This Designer Leather Jacket Is 80% Off At Saks Off 5th  – Live News 247

This Designer Leather Jacket Is 80% Off At Saks Off 5th – Live News 247

 In the middle of all those much-needed closet clean outs, we find ourselves reflecting on our wardrobe of the past seasons It’s as if our minds instantly went ahead and threw together a last minute In Memorium for last season’s looks In an effort to spring ahead successfully in style, it’s important to pinpoint what pieces we love, and what pieces we’d love to own As we said, it’s time to reflect. But don’t worry, we’re not going through our own personal worst dressed lists  The article of clothing we always love? A leather jacket, of course! A good leather jacket will not only withstand the test of time but only get better with age In fact, a leather jacket will instantly and effortlessly update (and upgrade!) any outfit with a much-needed element of cool, while remaining nothing short of classic It’s a given that this leather jacket will be the perfect jacket to complete any outfit during any season    The important thing to remember about leather jackets is that they’re not the last layer of a look, but the foundation of just about every ensemble  The W118 Walter Baker Ellette Leather Jacket is the sleekiest style we’ve seen with an even better price tag Designed with 100% leather, this long sleeve moto jacket is constructed with an asymmetric front zip Featuring a notched lapel, zip cuff and waist flap pockets, the subtle detailing throughout is unexpected and takes it next level  It goes without saying that the most problematic feature with jackets is always their fit  From cropped to oversized, and even those tailored ones, the struggle to keep our shape within its shape is nothing short of impossible If the style isn’t too tight, it’s too bulky. Most times, moto jackets leave not only our frames disproportionate but our minds with mixed feelings And let’s be honest, we’re not asking too much either. In fact, all we are asking for is some much-needed shape that the jacket should provide  For those who have lived through a similar struggle, the Ellette’s belted waist is the perfect solution With one simple buckle of a belt, jacket lovers will have access to all the definition and shape one could ever hope for    There is nothing more perennially cool than women wearing a leather motorcycle jacket That’s why it’s a no-brainer this luxe leather has nothing short of an A-list army of celebrities in its corner From to and , leather jackets are near and dear to just about everyone. Not only are leather jackets perfect for any age, but it’s one of the only styles that will have our outfits ready to rock-and-roll in seconds  Behind the perfect pair of denim jeans, a leather jacket is the only other option that can be endlessly styled Honestly, go ahead and try to think of another jacket that can be worn year-round, season to season In fact, this luxe leather will be the style-saving piece to wear on repeat.  Warm up any outfit with this little luxury when the temperatures begin to drop Simply pair this jacket over a sweater or turtleneck. For those who prefer a more classic approach, go ahead and opt for a cashmere sweater to wear underneath Keep the outfit cohesive throughout and reach for a black pair of pants. Of course, any light, medium and dark jeans will work too! By toning down the rest of the outfit, it creates balance to an otherwise edgy leather jacket Finish this look off by strutting in style with an over-the-knee heeled boot.  Easily transition from cold-to-warm weather by shedding all of those unnecessary layers! From printed minidresses to satin skirts, this leather jacket will bring a much-needed element of edge to these elegant signature styles Honestly, we love this idea! Finish the look off with a delicate crossbody and strappy sandals If we can’t beat the heat, at least in any of these outfits, we’ll join it!  Too hot for a coat? Drape the W118 Walter Baker Ellette Leather Jacket over your shoulders for an instant cool-girl effect  

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