The Best Messenger Bag for College

The Best Messenger Bag for College

Hey guys it’s Mz Kegz and I’m here to
do a review on the Mosis canvas messenger bag. So for school I wanted a new bag and I always wanted a messenger bag but I
wasn’t too sure if I should buy one. The bag I decided to get was this one. It is called mosiso. And I got it off of Amazon for a $39.99, which I think is an amazing price for the quality of this bag. I was skeptical when
I bought this back online but I’m quite happy with it the quality
is amazing for the price because when I was on Amazon like there’s all these
bags for like $100, $70 and just like why am I paying so much for a bag. So I took the chance of getting a cheaper bag and I got this amazing quality. I got a messengers bag for like on days where I’m going to school and maybe have one
class a day and all I want to do is carry my laptop and maybe my water
bottle and then I’ll just using this probably not going to be an everyday bag
because I still love my backpacks So this messenger bag is quite big, it is
able to hold a laptop that is 15.6 inches. My laptop is 14 inches
so I love that it’s big because if I want to hold other things like text books
notebooks I am able to. So let’s look at the design of this bag so to start off
this is probably the only thing I really don’t like about this bag is that
instead of like the magnet buckle it has these like latch hooks and it’s annoying
to open them, what if I need something really important? It takes a
while for me to open it. I know! First of all problems but whatever. And
on the front there is a pocket and it has a lot of room and my whole fist can fit in there. So like maybe like things you really need like your phone, wallet like
things that you just really need to grab put it in there. At the back you have another pocket, it’s really big too flat like my hand fits all the way there. On the side a water bottle holder and this is the reason why I bought it because your
girl likes drinking water and I get so mad at backpacks that don’t have water
bottle holders because backpacks that do have water bottle holders they’re so
ugly, so when I saw that this had a water bottle holder, I was excited, I was so
excited! Look! Look! Watch this …. And it still looks cute and thank you. So moving on.
Inside the bag there are two compartments. One for the laptop itself,
which is held together with velcro and it is padded so you don’t have to
worry about buying a laptop sleeve which I was thinking of buying but then
because I found out that this was padded if you drop this with the laptop inside your laptop is okay. It’s just as good of the sleeve
maybe even better and then your second compartment. In the second compartment it’s
pretty big you can probably put like one textbook because you know
messenger bags would hurt your shoulders anyways. That’s why I’m trying to keep it light.
You could put like notebooks, textbooks, wallet anything important maybe a lunch
and like a bag, a ziploc bag anything like that and then you have a little zipper
inside this first compartment so you have a huge compartment
there and then you have a laptop compartment and this could fit up to 15 inches Here is my laptop and I’ll just go put it in. Sits perfectly. Here is my laptop here and I still have a considerable amount of room. If I want to
bring like notebook and other things. By the way this bag is super light and then
when you open the bag as a front here. There’s another compartment for like
maybe calculator or your phone to put your phone here. You can put your phone
in here, maybe some pens, anything that you want, keys and then another cops more
notebooks, if you like notebooks, if you like readin, I like reading, so yeah.
The material is great like look at this material, look at this material. The stitching is decent, no. Not even decent, the stitching is good like this is not going to break or rip apart. It’s a nice I don’t even know what this this color is. Like a maybe like a nice coffee … toffee … like coffee toffee, coffee toffee brown. You know what I mean! That’s what it is and yeah. oh I forgot there’s
another pocket for like Cords, Chargers you know what I mean. I loooooovvvvvvve it. So now I’ll show you how the bag looks on if I’m going to school for like a day. so say you’re strolling down the street and you see your friend Tonya. “Oh, hey Tonya.
Tonya hey! Check out my new bag!” and you just show her the bag. It has a padded strap for
comfort. Also you could unbuckle it and take it out, so then it
could just be a briefcase on your way to go like you’re walking, you’re walking
you’re walking like you have somewhere important to go. This bag is definitely unisex, men can
use it we’re going to use it doesn’t matter but I like how it’s classy and
simple and very hip so yep I say get yourself one, get your friend
one, get your mom, get your dog one. Everybody needs one. I like it a lot. So I
hope this video was a good review and I hope I’m able to help anyone that was
looking for the perfect messenger bag I’ll definitely do a video on all the
things that could fit into this bag later when I’m getting ready for school
and yeah bye see you next video I think I want to talk about today how
it’s okay to grow slow.


  1. Honestly, I wish more review videos would have modeling demonstrations. I need to see multiple angles in motion so I know how it would look on me. Great review btw, I got the bag in the green color and while it's bigger then I expected, the quality is definitely there and the material is freakin waterproof.

  2. very helpful review! would you still recommend it after several months of using it? I'm interested in buying it but I'm scared that because of the price the quality won't be there on the long term.
    thanks! xx

  3. Thank you! This is very helpful but I can't find it on Amazon. When I click the link in the description it didn't work and it showed another product 🤧 I would really like to get this bag

  4. this is so good! i really want a messenger bag for high school because backpacks makes it look lump and is small. thank you for the review! i will definitely consider getting it 🙂

  5. I was about to buy this bag but wanted to look for a review first! Can't believe I actually found one ❤️ thank you!

  6. Why it seem like messenger bags are only for men? Ugh cause I want one so bad but searching online it seems everything is for men. Thanks for this video this bag is beautiful. I shall check it out.

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