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IT jobs form
a leading employment sector with generous returns
to its employees. Now, This sector is booming with the revenue generator
observed to have grown 8% in the year 2019 alone reaching a massive hundred and sixty
seven billion dollars, hence. We have put together a list of the top 10 highest paying
it jobs for the year 2020, but before we begin
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in multiple factors apart from just the annual average
salary too close and ranks namely the salary range both top and bottom the number
of employees currently in said job and the number
of job openings. So keeping that in mind, let’s get started
at number 10. We have full stack developer
the full stack developer have the ability
to work on all aspects of application development. So it requires the knowledge
of both front-end and back-end development as
well as database networking and system infrastructure. Some of the skills required for a full stack developer
are the basics of web development database
Technologies API development and along with it. You also need to
have the knowledge of various Technologies such as
angular react JS mongodb and node.js luckily for you the full
stack developers program from Ed, Eureka. Was all of these Technologies
and ample detail what more top-notch companies
such as Wipro IBM cognizant Tata and enforces our hiring
full stack developers with an average pay of a hundred
and twelve thousand US Dollars and nearly 9 lakhs in India. At number nine. We have the software architect
the software architect interacts with clients as well as
developers to optimize development processes by making
various design choices. Now this requires
a keen understanding king of software architecture and some of the skills required
as a software architect are the technical knowledge good analytical and programming
skills as well as communication and management skills companies
like Nvidia Bosch cements and Nokia are coughing up an average of hundred and thirty
nine thousand dollars in the US and 25 lakh rupees in India
for this profile at number 8. We have a blockchain engineer
now this professional develops and implements this And solutions using
the blockchain technology. So basically these Engineers
construct and deploy the system architecture
decentralized applications while also collaborating
with colleagues to guarantee streamline
implementation of applications. Hence the salary
of 4000 block chain. Tacky were just five years
of experience is almost at par with that of a general manager in a bank with three
decades of experience. Some of the skills are required
for a blockchain and Junior are thorough knowledge
of various Technologies. That are used in Bitcoin triple and etherium as well
as analytical skills and attention to detail now
companies like Bosch Accenture and Standard Chartered are
a few names you would associate with the recruitment of blockchain engineer’s
offering an average pay of $157,000 in the US and 10 lakhs
in India at number 7. We have the IT program manager. Now, these managers are responsible for
handling all aspects of a technical projects
Journey for a company. This means they need
to Initiate the program track, its progress and provide support
if issues arise, they typically coordinate
efforts among their own employees and outside
vendors set schedules and timelines for both employees
are the project and ensure that lines are met while no company
in this day and age can function without an IT program manager. Here are a few that are recruiting heavily
for this job profile. We have Amazon Accenture
Boeing Google and Standard Chartered the average pay
for an IT program. Measure is a hundred
and thirty six thousand US dollars in the US and 16 black Iron are
in India at number 6. We have the senior devops engineer the senior develops and
Junior handles the deployment and network operations
of an organization by overseeing the code releases. Now this involves handing the deployment model
managing the resources for provisioning monitoring
the release performances Etc. Some of the skills required
for this job profile or good coding and scripting skills
as well as Knowledge of their webs tools such as
Jenkins Docker get Cuban at ease and puppet. You also need to have
a knowledge of Linux or u.s. System administration as it is a key skill the average
pay for a devops engineer is a hundred and fourteen thousand
US dollars in the US and 21 lacks in India, but it is so high on our list
due to the growing number of job openings
in the seen companies, which are hiring senior developers Engineers
are sap McAfee and Oracle what you need your is a structured approach
towards learning. Earning devops and at Eureka’s
develop training is designed in a way to help you become
a certified practitioner with complete hands on throughout the divorce
life cycle at number 5. We have data scientist. Now the data scientists Analyze
This complex data to find common Trends and patterns that eventually help in making more
informed business decisions. This involves collecting data from various sources cleaning
it to ensure accuracy and then using various
data models and algorithms to analyze the data after that the
Scientists may use data visualization techniques
to convey the findings to company officials know some
of the skills required for a data scientist our knowledge of
statistical analysis knowledge of programming languages such as
python our SQL Etc as well as good data intuition and strong business Acumen. The average pay
for a data scientist is a hundred and thirty
three thousand US Dollars and the corresponding
in in salary is nearly 18 lakhs a year and this
is offered by various Tech. Is that wrong the IT industry
such as Visa Netflix Google and music mama at number 4. We have the network
security engineer now a network or a data
security engineer plans and implements the security
measures necessary to protect an organization’s networks and systems from cyberattacks
and security breaches. They typically investigate
any security violations or potential breaches that arise they conduct
penetration testing develop security standards
for a company and use I was and data encryption to protect sensitive
information the knowledge of computer networks
operating systems monitoring and encryption tools
as well as information about risk management factors are a few prerequisite skills
for an average salary of a hundred and forty-three
thousand US Dollars and a corresponding 26 lakhs
in India companies, like fire. I hacker one IBM and Cisco are listed
in the top 150 companies for network and Data
security at number 3. We have the cloud architect. Now this professional manages
the cloud computing strategy of an organization which includes Cloud
management application design Cloud architecture and deployment models some of the skills required
for a cloud architect of the knowledge of an operating
systems such as Linux and understanding of Cloud Computing Services
Cloud security Etc. A director provides a variety of programs to build
your Basics as well as refined. And after you experience and cloud computing as
a cloud professional you bring home a whopping hundred
and fifty four thousand US dollars in the US and 15.3 lacks in India from companies such as
Google Amazon Eve. I and HTC at number 2. We have the Enterprise architect
now an Enterprise architect develops the plans and workflows for deploying
and maintaining servers software and other it assets he or she is principally
focused on ensuring that the business aims
of an ization are supported by its it strategy skills, like the understanding of business model
process knowledge knowledge of foundational idea
architectures and Technologies and experience in project
management are expected off of an Enterprise
architect also leadership and communication skills are an added bonus and
are very important for an Enterprise architect
these employees handle much of the interaction between
a business side of a company and its it Department hence
taking Handsome hundred and fifty one thousand
US dollars a year and on an average
of 25 lakhs in India from multinational companies
such as Amazon VMware HSBC and mindtree at number one. We have the artificial
intelligence engineer. Now the AI engineer
handles the development and management of an artificial
intelligence solution of an organization. This involves creating solutions for the client as well as
the system architecture based off of a I’m Works some
of the skills required for an AI engineer
our programming languages with a rich library of statistical packages
such as Python and art along with this you need
technologies in the domain of AI such as machine learning deep
learning statistical learning and neural networks
at adyar a car. There are a variety
of training programs which are curated to be
the stepping stone to your AI or ml career. Another important thing
to note here. Is that in order to become an AI engineer one not Needs
to be good at programming but also good at software development
techniques and practices. So I’m talking about modularity object-oriented programming
classes design patterns with a strong
foundation in statistics and Mathematics is appreciated and this hard work
will definitely pay off when you receive
your first big fat paycheck from brilliant pay masters
such as Facebook Google Procter and Gamble and IBM of about a hundred
and seventy-five thousand us. Dollars on an average
in the US and 20 lakhs on an average in India. Now having said that there are also
a few other jobs that we just couldn’t end
our list without mentioning. We are talking about profiles such as data warehouse
architect database administrator and job roles that fall under robotic
process automation. Now these job profiles
also pay pretty handsomely but they just didn’t make
the cut this year, but with the increasing demand
of these professionals by more and more brilliant. We are pretty sure they’d land a spot on our list
the next time with that. I come to the end of my list. If you think we’ve missed out
on a few job profiles, or you have suggestions
to improve our list. Please do share those with us
in the comment section below and we would be glad to hear
from you with this. I close the session. My name is Upasana. Thank you and have a great day. I hope you have enjoyed
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