The Top 5 Reasons to Attend an Elite Business School | by Smartly

Smartly Presenting the five top reasons to attend and elite business school Incredible education The brightest classmates A strong alumni network Convenient access Reasonable tuition Wait Reasonable tuition? Convenient access? Not exactly When you relocate on campus for two years you lose your existing salary and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend You could choose an online MBA with hours and hours and hours of video professor lectures But with no real selectivity in admissions And low academic standards They’re no substitute for a top school Enter Smartly the modern business school With an award-winning, interactive curriculum Smartly teaches at your convenience on any device Each micro-lesson gives personalized feedback Every eight seconds Ensuring learning is fast, sticky, and engaging And as students learn together with virtual case studies and projects you’ll build lasting relationships with high-achieving classmates and gain access to our incredible alumni around the world Yes Smartly is selective By admitting high-caliber students We’re able to flip the business model of education We reduce tuition dramatically And instead charge companies when they recruit and hire our elite graduates So say goodbye to the remote campus Goodbye to the boring video professor Goodbye to exorbitant fees And say hello to Smartly the business school of the future!

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