The Best Lunch Containers for School Lunches

– Hey guys, I’m back with an updated video to the very popular video on this channel, the best school lunch containers. It’s been a couple of years and I’ve continued to pack lunches since that video, and while some of them continue to be my favorite lunch containers, new ones have come available that make lunch packing a breeze. So now, I have new favorites to show you. I’ll make sure to link everything you see right here in this video,
as well as add them to my Amazon store, where you’ll find all of my favorites as well. And if you need lunch ideas to fill all of these containers,
make sure to check out my lunches playlist, which I’ll link at the end of this video and below. All the containers that
you see here today, I used to pack school and office lunches for kids and adults, because my family love portable food. As you can see, there are two main types of lunch containers, plastic and stainless steel. All the plastic lunch containers
I’ll be sharing with you are free of BPA, and
phthalates, and of course the stainless steel is food grade, so you’re good to go there. For years, I’ve been using these EasyLunchbox containers, and you’ll actually see them in many of my social media posts and other videos. They are super affordable, you get four of them in a pack, and you simply can’t
beat how easy and fast they make packing lunches. Check out some of these lunch ideas and how easy it divides the food. Whether you have big or small appetites or you simply want to
pack a generous snack box, these EasyLunchboxes are a great buy. Speaking of snack boxes, this year, EasyLunchboxes launched its snack box, and this has now become
one of my go-tos as well. As you can see, it is smaller than the original lunchbox in size, but it’s the perfect holder for snacks or bento boxes for younger kids and for me. You can totally pack it in a lunch bag, along with a larger
box and still have room for an ice pack or a drink. These also come four to a set and are super affordable. Again, a link to the snack boxes right below this video. The only drawback of the EasyLunchboxes is that they are not leak-proof, although there are many
hacks for that online, and that’s not something
that I typically worry about, since it holds things
like hummus really well, just not liquids of a thinner consistency like dressing or applesauce, and those I typically sent
in one of these mini dippers from EasyLunchboxes. They are the perfect size
for dressings and condiments. Okay, up next is the Yumbox. It’s been a favorite of ours for years, especially as my kids were younger. We continue to use these on days where I wanna pack yogurt, or
applesauce, or a dressing, or maybe some marinara
sauce along with a lunch. They are well-built and they make packing lunches super easy. The only drawback is the price, so if you want to pack
multiple lunches or pack ahead, the good news is that
you can have one case and multiple trays, so
that’s an all-in-one solution that’s also available. My final plastic lunch container is one that I’ve been using all year, and a recent addition into the lunch packing
marketplace, the OmieBox. This is the lunch container
if you want to pack a hot lunch and a cold lunch in one. It has a built-in removable thermos where you can put hot
meals, or cold smoothies, or yogurts inside. All the other compartments are separate, for things like fruit, cheese, crackers, and whatever else you want to send. You wanna pack meatballs for lunch? Some fruit along with that? How about some Parmesan cheese? You can do that too. The OmieBox is definitely
a good all-in-one solution, and for days that you
don’t need the thermos, you can use that middle
compartment to pack a sandwich. The only drawback is that it’s a bit heavy once filled with food,
especially for the younger kids, and also the price. But it’s definitely a sturdy container, and I’ve been using ours for about a year without any issues. Of course, if you’re the type of person that loves to send hot lunches and are looking for a thermos container, make sure to check out this video, which I’ll also link
below with my top five tested and loved thermos containers. I have about six thermoses at my house, because with five people
to pack lunches for, one can never have
enough thermoses around. Some are bigger, some are smaller, and each has its own feature, which make sure to check out that video and the links below to see
which one is better for you. If stainless steel is what
you want to pack your lunches, the Lunchbots containers
remain my top choice, because it’s super easy to add variety and they have multiple designs to make packing bentos a breeze. These lunchboxes are very affordable and super adorable. The only drawback is that
they’re not leak proof, and the ones with multiple compartments are kind of small, so you definitely might need to pack a second lunch for bigger kids. And last but not least, I have these reusable zip bags that are
terrific for bigger kids who have outgrown kiddie containers. I go into detail about these and how I pack lunches for
teens in another video, so I’ll make sure to link
it below and at the end. Reusable zip bags are super convenient and not just for lunches. The larger ones perform double duty for marinades and more. So, as you can see,
I’ve updated this video with new finds and new favorites. This video is not sponsored, and you can find the
links to all the products in the description box below. In the comments below, tell me something: what do you struggle with when
it comes to packing lunches? Let me know so I can create helpful videos for you to pack fresh school and office lunches super fast. And if you love this type of
practical and helpful content, make sure to subscribe
to this YouTube channel. A new video comes out every single week. See you next time. (cheerful music)

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