to he was trying to save someone from getting killed by getting hit by a speeding small rig truck, and that is why his wife Peggy Carter Runner is alone when she grows up really very old meeting him again in the future.

    Plus to add I imagine that their two grownup kids have kids of their own later; The daughter Emily she has one child a son, and the son Stephen he has two kids one is a girl the other is a boy, and to add it is the daughter who decided to be a soldier when she grows up, and the son decided to be a herbalist researcher, and to add Emily’s son decided when he grew up he wanted to be a ocean explorer on both above & below the sea.

    Anyway this story idea represents the aspects of it being eighty years into the far future, and the new set of potential candidates for becoming the new team of Avengers are okay but not great yet, and to add this set of candidates need a team leader an yet none of them are worthy, and I want to point out that these are just kids playing games designed by the Avengers as a practice test without them knowing that they are tests they just think there all fun interesting games.

    To add at this point of time a clone of (Steve Rogers) has just been successfully created, and he is at the age of a nine month old baby, and to add for the cloning machine that was the best of a aging speed up process it could do 100% safely without any problems.

    Plus to add after the boy clone has had a full happy stress free life lived; It is soon realized that he is a few years younger than all the other sets of candidates who are being considered for becoming the new team of Avengers, and so it is decided that his parents & him need to talk about if he might want to speed up his aging process so that he could fit in with the rest of the candidates with the help at the secret scientific laboratory.

    So anyway he checks out to find out what age are the candidates, and he discovers they are all in their high teens from 17-18 years old, and yet he is only 15 years old of age, and to add he is still in high school, while the others are close to graduating from their schools.

    I forgot to mention the full name of the boy clone is (Alex Samson Kind) aka Alex Kind for short, and later in his life he suddenly develops unknown to him natural reflexes when he was being targeted by bullies, and because of those reflexes he has he was capable of avoiding getting hurt in any type of way by those bullies, and to add he was targeted by bullies from age:7 to age:15, and these reflexes are remain imprints of the DNA of (Steve Rogers) & also to add he discovers that his body has other abilities to it as well.

    For instance (Alex Kind’s) body has a very strong immune system much more stronger than anyone else, and he discovers that his bones are slightly thicker & stronger, and to add soon discovers he is capable of becoming very adaptable even under pressure, and also to add his mind is capable of improving its intelligence level too.

    Plus to add (Alex Kind) develops really strong skin tissue that is as though as foam rubber when he turned to age:15, and he discovers this when it was flue vaccine shot day at high school, and to add he later discovers that his immune system is capable of getting more stronger over the years as long as he ages naturally, and also to add his body is capable of healing a bit more faster than anyone else that he knows about.

    Now I want to add that the name title of this story idea of mine is called (AVENGERS 4000) & it is because it is in the far future of the year4000.

  2. @CartoonHooligans better than marvel comics
    Oh and I don’t like Tony Stark’s family because Tony fucking bad person.

  3. Wait a min
    10 years later…
    Spider being removed from the MCU
    Ironman being snapped
    Natasha being betrayed
    Vision still dead by scarlet witch
    Oh wait being killed by Thanos

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