The Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden and The Lone Survivor Give advice on BUD/S – Vigilance Elite

The Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden and The Lone Survivor Give advice on BUD/S – Vigilance Elite

I know everybody here gets it you like
question like a million fucking times like what do I need to do to prefer four
buds you know what we need to do to do this what do I need to do you know we’ll
work on my swim so work on my you-know-what and it gets like
overwhelming you know like every other email is or Instagram message or
Facebook is what do I do to go to buds what do I do the little bud so what’s
the start with wizard remember the Stu Smith book yeah I know Suze there’s a
great dude you know Stu is one of the greatest dudes out I’m really glad that
I did this before I went in because I was 23 so there was a little more mature
to think through the potential for failure and floating around on a gray
ghetto in the middle of the ocean which I absolutely didn’t want to do so I
decided that that’s actually a pretty tough routine if you look at that course
I mean I think it was like six months long at least three months long and it
was six months long I think and I said well I’m gonna do this every single day
to the absolute T there’s not even a short cuts not on a single rep not a
single exercise there will be no excuses whatsoever so that I could sort of check
myself to see if I felt like I was gonna be able to carry through on you know and
maintain that kind of a marathon which I knew was gonna be in front of me going
to budge and I said if I did if I skipped anything I will not enlist in
the Navy and I went through the product I went through that whole thing twice
and after that I was fairly confident that I was going to be able to complete
it I think that you have to present you have to train and test yourself mentally
because it’s a mental game I mean now it’s a mental game my favorite guys that
my favorite guys that were in my class that made it through they were the ones
that performed technically the worst because shit man you gotta love the
underdog guy that that got it gets his ass kicked and comes back for anyone
it’s true so amen that’s not my advice I give and I used
to I used to answer them and I long email responses and would try and break
it down psychologically and all this stuff and we are a motivational speaker
I do have that tendency I do have that tendency but what I believe now is the
one simple thing I used to you know and then for a while I got annoyed with it
was like just don’t quit right you sent this simple but now what I believe is
the number one thing you can do is when you show up there is not do anything for
yourself you can’t when you walk into a PT or cleaning a room or when you
afterwards and the guys dragging his butt right and and Rob you talked about
on the show one guy will be high one guy will be low and hang out with the high
guys will take the guys with low and the low guys just be selfless because that’s
what this is all about it’s about putting the team ahead of self and so if
you start in with the selfless attitude that my main thing is to make sure his
shits squared away he’s my swim buddy his boots are dialed in his socks then
it starts that train rolling and you jump the gun and you stop being so self
centered in your own mind to make it that it’s about someone else which is
what the teams are about and as a whole if people ask me that question and I
thought I always had an answer for it now as we get older they’re always like
there’s always changes of course but I think one thing for the guys who make it
is like your sense of humor needs to be able to change daily and when you go in
there you need to be kind of an open book ready for anything right and think
of the back of your head like there’s no other place on plants we’ll be right
fucking now all right and there is no other
there is nothing else on whatever comes down the pike I’m supposed to be going
through it and blood training is supposed to suck someone when they stop
I’m thinking man you’re not bored with of course we’re glad for it to end but
you won in your head you wanna tell you a man and this making the chow all right
yeah and uh I had those guys in my class two dudes all yoked up man worried like
oh god what a seal looks like right there that’s what it looks like on the
appointment right you know what we look like when we graduate right and then
bones yeah and I think there’s two kinds of guys there’s those guys who want to
you can study the program like you want to know what ahead of time it’s coming
down the pipe so you can test yourself you ready and then there’s those of us
that’s the adventure part I got I think I can pretty much handle anything man I
want I like to take it on the chin in the beginning oh yeah and push through
that and then those those of us that in our leadership positions in Excel and we
follow those guys and then there’s guys like me like man I wanted to prove to
everybody that I was worth having around because I could the good feeling in most
spots to help push and because I have any special skills right you know what
did you do what did you do what Rob what did you do what you know and it’s like
just fucking do it just go go do it wake up supposed to suck right we watched
those videos in the shit this is we were talking about this here today we’re
watching Navy SEALs and it was the zodiac part like that’s the fucking
thing that got me into this and that’s the thing that sucks the worst and it
truly is really just so excited for whatever comes down the pipe because you
know I know this son of a bitches toughest fuck and if I said you know I
give motivational speeches and stuff and always I’ll talk to like middle school
kids high school kids college kids now I would say I want to be a Navy SEAL I’m
preparing for what should I do to prepare for it I’ve said it before
tonight and I’ll answer their question with a question what are you do
to prepare them they say the same thing I’m taking cold showers every day just
to get ready I’m like that it’s horrible knock it off and then they’ll run with a
pack in the sand why is that horrible I’m like well if I told you 30 days from
now I’m gonna kick you in the nuts as hard as I can and to get ready for it
your best friend kicks you in the nuts every single day guess what he’s gonna
fucking suck when I do it so just embrace it when it happens
you can only imagine what’s gonna fill it so yeah in order to be a Navy SEAL
taking warm showers that’s it no matter what make the stoutest home it sucks get
the fuck up you’re gonna get plenty of that beatdown
bullshit there don’t do that just keep the boots off and I’m gonna crush you in
30 days embrace it and don’t take anything personal no
matter why one of the things I tell people that get me to check out in town
it’s like hey my job starts on H as a great question man I should have gone
first one yeah cuz I was gonna say that too but yes Fogg the greatest part is
just that damn unique characteristics I mean we’ve got gangbangers and fucking
bankers sons and Oprah billionaires sucking it up together on the CTT we
just went through to the decon shower next to me is a gangbanger from Denver
over here is got a English Lit degree from Clemson over here is a guy from
Butte Montana you know I’m a college dropout from Boca Raton Florida
dude I showed up I was 19 and like 19 like the second you know what are the
coolest I love that we’re going through hell we
thought we’re Wednesday something hell we’re at the pool and we have a chance I
know they were doing on purpose we have a chance to go into the locker room and
take a warm shower warm shower every motherfuckers that not I’m not doing it
yeah I’m not getting warm I’ll get back in the cold I’m not fucking doing it’s
not worth it my swim buddies gets got all jacked up
so we had had to go in there with him and I was sitting and I’m never
forgetting and stretch from rock walks in he’s like what the fuck are y’all
doing and they’re like no it’s not we’re not hiding I swear to God he’ll go get
in the heart shower he made us go get in it and because he con that’s my god yeah
you could hear that damn thing fired up right that was my room at 6:04 was that my favorite thing about the young guys
we had one in our class name is Nick hocks and I’ll never forget you remember
around the pit at the end of the day your your your Bo crew or your oh I see
would get around and be like alright here’s what we did right today here’s
what we did wrong you know officers do you have anything you want to say you
know all this and everybody would be like oh we need to be more on time when
and they go around and I mean I’m ever remember uh mr. D would be like rah rah
rah freedom yeah yeah freedom and and it it was yeah it was so funny I’m thinking
forever man it was so funny but then I remember Nick
got up and Nick was 18 he joined 1789 buzz and he was five seven nine five six
one hundred and thirty pounds soaking soaking wet and he comes up and he had
this way he kind of walked cocky motherfucker but it ha everyone everyone
loved him everybody and he came up he got out in the minute he goes all of you
effing pussies right huh he goes you guys they’re all scared need
to quit right now everyone’s like well first of all maybe not fuck him that’s
awesome yeah you’re right dude I he did everyone’s gonna quit quit now get the
fuck out of here quit now get the fuck dude I would I love this oh he was
turned into like that like the class mask
and it he was hard I mean he was miserable but he was all he knew he was
taking some heat Oh after that it didn’t stop man well I
guess I would say like I guess I just blend it all together then and and you
know like one just do it like now nowadays like everybody has got so much
access you know to like everything us and it’s hey what would you do hey
what would you do hey what would you do hey what you know and it’s like my
generation is part of the newest one out of it isn’t it was you know out of all
of us and I didn’t have access to that shit and I was 18 and I said fuck it I’m
gonna do it you know and I did it and then like well you were saying like be
selfless like I remember I remember the the people that stood out to me the most
in my class were the Marines yeah thank you guys have already gone out yeah
we’re gonna come back in and when I I had Barker yeah Doyle and and Ellie
Miller too and those guys man like just fucking got it you know like money if
you’re the best at what if you’re the fucking fastest runner or the fastest
swimmer that’s great and if you’re used to getting praise and you know like oh
you’re fucking you’re a badass cuz you won the fucking goddamn football game or
you won the track meet or you were the best wrestler like you’re not getting
that prazer at all so if you win the fucking four mile run then you better
get your ass back in there and help the dude and you better not be looking for
that praise cuz you’re not gonna get it you know and the the Marines are like
one through my class like those three guys are the ones that really ring a
bell for me you know what I mean like bring it back is you know they’re the
ones that when I shot like shit it up things right in your face you have
them they’re helping me – I can shoot better when I swim like shit
because that was like the slowest swimmer they’re the ones dragging my ass
through the fucking water you know and yeah
and like so you need to give that mindset to be able to go you know it’s
not the best who gives a shit because your buddy isn’t so make him the best or
you know what I mean unless he’s a total shitbag drowning you
know but that’s that’s my take well gentlemen I’m glad you brought that up
man those Marines dude cuz that’s big deal – getting down the core yeah yeah
one of the guys I trained with they’re in our group there’s three Navy SEALs
and two Green Berets but one of the seal Tommy he was a Marine Force Recon really
like a war one officer type – and when he decided he was ten years in the Corps
before you he’s like I want to be a seal now taking forever to get these old ten
now really oh yeah hard as nails man but it was we hit third face and what’s the
struggle was anybody marine here and when Shawn Morrison stood up in our
class everything got a lot easier they moved him kind of into them leadership
position today that’s cool squared away that’s cool gents again Rob Shawn thank
you so much for coming all the way out


  1. Anyone else feel like they would have much more fun giving advice on a lot of other things??
    "How do you chose nice hats?" "What's your best advice for keeping shit from chafing?"

  2. When the wizard is talking about what he did prepping when he's talking about not skipping a rep, was that the basic physical exam? Or is he talking about something else?

  3. I'm just an old grandma thankful for men like tis.  I could listen to them all talk for hours 😉  Thank you so much for showing what real men look like 🙂

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    Wasnt there a rumor that the team that wacked Bin tardman died or something like that?

  5. I loved the "Double Checking" in the Army. It´s only natural people make mistakes. Especially under harsh training and combat. The Army got rid of that "Pie in the Face" Humour, and took things seriously. Miss it. Working in the civilian is a massive change. You go from "Wolf Pack" to "Lone Wolf".

  6. I mean even being an airmen I don’t ever think I got yelled at for just being trash or stalwart not nearly as much as I got yelled at for letting others be trash

  7. I was Airborne Infantry in the Army and was about two weeks from completing Ranger training when I broke my fibula and didn't try it again due to wife, newborn baby, family shit, did 16 months in Iraq.. 12 months in Mosul and we got extended 4 months to Baghdad when the green zone got hit and there's always "rivalry" between the branches of the Military but it's a fraternity and would have each other's back no matter what! That's what I miss most about the military.. the simple knowing all the men around you would die with you/for you in a heartbeat.. civvy life man I have a hard time trusting anyone..much love for you HEROS

  8. My dad was in the navy in the medical area and I salute all you badass’s for keeping this country safe and I hope to do the same one day🇺🇸

  9. It really sucks trying to prepare for Navy SEAL training. I am aware that the most I can do to help me a little bit is grind at the gym and fix my diet. It truly will be a kick in the nuts.

  10. My 13 yr old son is wanting to be a seal. And that’s what I told him just do it. It’ll be the hardest thing you’ll ever do but just do it.

  11. Bin Laden died in 2001
    Prove me wrong

  12. first you have to get a writers degree so you can expose all your missions to make money after you get out, the real special operators don't have a name like seals or rangers, they are nameless contractors so they can skirt the freedom of information act.


  14. Lol if you think bin laden is dead you are as dumb as these idiots. He's sipping mojitos on an island with Bush jr somewhere. These guys all sound like they have a combined IQ of 10.

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  16. First of all salute to these SEALs, but I really think not enough people realise how insanely brave WWII soldiers (all allies) were. Just imagine almost no chance to survive, not returning home for years, unbearable weather, not the right equipment, not knowing when this endless war will ever end (we know it now, but the allies got broken promise after broken promise), going into a war not prepared at all, deliberating a country you don't know (the worldview of those times was so much more vague than nowadays, what happened in Europe stayed in Europe, that's their problem). I salute all of you, who fought without hatred but to do the right thing, THAT'S the difference between being a murderer and a hero (something many people don't realise). I thank you for our liberation, I'll not forget and pass this on to the next generation. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana, and thereby part of the problem.

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  19. Bulshit he was dead way before that he supposedly killed somebody but it wasn't bin Laden it's funny you put him to sea and you couldn't show the body really he was on dialysis way before that you died on dialysis think about everybody if you're that smart you would know is a lot of bulshit

  20. Great video thanks you all for your time on serving much appreciated I damn sure wish I could have been there I'm sure you guys hear that a lot I tried five times couldn't pass the damn written test have a learning disability world's not always Fair but I damn sure support you all to the fullest God bless

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    The fleet has a job just like SEALs, have some fucking respect for your shipmates out in the fleet .


  23. We could take this idea about helping each other, highs helping lows, and being selfless and apply it to society. Its not just reserved for a group of ex military guys around a campfire. Were all human beings and part of the same "team"

  24. @9:20 The point where they all remembered the same thing; that right there is why military training is a bonding experience. We all go through the same hardships, and only those who went through it will understand.

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