The combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies

The combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies

I’m really excited about the Bachelor of
Advanced Studies. It offers such a wide breadth of things and
you can literally mash together anything that you’re interested in. So that means I want to do English and design
so for me an opportunity to combine the two of those is really unique. The fact that you’re able to major in a
multitude of other subjects and courses, it’s reassuring to know that you can still pursue
your interests. Look I think it’s really good because a
lot of people aren’t exactly sure what they want to do right after high school so it allows
you to have more of a broad scope. I’m interested in a bit of everything such
as study abroad to meet new people, going through internships, through businesses, firms. High school, especially in the last year of
year 12, you are bombarded with studies, exams and assignments and all of this not fun stuff. So university opens up a complete new world,
a complete new window to new opportunities.

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  1. Seems smart i.e. being able to learn an aspect of another field which is different from your primary degree. A business major in adv.stud could complement a STEM degree?

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