Tommy Gun Gone Wrong – How We Invented Guns

With a compact repeat fire mechanism,
Drum magazines capable of holding up to one hundred rounds. And hard hitting yet pistol-sized bullets.
It is the most destructive portable firearm yet invented. The first widely successful submachine gun. The Thompson was a good gun for a number of
reasons. It had a high rate of fire — it was very well made — it was machined not
stamped — had a wonderful walnut stock – it was fun to shoot. These were all things that
made it a very popular gun. The Tommy Gun is the brainchild of General
John T. Thompson. During the war he read of the er situation
on the western front the terrible stalemate of trench warfare. That was the catalyst for
the Thompson sub machine gun. Thompson’s idea was for an automatic weapon
which in his own words ‘a man could drag, crawling on this belly from trench to trench, and he would then use it to clear the trench.
In fact Thompson called it the Trench Broom.
 But the first batch of trench brooms is not
delivered until the very last day of World War One. So Thompson an’ his auto ordnance company
were stuck with these 15,000 guns and they were trying to sell them wherever they could. So they put ads in the magazines. So the company switched tactics and began
marketing it to police departments around the united states. Gangsters, knowing a good
thing when they saw it bought them on the black market from dodgy dealers and it became
the great gangster gun, the one that exemplified Chicago in the 1930s. With Prohibition in full swing, some of the
Tommy Gun’s most enthusiastic customers are mobsters. You had people like Al Capone looking at the
ads in the magazines an’ here’s this gun with a high rate of fire ‘that looks good, let’s
get us some of those’. Now the gangsters got a hold of this weapon
during prohibition and used it to horrible effect. They may take out the guy they wanted to chances
are they’d take out a half dozen bystanders as well.

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