Top 10 College Mistakes! (Freshman Year)

Top 10 College Mistakes! (Freshman Year)

Hey, everyone. My name is Ally today. We’re going to do a [back-to-school] Advice type of video a lot of you guys asked me Can you [give] me some tips for college for Freshmen for back-to-school? Also, I thought why not do this video, so let’s get started I? Made the mistake as a freshman to not study until the day before an exam, so when you’re in college Homework is not as emphasized as much as it was in high school in high school. You can honestly slack off and When I entered college it was a quarter system, so it went by very quickly in 10 weeks You pretty much have to learn everything you would have to in 17 weeks, so you don’t really have [that] Extra time to kind of you know sit back Maybe go hang out with it with your friends and still study later, but on a quarter system You really have to be on your toes all the time So a really good tip to keep in mind would be for every hour of [lecture] You should be studying at least two hours so if you have a or unit class that’s at least eight hours [of] studying per [week], so It’s really hard. You know to study eight hours a week but if you space it out like an hour a day or even like 20 minutes go over your notes the night before and You’ll be solid Getting distracted by a relationship. I think everyone can [relate] to this Anytime you’re in a relationship You just get caught up in it [and] all you want to do is be with that person and your priorities are just Completely off balance, and you should be mainly focusing on school, and that’s the reason why you’re there in college, right? Unless you’re there to meet people That’s up to you, but in college [I] feel like you should just try to manage your time better because being in a relationship Takes up a lot of time, and if you’re fighting or if it’s not going well Then it can affect your mood, and you might just not [be] in the mindset for school the way. You should be I Didn’t try to be enough people and in college. There’s so many people around you and as a freshman I was so shy, and I just didn’t really know how to meet people so [I] was just going to stay to myself sometimes just stayed my room a lot and It isn’t really helpful because if you stay in your room, no, one’s gonna. See you unless you leave your door open that’s another good tip if you leave your door open people are more likely to talk to you in your dorm and You know there’s people who sit who sits next to you in class You should befriend one of them because they could help you later on if you’re having any problems with The things that you’re learning and you don’t really understand it. I found that It’s really helpful if you just meet at least one person in your class Taught way too much stuff [to] my dorm room. So my dorm was literally half of the size of the room I have now and I’m really lucky to [have] the space that I do have here at home But in college it was so small so so small, and I’ve had so much stuff It was just crammed in there is really uncomfortable to be there, and you have to share the dorm with another person So you can even be in a triple? That’s what I’ve [heard] [and] It’s just good to keep it light [and] simple. I have a back to school [on] what to bring to college video I’ll list it down below for you guys if you’re interested and I could do an update of one if you guys want let me know going home every weekend, and I know it’s hard you just left home, but you shouldn’t leave because on the weekends those are the times where you can hang out with your new friends that you just met and You should be kind of strengthening those Relationships because you never know down the road that person might become your best friend and the people back at home You you’ll probably see them later on and I know you miss your parents, and you’re homesick But I don’t recommend going home every single weekend Maybe just [face] it out for the holidays and slowly just kind of wean yourself off [from] being at home [I] didn’t ask for help when I was struggling when I’m Studying for something and I don’t get it when I was a freshman I would just skim pass it and I would not ask twice. [I] would just be like oh, I think I get it whatever but The true way to learn is if you study in a group and you can explain it back to them that’s how you know you’ve learned something and not asking for help and struggling through it is the worst thing you can do you can get a tutor and you can ask a [friend] for help [you] [can] go to your professors office hours, and I really do want to do a video on Like ten tips on how you can get an a in a class because I feel like that’s been really important we all want ease right, and I feel like there’s a couple things you have to keep in mind for that and Keep your mind focused on if you wanted eight Okay, I’m like ready [out] [of] breath, okay? Not having a good balance [between] school and fun and in college Lima is mostly up here at schools down here and You should be focusing on school because that’s why you’re there in college and my freshman year I Probably had way too much fun Just hanging [out] with my friends and not enough time studying, and that’s a huge mistake You need to find a good balance because you should always set school first as your priority and you should not get on academic probation have your grades slip because Will your grades will change from high school to college because high school is so much easier and college is a lot more challenging [and] you will see your freshman year those people who go to college and don’t study at all and think they will get a And they won’t and they will drop out [like] flies. You want to stay focused in school dining Halls and the freshman 15 Beware because if you haven’t all you can eat kind of meal plan it’s very tempting to overeat and Especially if you have late night and late night for us was just um you [go] with your friends, and I think it started around 8:00 And you can get like breakfast food after 8:00 until midnight, and then [you] can get waffles and eggs and like um Hashbrowns and like ice cream It was just so bad and fattening that is how you gain your freshman 15? And then all that soda and sports drinks you really need to keep a balance, but the cool thing about college Is there is a gym [that] you can go to and it’s probably free or you pay for it in your tuition? So you should try to keep that balanced as well because it’s pretty hard and luckily I didn’t gain a freshman Because I didn’t like the food and I’m so picky because I like my asian food and all they had was American food So I got kind of lucky I got the [freshman] negative 15 Be buying the textbooks from the bookstore never do that because at the bookstore They charge you a full price, and you’re pretty much getting duped you really should do your research go online and search for it unless the professor is a jerk and only sells their Illustrated copy at the bookstore, then you have to get it But you can probably ask a friend who has taken the class or join a club that also has material from the class Maybe you can buy a book from an old classmate. [that’s] another solution so don’t go to the [bookstore] because it’s so expensive, and you’re probably paying double where you can online and Another tip is you can actually buy international versions of books for a lot cheaper Okay, so my last mistake would [be] group studying so sometimes your friends might ask you hey [ally], so do you want to go study outside? Together in a group and Honestly in group study, all you get done is you chatting with your friends? And it’s really just rafting and it’s really hard to study I remember I took a calculus class And I thought it’d [be] such a great idea to go with my best friend to study But we just did nothing we did homework, but I wasn’t really focused So my favorite spot to study would be in a library or just a quiet area where I could just focus by myself It’s really good to have a bike or a car [honestly] because I feel [like] you can go so many places and the person with a car is on the cool person because everyone wants to be your friend because no one has a car and If you have a car, you can take people like grocery shopping or to the Beach or Go home. It’s just really convenient so those were my top 10 mistakes I made as a freshman so hopefully you guys will learn from my mistakes Let me know what other videos you would like to see in this back to school series And I will see you guys next time hi Okay, these look ridiculous. Okay? I don’t think I should put these on no one’s gonna. Take me seriously, okay? [mistake] number 10 9 8 I have no idea what number, I’m at. I’m [just] so bad at keeping track of numbers so


  1. i went to a community college in nova scotia and some of it doesnt apply but a lot does haha, great video, ive inspired me to try vloging on another channel 

  2. figure out your major! you aren't doomed if you haven't declared a major freshman year but you seriously don't want to waste your time in school longer then you should. Start thinking about what you can enjoy studying as your career 

  3. It's hard to study 8 hours a week? I have days that I study 8 hours a day !!! and I am still in hishchool 😀 come one guys. 8 hours a week is NOTHING !

  4. If you have a edu email amazon lets you save a bunch of money it's super useful

  5. As a college freshman, I already have 31 units. If I spare 2 hours of studying for every units I have, that'll leave me with no sleep for the whole year 🙁

  6. Hey, Ally, in one of your previous college videos, you mentioned that group studying is a good way to bounce off ideas from each other, but in this video, you say it's a no-no. Just wondering if there was any difference. Thanks!!

  7. thanks so much for the video Ally! This was one of the more helpful videos i've watched and if you have any more to add, a year later now.. we would love to see a follow up video 🙂

  8. I figured I was the only one who made some of these mistakes (eg overeating, GETTING HELP was the main one)

    It's equal parts relief and terror for my next few years 

  9. Man.. You could make a video of you staring blankly into the camera and I'd still watch the shit out of it! 🙂

  10. What is your major? And how did you know which major to choose? I just graduated and still not decided :/ help please! x

  11. I hope I make some friends when I go to college. I'm so shy too and i would really really be upset if i end up a loner

  12. But I also don't go to college for another year 😛 I will be a senior in high school this year applying to colleges

  13. Ally, Can you please make a video on what to wear or if you have made one can you reply with it please.
    Thanks for the helpful advise

  14. I'm about to go into my senior year in highschool, so even tho this might be a bit early, it was helpful. My family and friends keep doing the "WOW, college next year, huh? Kinda scary!" Or "Are you nervous?" thing, and I feel like I should be but I'm not.. idk, maybe it'll be different as it gets closer.

  15. waw!!! u know exactly how to reach to the point<< i mean like u r inside my head, yes!! that's all the stuff that i wanted, because ill get 2 college next year.. thanks toooo much Ally u r helping a lot of people by those videos  in fascinating way.. just keep going girl !! u r the best 😉

  16. #9: I would use the library copy.  I would stay in the library and finish projects/homework/study because if I am at home, I can't focus, I need a classroom type setting.
    #11:Don't get over loaded on classes.  I made the mistake  of taking full units so I was focused on two classes but not the other.  So, it may take longer but, stay a part time student. It'll be easier.

  17. They teach calculus in university ? Did she make a mistake or is it a more extensive course than highschool's calculus? Because we learn calculus in highschool here in Europe

  18. Today (Tuesday) was my first day of college, I literally missed all my classes for the day because I went to my Monday classes thinking it was Monday. It was so embarrassing people looked at me weird. But tomorrow is a new day and God is with me 24/7 so I'm learning to be comfortable around people. 😀

  19. Okay, so I'll be starting college on January 12th at the local community college. I'm getting my business license. Keep in mind that not only am I trying to do this, I'm also homeless and engaged. Do you have any tips to help keep me focused and on track of everything?

  20. Great Job…Thanks Ally this will help all of us (Freshmen) a lot…and another thing I'd like to mention is, You're Sooo Cute…and all of us love you… :}
    Hahaha… 😉


    College girls, your bank account doesn't have to suffer. Fashion, beauty, health & fitness, and much more. See you there – muah! <3

  22. This video is very feel-good and I love your positive energy, despite all the regrets you mentioned! Just had to point out though, I definitely can't go home every weekend… That would cost thousands of dollars and over 30 hours on a plane each time hahah 😀

  23. I know it's weird to ask what specific college you go to, but what type of school did you choose? State, Private, liberal arts?

  24. Wtf 8hours a week now im going to high school and i study 1hour total in all 9years and i finish grades with 4 and 5 thats A and B for america (???)

  25. None of these applied to me. I went to a community college right after high school and transferred to a university so I never stayed in a dorm and I take mostly online classes so I rarely get to meet people on campus. I commute from home (still live at home with my parents) so I don't have the need to come home every weekend or stay at a college or whatever. I study all the time. I kind of have to because I am working full time also so by the time I get off work and come home, I have no time to hang out or have free minutes to myself. I start studying as soon as I finish dinner and now I'm going to have fit in time to exercise.

  26. Friends on the weekends? That's foreign to me! Saturday was always when I escaped from campus to home and got a chance to get some homework done!

  27. I just finished my first semester of college and seriously could not relate more to this video! It was soo on point! Thank you for this video! What are you studying in college?

  28. I definitely agree with #2.. dating will definitely mess you thats why i stick to casual relationships..sure i got a few suspicious sores in weird places but my grades are good so i win life right?😢🔫

  29. Wew.. Back When I Was A 7th Grader, I Used To Have A Lot Of Friends Yea Like I'm Super Friendly/Talkative/Fun Person But Then Maturity And Anxiety Hit Me Like A Truck, I Suddenly Feel Awkward Talking With Someone And I'm Always Thinking If They Like Me Or Not Also My Fun Side Suddenly Gone Like A Bubble. I'm Such A Super Shy Person Right Now Like I Can't Even Talk To My Past Friends And It's Very Awkward And Now I'm All Alone Which Makes Me Sad 😔

  30. Group studying is actually REALLY effective, but she is right when she talks about group studying with friends. If you're gonna group study, it should be with classmates that you only know from that class. In that situation, there's pretty much only one possible topic to discuss, and that's the class material. I've also found that group studying with friends can be effective if you bring headphones. That way you're more focused on your music and your studying, and it becomes inconvenient to talk to others. You end up taking the headphones off only to ask or answer a question from whoever you're studying with.

    My biggest mistake freshman year (2015-2016) was getting too close to one person. We were pretty cool with each other at first, but she didn't know basic technology manners (as in, she would be eating with people and scrolling through her Tumblr dash) and she preferred to stay inside her box. (That last one was a problem because I'm a Gryffindor, and trying new things is hella fun for me.) I should've gotten closer with more people in the clubs I was in instead.

  31. I love your video, this video has a very good advices, I'm going to college very soon I will follow your advices, thank you very much

  32. I have had the exact problems this last quarter (freshman in Uni) I'm super motivated now though! I want to be good I love my studies.

    Thank you for the tips 🙂

  33. Is it me, or does Ally look so much better 3 years ago than now?

    Just saying, I'm a newbie, but not a fan of makeup. Too unnatural, it turns me off.

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