Top 10 Cities to be a Veteran Using Forever GI Bill

Is this working today I’m gonna talk about
the G.I. Bill it’s changing from the 9/11 G.I. Bill to the forever G.I. Bill and that changes on so that’s something
to be aware of I’m also gonna give you top ten cities to live in for veterans using their
G.I. Bill
I’ve scoured the matrix for all the lists for veterans going back to school using their
G.I. Bill I’m going to give you all those lists
and mine stay tuned. Hey guys! I’m Skot and this is Regular Veteran
First thing first my BAH calculator is Link below it’s got the 2019 BAH rates put
in you zip code and it will bring up exactly what you need okay real quick I’m just going
through the top ones that I see the bill changes It’s right here at the bill that amends
the post 9/11 bill assistance program you can find it it’s very easy the link is below
it removes certain time restrictions on the programs use it use to be limited to 15 years
after you got out now they’re just making it forever that’s why it’s got it’s
name forever G.I. Bill you can use it forever it also increases
assistance to reservists guardsmen dependents and surviving spouses dependents restore eligibility
for services men who’s school closes in the middle of the semester establish a 5 year
pilot program for high technology courses they’re trying to add an extra acedemic
year with benefits for STEM degree candidates they’re authorizing the Edith nurse Rodgers
scolarship that is how they are going to help STEM degrees
The Yellow Ribbon program is being extended to a few more applicants The Yellow Ribbon
program helps veterans pay for school a little out of their reach it helps them cover that
gap they can’t reach so I’ve actually taken advantage of it whenever I attend school
in Boston at sulffolk university the link for the bill is below. One of my favorite resources it’s new to
me I found it today but I loved it Has some really good information I particularly
liked their list for the highest G.I. Bill in the US and it goes by city
They have quite a considerable list once you get down into it San Francisco tops out at
the list with Coming your way ever month if you’re a full
time student right below San Francisco is San Jose then New York the Oakland
Right across the bridge from San Francisco so you can kind of see a trend it west coast
east coast west coast east coast west coast east coast jumping back and forth San Francisco,San
Jose, New York, New York, Boston,Nantucket,west Chester then we go down to marina, Sonoma,
Los Angeles, Honolulu is on there Seattle which I love Seattle Camp Pendleton
Monterey and Juneau, Juneau Alaska is the bottom of their list on
And that is And I actually verified these numbers and
they are spot on this article isn’t even a month old
It’s definitely good to keep in mind that the rate is not full every month it changes
depending on how many days you’re in class and that can really throw you off if you’re
expecting the full rate and it doesn’t come through
Is another website that I really lik it’s veteran centric it gives you news and in this
case it gives us 5 cities that ranked best for veterans some of the things that they
base their list on I wouldn’t actually necessarily base my list on but they said get away from
New York get away from Los Angeles these are the top 5 they go through number 5
Number 4 That’s just DC really
Number 3 Number 2
And number 1 is They say San Antonio ranked first because
high veteran population decent proximity to an air base there are affordable homes va
access job growth low cost of living so they take all these in account they don’t necessarily
take in to account that San Antonio is HOT AS BALLS!! I’ve got a lot of friends in San Antonio
but man I wouldn’t wanna live there so San Antonio is not on my list according to published
by Is number 1
Number 2 Number 3
Number 4 Number 5
Number 6 Number 7
Number 8 Number 9
Number 10 So theirs is very much down the center of
US minus DC obviously but if you didn’t like any of those cities they had the 11-20
were actually put on there as well Number 11
Number 12 Number 13/14
Number 15/16 Number ??
It gives you a little bit more variation but yeah that was
And that list was made by So you get an idea of where those websites
are saying where to go I pulled up an article published by wallethub really cool I liked
it a lot it’s just the best cities to live in for a veteran and below the article they
break down best and worst they have a ranking of top 100 and give top 5 the bottom 5 in
all of these categories it’s really cool check it the link is below
Number 1 on their list is Number 2
Number 3 Number 4 and my personal favorite on this
list is Number 5 is
Number 6 the list goes on and on like I said there’s
100 on it so it’s quite long buts it’s really really cool article I love the graphics
check it like I said the link is below another website I really liked their list top 10 places
to maximize your G.I. Bill benefits and it’s called
Their number 10 Neighbors
Number 10 they have Georgetown they give the housing allowance its
DC is not on my list I’m gonna give it to you at the end and DC didn’t make my top
10 Number 9 on livability
Number 8 Number 7 again my favorite
All in that triangle area Number 6
Number 5 Number 4
Number 3 Number 2
Number 1 It’s definitely all over the place depending
on what site you look at it’s really just subjective thing what do you wanna base that
on me personally I base a lot on where I live is on the weather the environment is huge
to me so if it’s wicked cold all the time I don’t wanna live in Boston
We got a visitors And now my list for the top 10 cities in the
US to use your G.I. Bill
Number 10 The bay G-Easy’s hometown shoutout to my
friend Jeremy he is a veteran friend of mine down there
Number 9 Bean town or whatever you wanna say I actually
lived there for some time it would be higher lower errr in a better position on my list
if it wasn’t so freakin cold I do not like the snow so No Thank You
Number 8 Haven’t lived here but visited I would go
back I would live there for at least a short time really cool city really great vibes really
creative thinking cool people South by Southwest is down there so it can’t be to bad
Number 7 on my list is Has lots of jobs decent weather lots of stuff
to do good people Seattle is just a win Number 6 one of the highest in BAH the vibes
are just amazing everyone is working hard and trying to make something of themselves
it inspiring to be around a fast paced place so number 6 definitely
Number 5 it’s pretty awesome I actually looked at a community college there they had
a film program and seemed to be good plus everyone seems to be doing cool things in
Number 4 I lived in Nashville for a bit I didn’t use my G.I. Bill but Nashville is fun creative always
something going on Number 3 kinda a treasure in the south full
disclosure I have family down there so I’m a little biased I know I know you’ve never
heard of And when you do hear it you probably think
of Bill Clinton but Is a growing college town, headquarters of Walmart is right down the
road it’s not the highest BAH but incredibly cheap and has all the amenities of a normal
suburb without the big city next to it so if you like small towns and hate traffic check
out Number 2 you’ve heard me loving North Carolina
and the triangle area it’s my number 2 The triangle in North Carolina it’s the
best it’s got so many schools really competitive it’s an awesome place check it out
Number 1 for me I just move here about a year and half ago I love it I just love it here
Is my number 1 for sure I like the Oregon version more than Maine version Portland Maine
is equally as coll just snow instead of rain I’m not a huge fan of snow and freezing
temperatures for extended periods I’m gonna make 2400/month if I go to school and rooms
are cheap if you get one outside the city or a roommate so before you go subscribe share
this to this as many people as you can this is all the information I could find about
where to go if your trying to get the most out of your G.I. Bill my list wasn’t just based on BAH and
really if you look the bigger the city the more BAH obviously your loooking San Francisco
and New York the more expensive just the housing market there the more BAH SO gonna finagle
something if you’re trying to make work by itself my name is Skot you’re watching
Regular Veteran I’ll see you on the internet I gotta edit all of this

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