The Top 8 Best College Foods in America!

The Top 8 Best College Foods in America!

food network slipping channel is doing
their own version of march madness and they’re having uh… the a comic foods
of thirty two different universities to drop against each other a bracket and
we’re talking about nearly eight of college foods i guess what you’re seeing is the university of
illinois is stuffed pizza ideas photos that you’re gonna see is the food
network has a recipe for each one which i think that might actually make these
foods eventually uh… that looks absolutely delicious itself with what
looks like sausage their incredibly deep dish uh… that looks great outrigger reef
later this year but i don’t know if i might be a little familiar with this so good but you should conduct spring
deep and yes the any are connected failure you might like very thin honey or his duties at the
literally folder pizza gas so it’s been here to see if the market for marketing
bursting which i actually remember talking about the before three
description is done in the restaurant real challenge
and heard about that work at a resumption are uh… it’s a bowl of spaghetti top of
beef chili chopped onions and keeping portions of cheddar and sour cream
removably dot halfway through beating it because horrible yeah but it looks as if pretty good at his
bed but it left a looks like and aimed at confirm that scandia account and then heading into
the key rehearsing the got back this is from bailey hammerstein explains that
looks kind of uh… integrate with a top-down view what you’re seeing there is a plate of
corn chips beans cheddar two kinds of meat so it might very very party i did
not show the ethical all you need all of these are like just typical like like all me all these
are and see invite you know that naka might like to know catholics
however clinton is a solved and i think that i spoke with a convert yeah these
are really things the students are gonna be making but they come from you know
you have a restaurant i have also not like the best thing for your heikel we finally arbor you’re having a good metabolism at
this stage he should be should be appreciated and you know as the morning
after a night out of hiding the evidence that’s exactly what it looks like have was a little bit uh… missing the whole burger and tops
which sounds good no women prolly the cock fighting the
gator god i still remember her has a a salty sweet secret sauce mojo sauce uh… that tops our premiums she is a uh… and so it’s available close to its
the universities hockey wellspring attitude i’ve printed for
initial presentation at different times were there i don’t know how appealing it
would be currently princeton university in the fat lady exchange but on top of
the g six g st is up with role six and thick cock french fries what’s the mood
serology i love it with their ad no no no they don’t have
those how you think that’s most well say that the gentleman wardrobes of type of
uh… yeah so uh… methods to a see again nate
here is your drug if your hungover is on a very high level throughout the evening even handout totally capella sip i think
that there is a chain started doing that versions also friendliest from the east
coast friendly is very popular restaurant they do something with the
burger with little success university of kansas is chicken shed a rap is probably
the most upton are long loves normal food there uh… book seats it’s it’s available to
on campus shot brothers and currently still popular reading here uh… every year since purchase bigger race
were halfway through the down the sandwiches like part of erich honecker
service if they want to call it that theory that our evite temple and then run amok telecommuting first and then for uh… this informally in realizing these
young men down the shot not to have somebody shall annette into something like that uh… usually
involves like running in binge drinking like a different points along the line
and do not have passed out yep or from a bonds about fall so we’ve
got from u_c_ berkeley let’s go to that we’ve got the top dog friend for uh… i think women from like quality
ingredients on the like abt like huh encrusted had leg back outlet in the nevada crap bible
throughout on yeah out now to the same and this one i
would not not very unique but it’s incredibly popular in the u_c_ berkeley
area i think and told me though that it’s overrated she says that overlaying
thing on the sister went to brag red like that i think that when i was not a vegetarian
heist in a baseball game just eat the hot times you know the like big happens
even getty’s body and soul of politics usually receive my thing is lives
breakfast burrito it’s the grandson approaches showed the prisoners from the
cascade country store seb bacon sausages aids hash browns
cheese and fresh salsa again this sounds like actually for when
you’re hungover like that in the vegetables athens probably good for usa
smacks of to get over how to pray that i i think i think that’s my favorite that
once the bass i’d appreciate a good breakfast burrito
i think that that you can judge the quality of the state by its own
breakfast burritos so my mom and artistic whatsoever university have
lunch and breakfast free i have my about what has your bout of per number one answers about how appealing it looks
adding the stuff pizza apprentice look exactly like that may be
the one and i would also go to steffi outlets where aspect of my meat and not on the south pizza itself he actually came any of the
like being at the end of semester and feel free to let us know add those eight
which you prefer if you’re a student from the university let us know some of
the culture behind these foods i am i don’t know what your relic iconic please have your
universities are maybe we can make some mention has fell one and not many will be like
our own little top less time on what some of our neighbor responsive and
helpful tips and send pictures yes for the addressee necessary part of the


  1. And deep dish pizza is iconic to Chicago. There are special restaurants who serve the most authentic kinds. But we have fast food places that do a simpler deep dish pizza. Most pizza places here don't have pizza as thin or foldable as New York pizza. We have thin crust pizza but it's not like a normal slice that's foldable. Some places do have the foldable pizza though by the slice.

  2. Frankfurter, because of baseball season. I think University of Hawaii somehow got completely overlooked here. Loco Mocos, laulaus, kalua pig and cabbage, mahimahi burgers, smoke meat and onions, chicken papaya, and corned beef stuffed uhu (parrot fish) just to name a few. Many of bars also serve a wide array of free pupus (appetizers) such as shrimp tempura, sashimi, garlic edamame, shoyu pork, poke, and Korean bean sprouts.

  3. Well, the reason you fold your pizza with New York-style pizza is if you don't, the point of the slice flops down and the cheese slides off. With most other styles of pizza, be it deep dish Chicago style, Greek style, the "regular/traditional" style of chain pizza places or what have you, the crust is thick enough where that doesn't happen, so there is no reason to fold it, and in the case of deep-dish or thicker crusted pizzas, it could be very messy trying to do so.

  4. Who the fuck actually eats donuts at Dunk's? As a Boston native, I can tell you, you're doing it wrong. Dunk's is for coffee, maybe a bacon egg and cheese. Their donuts are a joke.

  5. She meant once the pizza is cooked, it is so thin you can't hold a slice properly in your hands so you fold it down the middle between your index finger and thumb and eat it like a hotdog. Everyyyones done t

  6. Yeah, that's definitely not how you're supposed to say it, unless they mean something else than the classic soft Italian cheese used for pizza among other things.

  7. If you love meat.. why be a vegetarian?

    I've never understood this. Eating meat is just as (if not more in a lot of cases) healthy as being a vegan. It's how we developed (and maintain) our large brains and I'm not even going to get into the reasons why children and expecting mothers should absolutely eat meat.

  8. new study out a few weeks ago on the effect of eating too much meat on the bacteria in the digestive tract. check it out
    youtube wont let me post the link but theres an article on it in scientific american

  9. I'm European too, and I don't think you can really call that a pizza *shudders*. chicken wrap looks pretty good doh, at least if you had some decent cheese in it, NY Cheddar IS NOT CHEESE >_<

  10. Exactly.. "too much" meat. Everything in moderation. Drinking "too much" water can kill you too, you don't see people swearing off it.

  11. At this Chinese restaurant down the street from my university campus, they served sushi with COOKED meat. And I said meat instead of fish for a reason, because they also had chicken, beef, and pork varieties. =3

  12. when I heard him saying 2:36 and then her saying 2:40 and then him again 2:46 and her 2:54, I was like WTF -.-" -.-"

  13. Griz refers to the football team. The Grizzlies. I actually haven't tried the burrito yet. I'll probably do it now. I would have expected the Griz Burger to be the contender, but I suppose it doesn't count as it's served at a bar downtown.

  14. Guys, you can get a stuffed pizza without meat. I'm a vegetarian from Chicago, and I love a spinach stuffed pizza. I've been missing good Chicago pizza while attending school in PA. :/

  15. You guys don't eat meat? UGH! Long long time viewer, really appreciate tyt, but you two just lost like 1,000 points in my book for that weak-sauce, poonani-laden "lifestyle choice".

  16. should do one for worst college foods too lol, the dudes they had working where i went couldnt make a single pizza tht wasnt burnt or just completely messed up. also o.o most American foods seem to include cheese….

  17. I don't understand vegetariens, if you picture cows being slaughtered and then get turned into your food and you don't wanna eat it you're a dipshit. IT'S ALREADY DEAD. 1% of the population not eating food won't change anything. Second of all, would you rather eat natural food or something that was made in a tube…?

  18. Sometimes people are vegetarian because they don't want to be part of the huge environmental impact meat has

  19. didn't you mean you're? Oh please thumbs down me now. But it would be funny if I got thumbs up for this now

  20. UC Berkeley's Top Dog offers gourmet sausages instead of hot dogs. Loved the food when I was a student there.

  21. There's like 3 top dogs within the mile or so radius of UC Berkeley, so it's definitely popular. Top dog is definitely not the yummiest cheap food Berkeley has though :/

  22. ˌmät-sə-ˈre-lə… That's the phonetic spelling of mozzarella. You most certainly pronounced it wrong.

  23. OMG! I freaked out when you said "Friendly's"… I was born and grew up in the East Coast but I moved and have been away from The East for like 12 years now. When you mentioned that restaurant, it brought back so much memories

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