The Best/Worst Way To Get Around A College Campus || Kent Heckel

The Best/Worst Way To Get Around A College Campus || Kent Heckel

Alright. Hi everybody, my name is Kent Heckel and wow. It is. I am sleepy That’s what I was trying to say So Kristoff and I have woken up on a Sunday morning to go to Jamie and Meg’s fashion show They are dressed as brides right now, and they are about to like, full on runway walk a fashion show This should be really interesting Kristoff, do you know if it is nice outside? Yes Do you know what we should do? Check the Kent weather Welcome to weather with Kent. It is this temperature on the screen today. And it is really really beautiful. Wow! Okay, so we. We think we’re here. There’s a lot of cars in a parking lot that only has one thing in it. Oh there’s two, there is a Dollar General over there But like, this feels like a little bit too much Yes, Jamie Swaggy-est dude on the entire stage right now The girls did really great That was so fun to watch, I’ve never seen a fashion show before. Kristoff what’d you think? It was good Fashion show wise? Yeah. Like 5/7? 5/7. Yeah, some of the models like didn’t get it. They like walked up and weren’t smiling, and it was really awkward. But other than those ones. They did great! Omigosh. If you like cinnamon, it’s a guy favorite. I’m a red velvet kind of guy. Babe you look like a bride Just walking around the shop This flannel really What? You know the buttons aren’t right. Dang it! I put it on like that! Look at the buttons are wrong There are worse things You guys both did really good though. Considering, considering everyone else. I’m weighing you with the whole crowd and you did good. You did good We’re we awkward. We felt so awkward. No there were some other ones. There were some other ones that were, like, next level Holy Cow! Alright, so I don’t know if you noticed earlier. How freaking windy it is outside. But it is really windy, so Joey and I are taking a tarp this string and we’ve got a crazy idea, and we’re gonna see how it works We’re gonna see how this goes Let’s do this Joe! Also, I took all of those six Gopros I have and mounted the hell out of this thing so should be some really good angles starting now alright, let’s go So far, not going so well Let’s try it, back up where it is flat again Alright Is this on? Yeah this is on I am having some, uh, some struggles right now with the camera and everything But guys, I need to swallow some pride. Um, I just kind of figured out all this work I’ve been doing to film some 360 videos It’s not gonna work None of it Any, none of it’s gonna work So, I’ve contacted Amazon, I’m shipping stuff back I think I’ve found a solution But, I just am kind of like, not embarrassed, but just like I like failed at something, and I’m just like yes I did and it didn’t work I spent a lot of money and time on it and I’m trying to figure it back out because, let me tell you buying that, oh jesus that editing software, that is so much money so instead of doing our, uh, sailing idea, we’re gonna do this What is that? Huh? Why is it like that? That failed too Alright, you know what? We’re gonna come back, we’re gonna come back from this Joey Kent and Joey will prevail with some good idea eventually at some point Just right now, not all of them are working and that happens that happens right Joey? I guess so I know it sucks Heyyy you wanna be proud of me real quick, just like take a look at this room and just look at how clean it is (SINGS) take a look at my bedroom That’s probably as clean as you’ll see it for a long time and then this office too The office. Like. 5/7. Right? But you’d say like 5/7 right? Yeah, about 5/7. 5/7 messy. Alright, let’s get dinner Dinner Where gonna get some dinner I have Lazy Zipper tonight, so I’m gonna go be improvial, I’m gonna be an improviser I’m gonna improvise er. I’m gonna. I don’t know what I’m trying to say SCREAMS Did you see me? Okay now, shut up and get over there Now hide Alex SCREAMS Hide Why did you guys do it so early? Because he saw us Guys how does my wool hat look? It’s not done But. Like. You know. It’s doing it’s thing. I think it’s pretty good. Look, there’s still in the part where my needles are But, I’m trying. My hat is coming along. So Jamie, came to the pub and we’re having a little pub date and I’m the idiot just knitting the whole time How does that make you feel that I’m like knitting a lot? I like it Yeah? But yeah, we just decided that we’ve been hanging out like a lot but never just like, us two and we just wanted to go on, like, a pub date which is like a date, but it is like a casual date You know, it’s like we don’t have to go spend a lot of money, but we can still be togehter on like a date type deal It’s cutes Alright, well. As things always do, everything worked out I’m assuming everythings gonna be like, totally okay with the cameras, everythings gonna be okay with the video I just, I don’t know I feel like having this sense of not worrying about anything in your life is risky at times, but like also super great like, you can really get some good out of your life if you just take to this belief that everything will end up being okay, because it always will be. Everything will always be okay. But, I’ve got a fun surprise for you tomorrow. Sitting right here. It’s metal and there is two of them Ummm. It is 12:30. It is time for me to go to sleep. I have class tomorrow at 9am. Oh boy!


  1. I've been saving up for the SJ4000 camera with my own money for a while now. It would be so appreciated if I would win and earn the camera.
    I have already been following you on twitter and instagram so yeah… LOL

  2. Kent is there a reason your scale stops at 7?
    With me my scale is 9 because for me nothing is a 10(10= perfect) and nothing is perfect in my opinion.

  3. " If it's meant to be it will me "
    " everything will be okay "

    I love your vlogs so much
    Keep up the good work Kent

  4. Hi Kent,WoW! Jami looked beautiful! A peak into the future;) the Hat's coming along.Be proud of being a"knit-wit"!:) Thanks

  5. DON'T give up on ur cool 360 camera design. you just have to keep trying and go through the trial and error process. It will eventually work out.

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