Top 10 Secrets That Schools Don’t Want You To Know

Top 10 Secrets That Schools Don’t Want You To Know

Top 10 Secrets That Schools Don’t Want You
To Know Hello, welcome back to the Most Amazing corner
of the internet, I am Most Amazing host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the
Top 10 Secrets School’s don’t want you to know. 10 – Teachers have favourites…and least
favourites…and it affects the way they’re treated. Obviously! Just how kids have favourite teachers and
least favourite teachers…and just how in life we have favourite and least favourite
people – teachers will pick favourites. Teachers are more likely to help students
who are polite to them, they’re more likely to grade up their papers if they’re borderline,
and of course they are more likely to cut these students some slack. Their least favourites are likely to be students
who are rude or arrogant. Even if teachers are supposed to treat their
students equally, their emotions come into play. 9 – Teachers talk About You Behind your Back
Remember those least favourites? Well…teachers don’t usually keep that
to themselves. Also, if they find you an interesting character,
they’ll talk about you too. If you rotate classes, you will have a number
of teachers and they WILL talk about you. They will probably share stories about you
with one another. 8 – In Schools, teachers have drama just like
the kids It isn’t just you that hates Mr Fitz, Mrs
Green does to….. Whatever, teachers have staff room dramas
too, especially as some of them are wildly different people who have different ways and
beliefs on how to do things. Teachers sometimes can’t stand each other…but
on the flip side, some of them are dating …. And they really don’t want you to know
about it. 7 – Teachers Look Up Kids and Parents on Social
Media Yup. You might facebook stalk people…maybe even
your teachers… but they look you and your parents up too. Curiosity is natural…and finding out that
you were actually skipping school to drink in the park or go to the mall is possible
with the power of facebook. Also creeping on your parents may go some
way to explaining why you are the way you are. 6 – Schools judge parents as much as the child
Yup. Bad kid…. Bad parents, or so it often goes. A child never has any food with them for lunch…yeah…bad
parents. Often teachers will keep an eye on a child
that they suspect has a parental issue and they will decide whether or not to call them
in. 5 – Failing a test isn’t the end of the
world I actually do hope that schools will tell
you this, as kids sometimes crumble under the pressure of exams and they should know
that messing up on occasion isn’t the end of the world. When you are 40 years old, you probably won’t
hinge the failings or successes of your entire life on one exam. So relax…also…you’ll probably get a
better grade if you’re not feeling stressed. Shh, don’t tell anyone but not doing your
homework won’t affect your grade…. That is coming in at number 4. In most schools, your day to day homework
won’t contribute to your grade, however, your essays and tests results will. The reason you are assigned homework is to
prepare your brain for the tests and essays that will count, so it is always a good idea
to do it…although a teacher can’t fail you for not. 3 – Your Work isn’t always read when it’s
graded. Teachers are busy. Imagine they take 5 different classes a day,
and they need to grade work from each se of students….it is an endless pile. More often than not, teachers will want to
get the additional workload done and dusted so they can focus on having a life. Because…they have one too. The problem is it does seem a bit unfair when
you spend hours on a piece of work that gets three minutes of attention from teachers. Sad but true, at number two; a lot of teachers
are unhappy. Teachers kind of have a tough time of it. They’re not just working while you’re
at school; they’re there before and after setting up and preparing for your lessons,
then after they’re there marking or preparing for the next day. Most teachers I know work from 8am til 5 or
6pm, and then have marking, too. They don’t get paid that much either, which
is a constant bone of contention. Increasingly these days, they also have to
deal with violent children, which is scary. Finally, number one of our top 10 secrets
that School’s don’t want you to know – Big End of Year Exams are Bad For Students There have been a lot of studies that have
revealed that end of year exams with big weightings on a students grade are harmful to them. It turns out tests aren’t always the best
way to decipher a person’s intelligence and the system is heavily weighted against
those who struggle with anxiety. Hopefully one day there will be a better way
to test people in the future – In Finland, for example there are no tests except from
one exam at the end of senior year at high school. SO….that was the Top 10 Secrets School’s
don’t want you to know….are you a school….do you have anymore secrets that you want to
un-secret? Let me know! Want to continue your Top 10 Binge…why not
watch our Top 10 most haunted Schools in the world or our Top 10 Useless Things You Learn
in School.


  1. Yea this doesn’t sound like anything new here to me 🤣🤣 A few of these were revealed very quickly when I was in high school

  2. 9 witnessed first hand literally talking behind my back in summer school they were saying things like how I’m slow In the seat DIRECTLY in front of me

  3. i am the most well behaved student in maths but my teacher hardly comes to me when i need help but my friends help me

  4. I'm doing good in school but I hate all of the teachers their because I always think of them calling on about me every day

  5. Number 8- I have a math teacher (ms. B) and an assistant math teacher (ms. J)and it’s super easy to tell that ms. B can’t stand ms. J and neither can we.

  6. One time my teacher literally told me when I forgot to do my reading homework, "I know your reading level is high so I don't care if you do your homework or not" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF

  7. At my old school nothing ever happened to me and she never even cared and forgot we even had HOMEWORK, but she never cared bc I was the smartest kid in my class XD

  8. Honestly I never did homework. and I failed my classes because of it. I had high marks on tests but my school systems had a fucked grading system sooo…

  9. Teacher's talk about me and my freinds all the time one time I got ISS in school suspension for one day and I heard the office Lady's and principal talking about me and my freinds but saying good things I just struggled with homework and it was to help me by being in a quit place

  10. I once had a Spanish teacher that I am pretty sure she had two favorite kids I will call them M and D she would always pick them and one day one of my other class mates had to sit out for no reason and it is easy to say that I do not like her

  11. I remember in high school one of my teachers was having an affair with the school resource officer. Both were married & there was a very big fallout when they were found out. Crazy

  12. I'm a straight A student but that doesn't mean I love school in fact I hate it but I like to oi be smart and get A's because I'm not a very pretty or talented person and it makes me feel more accomplished

  13. i raised two kids. They are now in their 30's. Every teacher they had all the way through college were narcissistic idiots. Had many confrontations with them. They are trying to program your kids so they disappear into the system. Don't conform anyone. i say teachers are overpaid psychopaths. 😵

  14. im my art teachers faveorites or at leay one of them
    because 30 secs after break he let me go toilet
    30 mins someone else asked and he said no because it was right after break

  15. These are all true (I'm a teacher), but I try not to talk about students negatively with someone who hasn't had them in class yet. If I do, I'm usually talking to a more experienced teacher and looking for advice, and I don't mention the kid's name. I personally think that, whether I get along with the kid or not, they deserve a clean slate with other teachers.

  16. i never bring food to school cause everybody is asking me can i have some and i give it to just one then 2nd one then 3rd one then thr whole school

  17. Almost all of my teachers are jerks because I have anger problems and 3 different learning problems

  18. The only reason why I liked this video was only because these are secrets schools tried to hide. I personally liked school when I was younger but then I personally started to hate it. I just got out of high school and man I was in "school" aka prison and had to endure hardship in school by teachers and students. It's not normal it was serious to the point that I wanted to drop out or not live anymore because I was in a war zone. I don't mind learning anything interesting but public school for example cram random fabricated b.s. in your head which I hate so much😠😠😠😤😤😤

  19. If u don't stop saying' I NEED HELP 'to my maths teacher whilst my hand is up, I have to wait for AGES ,even if he tells me he will come to me next

  20. fave thing in the 90s….low cut shirts..tight mini skirts…rocky mountain jeans…short shorts… parties…and friends.

  21. at my school, once we we're told we had to memorise some lines for drama but because I am forgetful, I was the only person who didn't have to do that homework

  22. Everyone knows number 10 i even found a list!
    It went like this (13 people in this class):
    Favorite: the snitch
    2: my friend
    3: my worst enemy
    4: my other friend
    5: my best friend
    6: random kid
    7: my enemy
    8: me
    9: random kid
    10: random kid
    11: random kid
    12: my other other friend
    13: that kid

  23. 1:57 that's just sick they are not suposed to do that
    if they are so buisy why would they than spend their time on checking on what their students do when school is out
    their not our parrents and should be woried about their kids and not on us

  24. I know you are from Canada and all but you really should not make generalizations about the way schools operate all over the planet. In the US our homework is most definitely affects our grades and you are not only passed on to the next grade based on final exams. They take into account your homework, tests, essays, presentations and final exams. If you have a nice and generous teacher, they will take into account your personal home situation as well and will often try to help you find a solution to help your school situation or home situation. I was lucky enough to have a few of those teachers myself.

  25. 3:39 no excuses our teachers don't like excuses no matter how much work they have to grade they should do it right I read my work right I don't just write any answer in

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