Top 10 Facts – Psychology

Top 10 Facts – Psychology


  1. I don't believe people draw things from a canonical perspective because they like to do it that way, but rather because we're trying to represent something as recognizable and iconic to others as possible. If somebody asked you to draw a hammer you don't draw it from the bottom right? So why? Because somebody else wouldn't know it to be a hammer so you go with what you think somebody would recognize. Also psychology is becoming a dated branch of science. The nervous system is what orchestrates behaviour and neurology has simply caught up with psychology. The days of mythic concepts like the soul, ego, love, good and evil, etcetera are over. Though most people don't realize it yet. We've supposedly done away with religion, but the majority still bases a lot of their philosophical assumptions on traditional abrahamic dualistic type of concepts. This is why science has shamed religion, but zen and taoism have humbled science. If mankind desires a free future then the delusion of spiritual hierarchy must be broken.

  2. I belive the reason we like canonical prospective is because there's more there to see you would wanna buy a car if you could only see one side would you but that's the angle were you can get the most info and see the most

  3. It's like people from different cultures who think differently probably won't get along very well if forced to live together. Hmm…

  4. Psychology people take year redden book after book don't understand how someone can tell others people what's Rong with them a whis they can go back when I started to make decisions on my own and walk with me then I will believe because I'm sure they will understand life not just there's but understand the life treat people different and is impossible that one person possible know every aspect of life tanks

  5. Well done, one other important part of memory is that the memories themselves are not stored in the same place. Physically, one memory can be divided across the two lobes depending on many factors, one being what senses have been triggered during the memory formation. They are also believed to be a different kind of neuron (nerve cell). Fascinating stuff!

  6. I feel like doctors make up a lot of disorders. As a teen after being sick with a stomach disorder I stopped going to school. I was diagnosed with defiance disorder. It wasn't a disorder. It was me skipping school because of sickness. I get sick of reading some of the nonsense they come up with. Broaden your horizons. Don't trust every doctor, they can be idiots.

  7. I don't know.. I can listen to something in english and understand it while talking to someone in italian and being focused on the conversation I'm having, that fact about multitasking doesn't sound true to me

  8. I myself am a borderline psychopath, and it’s kind of weird to think that the whole time before I was diagnosed, I never actually realised that I wasn’t feeling Stress, Anxiety or Fear. I just assumed that I was without realising.

  9. Now I know why certain people are called "Dopes"
    And why smoking marijuana is sometimes referred to as smoking " dope. "

  10. This video was so good. Today I learned about why we do all the things like eating, sleeping, etc. The answer was Dopamine. I was always very curious about the question, why do we live? So the answer was Dopamine. I normally get ignored by my friends on the road. Now I know why. I think people just like see objects from canonical perspective is that people want to see the top as well as the front surface at a time. I think the reconstructive memory can be used to fool your friend about the money you borrowed

  11. The reason most people would draw different objects from a front, slightly above view is because that's how we typically look at objects. Like a cup on a desk or a lamp. If you asked someone to draw a kite they would draw it from the bottom point of view because that's how we typically see kites. (this is just a guess on my part but it just seems so obvious to me I was so shocked when the guy in the vid said "we don't know why this is a thing").I'm sure we all already aware of these things, however, knowing these"10 facts" or recognize them and explaining why with "credible sources" make me feel like a Humanoid robot next time when these 10 facts occur and especially before almost they occur which make a "Delayed Gratification".

    I belive the reason we like canonical prospective is because there's more there to see you would wanna buy a car if you could only see one side would you but that's the angle were you can get the most info and see the most

    I belive the reason we like canonical prospective is because there's more there to see you would wanna buy a car if you could only see one side would you but that's the angle were you can get the most info and see the most

    Some of these vary from person to person usually becouse of psychological illnesses or otherwise influencial medicine etc.. for example some people actually can have multiple thoughts at once wich usually makes them unable to think more clearly on all at the same time and cant really focus on one thing at a time very easily. 🙂

  12. the thing about canonical view: people enjoy viewing things like that because not only does it show the sides, but it also shows the top, therefore depth. forgive me if i'm missing the point here, but maybe it's so popular because it gives the most information about the object, while also looking somewhat natural, where looking at the underside of an object would look odd.

  13. Wow, the video actually shows how our brain and mind works really hard daily to keep up with our daily routines and functions. We all have a friend circle of very few numbers but still our brain can keep the number upto 150!!! Thats amazing ,just imagine..from our childhood..till this moment. Is it like brain refreshes everytime our friends list as time passes. The fact we bump into someone while walking as we are engaged in our phone, its not necessary that we should be in a call but even when we are just surfing also this might happen. Best part is sometimes they crash themselves in wall or trash can🤣😂🤣😂, which is very funny in public. While eating also multitasking never happens, I hope most of us experienced this situation😋. This video was really nice, hope to see more about our mind and brain working in upcoming videos. Dopamine facts, i think that during the time when we are in state of sadness , we wont feel like eating and this is because our domine production was less. sounds cool, need to check this next time.

  14. Wow!!! Very intresting video….learnt many new things.even though we say we are good at multitasking , we may mess up in some or the other ways.😅😅😅and imitating is also very intresting topic, i noticed my niece whose is 1and half year old imitates what ever actions we do.age doesnt matter for imitating😂😂

  15. These facts are really very interesting and most of the things in video are what I generally do. For instance, I have 400 friends on Facebook, and I don’t even know most of them. There was this strange habit I had when I was a child, I used to chew skin above my nails “cuticle picking” and guess what I still do it. Few months ago, I had to buy mobile phone, I considered many parameters like processor, ram etc., but at the end I ended up buying what my friends recommended me to.

    Your video explains exactly what I do generally, keep it up.

  16. Look u can talk to pscholgist through the TV I do it all the time I remember things from when I was a kid each place I go I triggers memories when u grow up around pscholgist u learn from them and call them out on there bullshit when u tell the truth they call u crazy to cover there dirty deeds up

  17. I was on the phone. while playing grand turismo 2-3. couldn't beat a course. on the phone having a conversation I beat the course. but my friend once told me that he went to talk to me 1 night that he was talking to his mother and went to ask me something. but I was not there but I was living with them. but slept elsewhere on that night

  18. Hold up I'm just as happy on the DMZ in Korea,Afghanistan freezing my balls off with a 6in icicle off my nose compare to as being just as happy in my house where it's warm and I'm playing some video games! I don't believe that means I'm mentally-ill, I believe it means my mind's just on point! I'm always thinking of the task at hand and prioritizing it over any social or personal comfort mental stimulus!

  19. I remember finding your channel one day and watching all your videos in a binge and hooked. 5 years ago really shocked me. Please make more videos

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