The TOUGHEST Military Training in the World!

The TOUGHEST Military Training in the World!

In NO particular order, here are the most
brutal military training out there! 8 – Kaibiles – Guatemala
To even be considered for membership in Guatemala’s elite Kaibiles is a massive honor – only
128 people enter into the program a year, and the graduating class has never been larger
than 10. Training is a brutal, intense two months designed
to break down the recruits physically and mentally. It’s hard to decide what’s worse – on
the physical side, they have to crawl naked through thorns and perform field surgery on
themselves. One test referred to as “The Inferno”
requires them to spend two full days neck-deep in water without sleeping. Training takes place during both daytime and
nighttime. Sleep is permitted for no longer than three
hours a day, if the right to it is earned. The right to eat must also be earned; before
being allowed to eat, soldiers must successfully climb a rope, do five pull-ups, ten push-ups,
and run two miles in 18 minutes or less wearing full combat gear, then duck walk to the mess
hall, after which they are given 30 seconds to eat. The Kaibiles are infamous for their reputed
practice of forcing recruits to k*ll animals, which includes raising a puppy and bonding
with it before k*lling and eating it, as well as biting the heads off live chickens. Are you kidding me?!?! In addition, recruits are shot and forced
to perform field surgery on themselves, and to drink water out of recently fired artillery
shells. As part of the course’s finishing ritual,
every recruit must drink “Bomb”, a mix of tequila, whiskey, rum, beer, water, and gunpowder,
served in a bamboo glass with a bayonet tied to it. Soldiers must drink it carefully, so as not
to get drunk and cut themselves with the bayonet. Once they successfully complete this ritual,
they are inducted into the Kaibiles. How are these dudes not insane at the end?!?! 7 – Spetsnaz – Russia
Whereas most Special Operations Forces train to make you a more competent warrior and hone
your skills, the Spetznaz embrace the fact that war is full of pain and misery, so they
train their guys accordingly. Training involves learning a unique martial
art. Being a Spetznaz martial art, it obviously
teaches the soldiers how to disarm and k*ll as quickly as possible, as well as how to
fire two guns at once. After soldiers are fully trained in the art
of ass-kicking, a popular training exercise is to allow Russian recruits to beat the living
sh*t out of each other to test their skills. But obviously recruits can only test their
own skills so much — to really test the limits of what a soldier can do, you need the experienced
guiding hand of a superior officer. Listen to this one. Supposedly, young soldiers are woken up in
the middle of the night, dragged through the dark and thrown into a room. The room is dark, cramped and filled with
blood and rotten organs…..yes….chunks of rotten flesh and piles of bleeding entrails. The blood and organs come from a nearby slaughterhouse,
which makes absolutely no difference to the soldiers who were still asleep just moments
ago. Blood is a part of war, and if the soldiers
can literally wade through it, it’s not going to bother them in a battle situation, which
just may just give them that split second advantage to catch their opponent by surprise. The Spetsnaz also undergo various disturbing
“pain management” drills, such as standing in a line and getting punched and kicked by
their instructor. The point of this is to make it so they can
ignore injuries in combat and strike back hard. 6 – Marine Corps – Taiwan
Every step of the path Taiwanese men need to take in order to become Marines is incredibly
difficult, but none are quite like the path called quote “Road to Heaven”. Conducted during the tenth and final week
of their training at Kaohsiung military base, the Road is a grueling crawl along a pathway
of jagged stones and coral. The men aren’t allowed to wear anything
but shorts as they tackle the belly-down crawl, and instructors stop them and force them to
do calisthenics at various points along the brutal crawl. By the end, their bodies are bloody, tattered
messes, but if the recruits don’t perform to the Marine standard, they’re forced to
do the whole thing over again. The “Road to Heaven” starts with a hard fall
from standing to planking position. The fall looks to be tough on the elbows,
but immediately after, the recruits begin to crawl through the sharp rocks on the points
of their knees and elbows. In some ways, the training simulates a landing
on a rocky beach, but it appears to function mainly as a test in which the trainees must
will themselves to conquer pain. The path has ten stopping points, and at each
one the recruits must stop and perform an exercise. If an instructor isn’t satisfied with a recruits’
form, or perhaps their level of misery, they’re ordered to start again. As they make their way, instructors pour salt
water over the open wounds of the soldiers in training. What! Friends and family are encouraged to attend
this final training event and can be seen on the sidelines tearing up as they watch
this bloody ordeal. 5 – Commando Hubert – France
The French don’t exaaaaactly have the world’s most fearsome reputation when it comes to
their military. But to become a frogman in the elite Commando
Hubert division requires training that would easily destroy most ordinary men. No more than a dozen of the military’s best
divers are allowed into the program, which lasts a total of 27 very intense weeks. The meat of the training comes in the second
phase, in which the recruits are required to plan and execute simulated raids on ships
by swimming under the cover of darkness, and boarding and planting fake explosives without
being caught. By the end of it, recruits are expected to
be as comfortable in the water as they are on land. One mistake at any point can lead to instant
expulsion from the program. Considering the complexity of most of the
tasks this unit is responsible for, and the extreme, mostly wet conditions wherein they
need to complete them…perfection of execution is a pretty tall order. 4 – Storm Corps – North Korea
Of course North Korea would push their soldiers to the limits of human endurance. What else is there to do there? What the Hermit Kingdom lacks in technological
advancement they make up for in sheer insanity. If high school graduates enter the “Storm
Corps,” they have to do 13 years of military service, a three-year “military service
of loyalty” extension after the standard ten year term. Storm Corps soldiers wake up at 5 in the morning,
walk out to a tree wrapped with heavy ropes and punch it 5,000 times. They then punch ragged tin cans and piles
of salt to turn their fists into clubbing wads of scar tissue. The most difficult thing for a new recruit
is extra training after the scheduled daily tasks. After the evening check-up, squad leaders
take cadets out and make them exercise for an hour including sparring, kicking, balancing
and pull ups, and then makes them run up a 200m mountainside with a mattress on their
back. The North Korean army wants every Storm Corpsman
to be able to defeat 10 armed men single-handed. Kim Il Sung himself was quoted as saying the
Special Operation Force “is the strongest elite force of the entire Korean People’s
Army and is the unique vanguard force of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic
of Korea.” 3. Shayetet 13 – Israel
Israel takes their military very seriously, with every non-Arab citizen required to serve
for at least two years. There are many levels of service, though,
with some of the most devout conscripts heading straight for Shayetet 13, the Navy unit that
serves as one of the military’s primary special ops forces. The training regimen to join takes a total
of 20 months, accepting only the most elite recruits. The survivors are molded into terrifyingly
efficient soldiers with extensive hand-to-hand training in the martial art of krav maga. During the quote “Dedicated” phase, the
most rigorous phase of training which lasts about a year, most of the dropouts leave during
this phase. This phase includes training in advanced diving
techniques with close-circuit systems, underwater demolition, sea-to-land incursions via diving,
ships, submarines, and parachuting into the sea. The unit’s snipers also undergo six weeks
of sniper training, divided into three weeks of long-range sniper training at the Israel
Defense Forces Sniper School, and three weeks of short-range sniper training for hostage
situations. Cadets then train in maritime counter-terrorism
operations, such as the boarding of vessels, oil rigs and near-coast buildings. Those that graduate are known as the “silent
men” for their incredible stealth, and much of their training involves being put in dangerous
and scary situations where making any kind of sound would disqualify you from the program. 2. Special Warfare Command – South Korea
With a constant threat from their volatile northern neighbor, South Korea’s Army Special
Warfare Command is responsible for special operations in the country. SWC soldiers frequently work closely with
US Green Berets and their operations include guerrilla warfare, assassinations, and counter-terrorism. Every year, members of the SWC must participate
in winter warfare training in the mountains of Pyeongchang, east of Seoul. Conditions in Pyeongchang generally include
temperatures as low as negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit as well as deep snow. During the training exercises, SWC soldiers
need to complete various exercise regimes in the cold, including shirtless long-distance
runs. The idea behind all this is to acclimate soldiers
to any intense conditions they may find themselves in during a real war situation. Seemingly bizarre, the training instills a
sense of mental and physical toughness within the SWC ranks. Aside from becoming acclimated to adverse
physical conditions, all members of the SWC must achieve a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and
advanced marksman skills. 1 – Navy SEALs – United States
The training regimen of the U.S. Navy SEALs is legendary all around the world, and within
the world of special operations forces. Most notable is the time that’s called “Hell
Week,” a week-long smorgasbord of pain and suffering. Training activities range from carrying heavy
wooden logs up near-vertical sand dunes to the infamous trial that’s “surf torture,”
in which soldiers lock arms and wade into freezing cold ocean water. They stay in the water for 15 minutes at a
time, take a five-minute break to be checked for signs of hypothermia and then are ordered
back in over and over again. All of this happens while having only a total
of four hours sleep. And that’s not four hours per day, either
— that’s over the course of the entire week!! HOLY S**T! There usually isn’t a formal announcement
when “Hell Week” actually starts, with the only announcement being the sudden, massive
series of artillery explosions and gunfire, and the screams of the instructors telling
everyone to get their asses outside. That’s because in preparation for what has
to be the world’s worst surprise party, the entire base is tricked out to simulate a real-life
combat zone. The central courtyard where the trainees are
made to exercise is lined with barrels filled with artillery simulators, which, as the name
would suggest, are blanks that replicate artillery strikes all the way from the whistling of
the “incoming” shell to the very massive and very real explosion that soon follows. The trainees will continue to do their drills
among the random explosions, while instructors walk among them, screaming and firing off
hundreds of blanks from machine guns. They also have an industrial-strength fog
machine that fills the place with a misty haze in between the all the already dizzying
pyrotechnics. Needless to say, the fighting forces of the
great United States are respected around the world, and to ascend to the elite ranks you
need to put yourself through some serious pain. The path to becoming a Navy SEAL has to go
through “Hell Week,” one of the most insane collections of training pain we’ve ever
heard of. And yeah, unsurprisingly 75% of the prospects
drop out before the entire program is over. Here’s what’s next!


  1. You have forgotten the best in the world the British SAS All the rest are imposters to the Men of the SAS!! There can only be one.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Hahaha……its not about soldiers its the terrain the battle field..if it bleeds you can kill it….the best soldier is the the one in combat everyday

  3. SAS, SBS, SRR, Royal Marine Commandos, PARA's and Gurkas, at least one of these British regiments should have been on the top as their training is brutal

  4. ??? Seriously?? All them are Premodonas!!! Try regular Marine Corps Infantry!! Then talk to me. I remember every time and eveywhere we trained, all “Special Forces” people got treated like kings, ate steaks every night and stayed in the top hotels and billeting.. We had MRE’s and a garden hose for water to include for showers and bathing.. and lived in the dirt!!! Give me a break!!

    Ghatak Force
    Para Commandos
    Garud Commando Force
    Google it..You will get the answer… And also search for the Blidan Insignia…

  6. I knew Navy Seals would be at number one yet anyone can apply you don't even need to of been in the military and although Elite they are tire 2 not the baddest at all and pass rates fairly hight, Not even the most elite in their own country Delta for are trained more and it's more difficult to get selected .

  7. The British SAS is by obligation omitted. Since if it were included The US Navy Seals would not be No 1. They know it : That`s why The SAS has been omitted. Wow ! Did they really think that this would go un- noticed ?

  8. Complete joke what a typical naive yank you are.SAS training is the toughest and best trained and will leave this lot for dead.Fuck off and good night i'm out of here yanky doo da

  9. How about Malaysian GGK(green berret)?
    yeah most of the soldiers on the list went through the living hell but so does the GGK…they need to complete 5 phase to earn that tittle and that phase include walking and running in 4/5 phase for about 900km(yeah I'm not mistaken),trying to survive for a week or two naked in the real jungle with just a knife,try to face the real commando in E&E phase which they will be totured(eat shit,punched,kick ext)

  10. SAS entry, Para entry, Ghurka entry or Royal marine infantry update your list please because these are the toughest, best trained and equipped soldiers in the world and ik u like to show off your seals but they ent got nothing on British special forces

  11. If you are going to be number one, then you should have a combination of all the other nine. Guatemala and North Korea is definitely tougher. USA at the top is absolute rubbish.

  12. The South Korean snipers snow camouflage is very effective, they'd be almost impossible to see from even a short distance.

  13. The kabiles is smart even the puppy part of it like imagine being in war shooting down a kabile and seeing their comrades step over or
    On top of them if that doesn’t strike fear idk what does it shows them to never bond with anything

  14. What the hell , even navy seal come to malaysia to follow our training and only certain of them pass the hardcore training and my country not added to the list . This is a mistake . Our drill is so brutal . Try check it in youtube how brutal it is .

  15. How about Philippines they have a great soldiers McArthur said give me 10.000 pilipinos I will conquer the world

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