Top 10 Worst School Punishments That Went Too Far

If you were someone who was frequently punished
as a child, count yourself lucky that you didn’t go to these schools. Because these are the ten harshest school
punishments ever. Number 10. Arrested For Burping
In 2011, a 13 year old boy in Cleveland Middle School, Albuquerque was taken to juvenile
detention after he was found disrupting the class, by burping.! Finding the decision to be a bit too harsh,
the child’s mother filed a lawsuit against the school and the teacher. Number 9. Suspended For Gun Gestures
In 2013, a 6 year old boy was suspended from his elementary school for simply making a
gun gesture with his hand and saying “pow” at a fellow classmate. Number 8. Absentee Jailed
In 2012, 17 year old, Diane Tran was thrown to jail after missing 11 classes straight. Diane who was working overtime to provide
for her younger sister, was sentenced to spend 25 hours in jail, and a $100 fine. Number 7. Strip Search
In a bizarre and sickening incident, 13 year old Savana Redding, a honor student at Safford
Middle School, Southeastern Arizona was striped by the school’s principal, after her classmate
spread the rumor that she was carrying drugs inside school property. Number 6. Homophobic Humiliation
When two teenage boys were caught fighting at school campus in Arizona, they were given
the option of suspension or to sit in the courtyard holding hands for 15 minutes. The boys chose to hold hands, but their punishment
soon went viral. The other kids laughed at them, took videos
of them, while commenting about their sexuality. Number 5. Eating lunch off the floor
In 2008, about 15 students at a New Jersey elementary were punished to eat lunch off
the dirty cafeteria floor for 10 straight days all because a classmate accidentally
spilled a water jug on the floor. But here, the students got the last laugh
because their parents won a $500,000 lawsuit against the school. Number 4. Monster Closet
A pre kindergarten teacher in Houston lost her job after they used the janitor’s closet
for punishing their 4 year old students. They called this closet the “Monster Closet”
and locked the students inside them, and told them that there were monsters were living
in the darkened space who were going to eat them. Number 3. Clock Boy
When Ahmed Mohamed brought his homemade clock to high school in Texas, he was super excited. But instead of being impressed, the teacher
completely freaked out thinking the device was a bomb. Mohamed ended up being arrested and interrogated
by the police, until found out to be innocent. Number 2. Duffel Bag
The mother of 9 year old Kentucky student claimed that her autistic son was put in a
duffel bag as a form of punishment. Christopher Baker stayed inside the bag for
hours until her mother reached the school to find her son’s muffled voice coming from
the bag. Number 1. Haircut
A Milwaukee teachers lost her patience where her first grade student, Lamaya Common kept
playing with her braids. After telling her too many times to stop,
the teacher decided to cut the braid herself, in front of the entire class. Tell us how you feel about these school punishments
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