The most realistic weapons / armor / fighting, in an ANIME??

The most realistic weapons / armor / fighting, in an ANIME??


  1. thanks to shad's advertisement of this review, and also for your time and effort to make this review content that I discovered this anime

  2. You always get most realism from anime, because if the authors do actually want to be somewhat accurate, in manga/anime they will research the topic excessively in-depth. Like all those anime titles, which build drama around the finest details of cooking/basketball/racing/you name it

  3. And one thing, I would also recommend looking up the artist Pirata on Pixiv. He hasn't been active for a while but he does a great job at translating proper medieval combat and weaponry into anime style art. And even though his text is in Korean, his style is incredibly clear and easy to understand even without understanding what is written.

  4. 5:05 Basically medieval Europe was the Alpha stages of Warhammer 40k. "In the grim darkness of past Europe, there was only war."

  5. It had an interesting premise but there ended up being no real resolution. Maria learned nothing and it ended up becoming a generic love story.

  6. It's good for magical fantasies to have realism in combat because it makes the fantasy feel more realistic despite the magic, and thus its more engaging

  7. didnt need another reason but BONUS!!!
    and as always great videos
    Keep up the Fantastical work
    Love your passion

  8. can you review (Vinland Saga) ? it does have some super-human feats and tries to make them sound normal… but it does not have magic and is the first Viking anime I saw.

  9. God I just wanna punch this guy in the face sometimes… some of his content is interesting but most of the time it devolves into tangents about nuance and context. We fucking get it dude. Why don't you just give us your opinion without the autistic levels of disclaimers and perspectives.

  10. C'mon Skall

    You only got hyped because someone used a pommel to finish off an opponent.

    Btw, is there any videogame that achieves a high level of realism regarding weapons and armor?

  11. One of my favorite part in this anime, the SIEGE in ep 10! Very realistic!!! Go and watch it!!! You will not be disappointed. 😉 🙂

  12. I like the one episode where a guy hides a sword breaker in his wrist guards and catches a knights blade with it to win a fight.

  13. Vinland Saga might be really good in the same way that Maria the Virgin Witch is. I can't say for certain because I am not an expert on these things…but the anime itself is quite good.

  14. Hahaha Who knew!? 😛 Not super surprising though, given the huge variety of anime out there. Some anime is pretty right on with a lot of things. 🙂

  15. Which do you think was the best? European medieval infantry or medieval infantry or Japanese Shogunate war infantry?

  16. 純潔のマリアってそんな歴史的な描写に忠実なアニメだったのか。見たことないけど気になってきた

  17. Another anime that takes place with war and magic is izetta the last witch. A witch that fights in a alternate earth during World War II.

  18. I watched it, and here is my review:

    Pros: The fight and battle scenes are awesome. They have realistic tactics and know what their weapons are called and how to use them. One guy even uses a swordbreaker. Another has a zweihander. Most characters use bucklers effectively.

    Cons: The main character, Maria, who takes up 99% of the screen time, always puts an end to the battles with her magic. Screw Maria.

  19. 3:15
    Anime girls: pose in front of pictures with index and middle fingers turned up
    Me, a historian: do not cite the deep magic to me, witch

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