Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In College

10 Things To Never Do In College How many of you are waiting to get rid of
boring school uniforms, strict routine and INSANE curfew times? Yea, don’t lie we have all felt that way
while in school, you aren’t any exception! Who doesn’t want to chuck away the suffocating
school life for a breathable freshman year in college! The life at the other side of the huge gate
seems so tempting that we often forget that all that freedom comes at a price, most of
us aren’t ready to pay! You’ll be surprized to know that there are
hell lot of things that shouldn’t be done in college but will find yourself doing nevertheless. But we’ll still do our bit and warn you,
the rest is up to you! Number 10. Party like there is no tomorrow
We say this simply because people, there definitely is a tomorrow that you have to face after
you wake up with a hangover! We aren’t the preachy kinds who’ll say
that you are too young to party but then, if you are downing one bottle after another
and end up wasted, you aren’t responsible enough to actually party! Sad but true! You’ve heard people on the campus say that
they don’t remember a thing from the party last night because they were sloshed, do you
want to be in their place? It isn’t just a threat to your safety but
is also burning a hole in your pocket. That is just as bad! Number 9. Get naked online
Many teens go crazy with the new found freedom and end up in a mess because of their hasty
decision making, don’t be one of them! We understand that you like that guy from
your class, we aren’t saying that dating is off limits. But getting intoxicated by that guy’s charm
that you get naked online for him isn’t doing you any good, let alone the relationship! Just keep in mind the rule about online sharing,
that if you don’t want your family, teachers, siblings or future spouse to see it, don’t
let that content wander online! Number 8. Register for the 8am class
If that early morning class is compulsory and there is no way you are going to pass
graduation without it, then by all means feel free to walk into it. But if that’s not a necessity, don’t drag
yourself into trouble by signing up for any extra class at 8am, you aren’t making it
out of bed that early after you have been up till 3! Don’t even think that since you’ve attended
classes even at 7:30 in high school, you’ll be able to pull yourself that early now, you
won’t and that will only add to your troubles, so stay clear! Number 7. Be a perfectionist
College is the time to explore what you can do and challenge your potential every single
day. But there is no point in striving for perfection
because frankly, you can’t attain it, so why bother? Aiming for perfection and then failing will
leave you disheartened so the better way is to be imperfect and try to get better at what
you do. That should be your life mantra once you are
in college! That kinda gives us the feeling of being a
guru, which we aren’t so never mind, we can still help you in a little way! Number 6. Ignore your gut
How many times have you shut the inner voice up which told you that this isn’t the person
you should be hanging out with? Plenty, we know! But that’s exactly what you need to stop
doing because hello, you know your gut more than you know these new people! We don’t care if they are cute or hygienic
or straight down from heaven, if your inner voice doesn’t say yes, you don’t say it
either! This includes basic things like not accepting
drinks from strangers or roaming around alone in a new place after dark, too OBVIOUS, right? Number 5. Fight the uncomfortable
Being a freshman simply means that you aren’t going to be too comfortable in the new surroundings. Something or someone will be irritating for
you but focusing on it will drain your energy unnecessarily, do you still care? If the annoying thing makes for 10% of your
day and you think about it constantly, you are your giving 100% to it, a totally undeserving
candidate for your attention! So why not focus more on what you want and
let the shit sort itself out! Number 4. Being short sighted
By this we definitely don’t mean your eyesight needs rectification! We are hinting at teens who for some short
lived benefit get into something far messier and far more permanent! Well, we understand that your friend’s sports
bike or outfit is appealing to you and you want it but wandering off to a wrong “shortcut”
to save money for these luxuries isn’t the best path! You get the hint, don’t you? In a straightforward way, don’t get tempted
into the drug business or online nudity that will come back to haunt you, years later also! Number 3. Watching a movie in class
Yea we know that studies are boring, unless you are a descendant of Einstein! That was meant to be a joke but never mind! Let’s focus on a situation where you are
sitting on the first bench, totally bored and decide to use your laptop in a better
way, yea Netflix it is! No matter how tempting the option is, don’t
give in because you aren’t alone in the room, there might be a few who want to concentrate
on the lecture! Apart from distracting those brainy students,
you are increasing your chances of getting caught, the teacher is no fool! Number 2. Shower without flip flops
When 30 people are using the same shower, you have little question about its hygiene
because it is practically absent! So are you planning to step into it without
your flip flops? Just imagine what all stuff the others have
been doing while pulling up a front of taking a shower! Okay before your imagination wanders off to
another tangent, there are loads of people out there who have admitted to peeing the
shower! Now that’s gross and you know what’s worse? You are standing at the same spot bare foot! Let’s not even comment on the image that
popped in your mind! Number 1. Leave your drink unattended
No matter how much you want to pee or meet that friend standing at the other end of the
crowded room, you aren’t leaving your drink unattended, JUST NO! You have no idea how horrible certain people
can get and what all can happen to that cute umbrella drink of yours in those 2 minutes! Why take a chance? It is time for you to learn that the world
is not a nice place and every cute face is not meeting you with the right intentions! So, which of these are you gonna observe in
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