Top 10 Highest Paid College Presidents

Top 10 Highest Paid College Presidents

there are colleges and universities
throughout the united states that are experiencing similar budget cuts and
they’re all trying to find ways desperately trying to find ways to deal
with the cuts so that means that they get rid of
programs that they lay off teachers they create larger class sizes whatever it
takes so right now and of course the main thing that students are
experiencing is hikes and thereby tuition so students are paying more for less
which is becoming a huge problem now students are starting to realize
that maybe higher education is not worth it do a little cost-benefit analysis you realize you’re paying a lot more for
a lot less all deciding you have a lot let you have
less people answering colleges universities across the country one
other question is coming up about presidents of universities and whether
or not their compensation makes sense so this is a a really interesting story
because i’m actually personally split on this ok when you look at the amount of
money that presidents in universities are getting paid its mind-boggling okay but bear defending
their compensation they’re saying that they are worth the money that they do a lot of work that is
complicated and difficult and they deserve the hundreds of thousands they
get paid every year so not to just give you an example of
how much university presidents get paid of the chronicle of higher education publish this graph that shows you the
top ten highest paid university presidents up there at the top is eve gordon deed
out he is the president of our or higher state university he made all whopping one point eight
million dollars in the two thousand nine two thousand
ten school year okay right below hand is market eight
americans from the university of washington he made over nine hundred thousand
dollars a little enter a million and and and you see all of these
outrageous salaries uh… you have to other president of the university of
texas system who make eight hundred thirteen thousand
dollars then you have the university of central
florida that president made eight hundred thousand dollars and you know varies very very expensive
presence making hundreds of thousand dollars per year and that you know that’s taking into account all of the bonuses
the parks the homes the cars and things like that that university presidents are awarded self core some people are starting to
question whether or not this make sense especially when you keep in mind all of
the budget cuts that these universities are facing now these are state
universities so if the state universities are
experiencing massive budget cuts should the head of the university still
get paid this much money i think it’s an interesting question now it’s also important to note that
allot of these presidents voluntarily gave up some of their salaries to help or some portion of their salaries to help their universities for instance mister def who’s at the top
of that list from that university of or higher a basically used his bonus to finance
scholarships and other university efforts gary d four c present at the
university of missouri declined to take one hundred thousand dollars in
performance based in that incentive pay and um… there’s also allison as floyd
president of washington state university who volunteer to take a one hundred
thousand dollars reduction in his salary in light of budget difficulties at his
university so not all of that presidents are taking
these of pay cuts a lot of them are but regardless of whether they are are
not date all defend their pay and they say that they worked really hard it’s a very competitive position and you know they don’t want to get rid
of that competitive edge and un if wenyi the only thing that makes me
split on this situation is the fact that when you really look at
the grand scheme of things the amount of money that the president’s
are getting paid verses the budget at the university has the as a whole you realize that their page is just a
tiny tiny bit of the budget so just to give you an example of that hum uh… so i told you that president
you going to you from the ohio state university i collected more than one point eight
million dollars where it while it turns out that the
university’s budget is four point eight billion dollars for that school year so it’s a tiny tiny fraction of their
schools budget but still it’s such a massive amount of
money that it still makes you wonder should one person get paid one point
eight million dollars in one school yesterday depending notes rose one point it may take in harlem installs and owns and of course monday night made a little bit me laying down in two
thousand but alum where would go on how much would it bike what’s the population of the school a list of that would receive something
else how would help them on the first place this is things like that so if school gets its budget cuts like
they’re doing which is we talk about is the main problem i guess unfairly funding on government funding where way if you have to cut there were maybe cut
some office to a scarf salary cut some waffles whatever else is going to money on
another rep as in one of them with the a c it’s overpriced who obviously private
school but after i was in ninety eight two oh
two this fountains all over every collars
camp and that’s a waste of money principle it’s a waste of money three of the just to pump the water and
to do all that much an end to maybe alamo must wear the worst of it from the
is recycled at this public through the goes somewhere else or all that but i’m
sure it just the water bill is exorbitant but thats if we look at the school the beauty of
the campus which attracts me he was imo so that is about to do that but maybe this point when you turn it
off medicine off-hours maybe it’s only on noon to three who knows you know but
alarming women only taking campus pictures to put in a catalog because our end of the main reason for
things like that those kind of costs trying to get crazy in a time your
yearly sts other things have to be strange
somewhere absolutely no i i i agree with you on that there are ideal feel that
universities have a way to cut costs you know there are certain
things like the fountain is a perfect example it’s so useless right if that is causing
any type of cost and you’re in the middle of budget cuts
by a u_s_ is a private university so it’s a little different right but if your state university and you
have these fountains like strewn across campus no u_n_ get rid of it you know stop the fountains if it’s
going to save you money but you know the interesting question
about um… president compensation university
present compensation is the fact that allot of republican
politicians we’ll look at these individual salaries and say up would you look at that you know this from ohio state university is making one
point eight million dollars per year that’s crazy that means that since we’re
having issues with funding right now since we’re having issues with money i mean this this university system can
bear to lose a little bit of funding i mean look at look at how much they’re
spending on the president alone they’re doing fine so i have a problem with that right and the thing that really irritates me and makes me defend the
president’s is the fact that white why do the
republicans want to cut the funding for the state university’s anyway because they don’t want the top one
percent to pay their taxes okay they don’t want the corporations to pay their
taxes i’d set in a million times of all say it
again bank of america did not pay their federal taxes in two thousand nine
because of corporate tax loopholes because of that we are in this economic mess and because
of that republicans are at and and to be fair politicians are looking for
things to cut in the first thing they cut is education so to have these you know university presidents make so much money
gives politicians the idea that there at the university itself is doing fine and they can go ahead and you know cut budgets or or cut funding for those
schools and i think that’s probably the worst
part about these huge salaries buildings i mean of course there it goes back to where it all began the unfairness of how much money’s going
to school resuming or because they’re happening for what they can get the head coaching football team in ohio
state roughly a state three-and-a-half million
dollars a year and yes dot blotting issue judsen leads elements makes a lot of money but you have guys like the costa rica
kathleen doubts his job is hard to almost that all of the president but if it was cut off things here in
their may become a bit of a yeah now and i agree with that let me
let me get set the record straight do i think that debt president of any university deserves one
point eight million dollars absolutely not okay that’s one school year no one point eight million dollars is
superfluous you don’t need that much money do i think that they can definitely take
a pay cut yes but the fact that they have to take the
reason why they have to take a pay cut is because of these budget cuts to all of these different
universities and the reason why these universities are experiencing these
budget cuts is because the rich are not pay their
taxes so it’s a vicious circle and i feel like targeting university
presidents is not the answer to the problem i think that we’re getting distracted by
president pay i think that we should focus on the larger picture but do i think that they can take a pay
cut absolutely the question is if they take the pay cut how much is it and where does the money
go is a really going to help and is it going to be effective i think so i mean in some points phenomena to collect
enough as i said before i mean defected things likable to bring in a
much money is white in terms of use paper you know man hours a year spinoffs feature profession but it’s with the school still still
associated with the school hand to bring in certain people to play on eugene and create your
lifestyle although i a because all kind of content
on on the same thing nam sharply would maybe get upset me by
because i don’t know how it all works boise make another story i like i said at one point eight million
dollars is crazy and as you said that coach making over three million dollars per
school year it’s unnecessary and i understand you
want to defend the money that they’re getting paid because not only are they used to getting paid
that type of money they feel that they legitimately deserve
it and you know i case can be made for that
but desperate times require wet desperate measures you know if you
really care about your university and you want to be a real leader then you take that pay cut and as i mentioned the beginning of the
story a lot of different university press presidents have taken that pay cut
you know whether it’s a hundred thousand dollars or more


  1. If The University is private then its no ones business how much anyone makes there. If they get state funding they should be paid for by results, the numbers dont shock me, they are doing an important job. The Highest Paid one made in a year what charlie sheen made in one episode of two and a half men.

  2. you have to respect them to some degree for turning down money. even if it's the right thing to do, i don't think i could do it

  3. It doesn't matter what percentage of the budget it is. It's the principle of the thing. You can't demand that students take on even more debt while you're making hundreds of thousands from your "stressful" job.

  4. @bamboo4tameshigiri That's absurd. 250k is a comfortable living but it's not worth the absolute hell you have to go through to work your ass off to get to that position.

  5. @bamboo4tameshigiri You don't seem to have a very good concept of what 150k can actually get you. If you have a family with multiple kids, for instance, that's like damn near poverty.

  6. My university doesn't have any fountains but there are a bunch of big modern art sculptures. I hope they were free because they are retaded and that is somewhere cuts can be made

  7. The college president that used to be at my college swindled a bunch of money and then fell off the face of the planet.

  8. All these are sports schools. I'm glad to see that these presidents are making money off the backs of students that aren't getting an education.

  9. before complaning about what the presidents make look at what the coaches of tthe big sports teams make
    I say that but I support what ever they make it doesn't bother me

  10. If you look at the cost of running water pumps its entierly negligable.
    I calulated it once when I was passing a fountain.
    You say stop the fountain do you also want them to stop cutting the lawn its the same idea.

  11. if ur in it for the money, then ur doing it for the wrong reasons. college is being treated like a business and that's a big reason why us students have such a small voice.

  12. these salaries arent really that bad. this isn't berkeley community college's president earning a millioin. these are good schools

  13. @bamboo4tameshigiri Some of us don't want to follow the retarded meme of "work until you're 67, get SS", we'd liek to work really hard early on and only later work if we feel like it. Go read some Paul Graham essays and start a startup to actually add to the wealth pool of humanity instead of just grabbing a 250k-sized chunk of the existing wealth.

  14. Presidents don't do much work – they have their assistants and advisors (who usually make 100k – 300k each, and each president has anywhere between 3 – 10) who do all the work,. The job of the president is to get the credit for everyone else's work and give the blame of the negative effects of shit he signs that have negative effects on the university to other people.

  15. @flake452 Work is sold like a commodity. Would you buy something from a store where you only knew the price you had to pay and not what anyone else had to pay?

  16. @lordcheetah
    There are more doctors than there are people who can be hired as University Presidents. Thus presidents are valued more and can demand more pay.

  17. Compared to bankers and stock market/hedge fund managers, these presidents don't make much at all. Other than U. Ohio, all are UNDER 1 million, can we say that for thousands of useless bank execs who got us into such a financial mess? Why shouldn't teachers and professors make more than the bankers in this nation? What good do bankers do, versus what good those who teach do?

  18. @xbertocoaylax Only if doctors and uprez produce the same value (which I'd argue they don't). Maybe if you compare the doctor in charge of a hospital to a uprez. Maybe

  19. These presidents should not get paid more then the President of the United States. Plain and simple.

  20. @lordcheetah
    Value is subjective. If you value a service you will be more willing to pay more for it. Somebody values the service that these University Presidents give and they pay them accordingly.

  21. I remember the former President of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Pre-2007 was fired for using student funds in buying private jets for personal benefit.

  22. It amazes me the universities that are paying all of that. UCF's president is making 800 grand a year? UCF isn't as big as U of FL or FSU, why aren't their presidents making more? It doesn't make sense. And did you notice Harvard & Yale's presidents aren't up there? So it isn't prestige, it isn't size, what makes THEIR jobs so much harder than other university presidents?

  23. @mistacramer Most University Presidents are Ph.D.'s with a solid track record in teaching, publication, and management at lower levels of university leadership. In the two major universities I worked at, selection criteria for the Presidency included a rigorous review of their academic accomplishments, their prior demonstrated leadership skills, and their ability to attract $. Bright accomplished respected academicians with energy and a plan to bring in millions more than their salaries.

  24. @mistacramer One university president, a leader in research into Cancer, brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to both that university and two others located in the same major city. Her salary: half a million, well deserved. She even still manages research and publishes and teaches seminars.

  25. @xbertocoaylax I doubt the students paying for it value them so much, but they don't have the power say where their money goes.

  26. @lordcheetah
    They have the power to choose a different school. One that spends it's money in a wise manner.

  27. Lot of my professors would tell you that our university's president doesn't deserve the money they're getting.

  28. That's it, I'm going to community college first even though I've been accepted to 4 colleges with scholarships

  29. Everyone should get paid more. Not less. The problem here is that we pay some people so little thay can't afford anything. Teachers should get paid more. Hell burger flippers should be paid more because without them, who is going to serve people who give money burgers. All people should be able to afford college, who gives a flying fig what they pay presidents, I have an issue with how much a really good education costs vs how much MOST people in the US are paid.

  30. @flake452 If its public I agree it should be based on performance but come on 1.8 million that is over 4 times what the president of the US makes. If its private its no one business, but the college's.

  31. I wouldn't say there should be a cap. I mean $250,000 is PLENTY to survive on but still, I'm sure plenty of people deserve more than that. The problem is that they get tax cuts even though they are doing pretty well compared to the rest of the world…

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