Top 15 Haunted Schools You Should NOT Attend

Top 15 Haunted Schools You Should NOT Attend

15. Hollywood High School, California: Aside from
having a beautiful mural facade and notable alumni, Hollywood High School is also known
to paranormal enthusiasts. Three ghosts are reported to live within the
walls, all with dark histories. One haunts the auditorium whom sources have
named Toby. According to legend, he was a heartbroken
young man who once attended the school. After unsuccessfully trying to win his ex
back, he took his own life in the auditorium, where his ex girlfriend found him the next
morning when she came to work on the upcoming play. People have reported seeing a young man wandering
around the halls as if he is searching for something, with many believing it is his lost
love. The second ghost is of a former custodian
who continues to peacefully make his rounds cleaning the school, a job he appeared to
love even in his afterlife. The third ghost is of a woman rumoured to
have hung herself somewhere on the campus. Students and teachers have heard disembodied
footsteps, doors opening and closing, and feeling cold spots throughout the school. Several apparitions have been spotted, mostly
in and around the auditorium. For the students of Hollywood High, they have
a lot more to worry about than exams and social status. 14. El Paso High School, Texas: According to some,
El Paso High School is the most haunted school in the United States. Opened in 1916, the school has had paranormal
events even during its construction. Many students have said they’ve seen a woman
jumping from one of the balconies, but upon rushing to the ground below, there’s nothing
there. People have also seen a thick mist covering
the abandoned hallways, as well as a strange goo dripping from the ceilings. The incidents began occurring after a student
slit her wrists and then threw herself from the balcony. Due to the occurrences in the hallway, the
place was blocked off with a wall, thus restricting access from everyone, except the spirits. Another famous spirit is that of a girl in
a white dress. Not much is known about her identity, but
she is believed to be the same girl seen in a photo watching the school’s construction
in 1916. During graduation photos, the class of 1985
took a group photo and had an unexpected guest appear with them. In the centre of the photo, the girl in the
white dress is seen, except she is noticeably more blurry than anyone else in the photo. A teacher also found a walled off, abandoned
and forgotten classroom in the basement of the school. Why this classroom was blocked off is unknown,
but it adds to the mysterious atmosphere of the school. There are more stories to tell about El Paso
High, but we recommend our viewers to dive in and read them for themselves. 13. Metz Elementary School, Texas: In operation
since 1915, Metz Elementary in Austin, Texas has had some strange occurrences happen starting
around 1990. No known lives being lost have occurred on
the property, but when it came time to rebuild most of the school, things began to get crazy. Workers of the excavation company hired to
demolish the old building would have their tools stop working, hear the sounds of children
laughing in the bathrooms, and the sounds of sharp nails scratching the chalkboards
despite them being desolate upon investigation. As a result, most of the workers refused to
enter the building alone, and many either quit or would frequently call in sick to prevent
having to deal with the torment there. In desperation, the crew’s boss, Joe Torrez,
asked a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism, but that didn’t help. A few days later, a wall mysteriously fell
and took a worker’s life. By the time the school was demolished, they
were a half year behind schedule due to the incident, and the number of workers who had
quit. Since the new school was completed, paranormal
activity continues. People have reported seeing ghost children
around the school, and Torrez may have brought some residual activity home with him. He took one of the trees on the property and
planted it in his daughter’s yard. Now, people report hearing children whispering
and laughing around the tree. Whatever now haunts Metz Elementary, they
were unhappy with the school’s rebuilding and wish to show that anger to the new students
and staff. 12. Willowbrook State School, New York: A place
with good intentions in mind, it soon became a hell on earth. Willowbrook State School on Staten Island,
New York was established as an institute for mentally handicapped children. Unfortunately, it was opened in 1947, in a
time when mental disability was not as understood as today; thus it acted a dumping ground for
these children by people who could not handle them and looked after by people who had no
idea how to care for them properly. Two of its early doctors, Saul Krugman and
Robert McCollum, began conducting sick experiments on the patients, sometimes with methods too
disturbing to reveal here. While only built to house 4000 residents,
the population soared to 6000 by the 1960s, making the place dangerously overcrowded. Senator Robert Kennedy was given a tour of
the school and was horrified by its condition. There has also been hundreds of recorded passings
due to neglect. It is also the former workplace of Andre Rand,
who was convicted of abducting and then taking the life a 12 year old girl. Passersby and those brave enough to venture
inside have reported seeing apparitions and strange lights in the halls and in the windows. The building is also rumoured to be a ritual
ground for Satanists, although this has not been confirmed. It is sad to know how much ignorance ruined
the lives of so many children, those who were abandoned out of selfishness rather than being
given the empathy and care they really needed. 11. Bristol Tennessee High School: While two out
of three of the resident spirits of Tennessee High School are what we’d expect, the third
is surprisingly dark for any location. Located in Bristol, Tennessee, directly across
the border from Virginia, Tennessee High School was built in 1939. An incident struck the school in the 1970s
during the Class Night, where the juniors officially became Seniors. A girl known as Agnes, was hit by a train
as her car was crossing the track, taking her life. For years after, people could hear her footsteps
in the vocational hall, and have seen a girl in a white dress wandering the corridors. Now, the floors are carpeted, therefore cancelling
out the sound of steps, but she is still seen and her presence is still felt. She has also been reported appearing in the
television broadcast booths of the auditorium. The gym hosts a massive phantom in the form
of a train. People have claimed the train would suddenly
blast through the gym, blaring its loud whistle as it passes through. It is speculated this is a manifestation of
the same train which hit Agnes all those years ago, forever embedded in the memory of the
surrounding area. The third ghost is that of a former school
athlete who passed in a traffic incident. Students and staff have reported his spirit
wandering the halls and attending sports events, from pep rallies and games. Clearly, in his after life, he still returns
to watch and cheer on the team he loved so much. While one spirit seems to only return on certain
occasions, we all hope Agnes can eventually find her way to peace in the afterlife, possibly
causing the train to leave as well. 10. Malaysia’s Haunted Schools: Malaysia is famous
for its ghost stories, so rich with them not even its schools are safe. Penang Free School is the oldest school in
all of South East Asia, opening in 1816. Established by Sparke Hutching, he founded
it as a place where poor and/or orphaned children could be provided with free education, free
food and clothing, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Despite the benevolent nature of the school’s
founding, Penang had become hijacked by evil during its run. Much of the hauntings are the same you’d find
in other haunted places, with flickering lights, and the sounds of rustling following people
at night. Then, there are the residual sounds of the
victims of Japanese occupation during the second world war. In the late hours of the night, people have
heard the echos of women screaming, which can be heard around the entire campus. These are believed to be the sounds of those
kept and brutally mistreated by Japanese soldiers who occupied the country between 1941 and
1945. With 200 years of operation and counting,
there is bound to be further additions to the school’s history, and possibly some additions
to the school’s haunting. Chung Ling High School has had major shifts
in use during its time. The British Army took control of the school
and converted it into a military hospital until the Japanese took over the area. It was then the location was used as a detention
centre, where prisoners were held and many had their lives taken. On several occasions, reports of mass hysteria
have been reported, with students become frantic either from fear or possibly spiritual possession. Dogs in the area have been observed barking
wildly at unseen things. Certainly terrifying knowing how even at school,
the children of Malaysia have a chance of encountering the paranormal. 9. McKay Avenue School, Alberta: If you’re looking
for the spookiest haunts in Canada, Edmonton is a good start. McKay Avenue School is the oldest brick building
in Alberta, and operated as a school from 1905 until 1983. It now acts as the Edmonton Public Schools
Archives and Museum, with the original 1880s wood school still on the property. According to those who work there, McKay is
home to a spirit named Peter. A custodian who worked while the building
operated as a school kept a log of unexplained happenings, from doors opening and closing
on their own, desks becoming scattered, water taps turning on at random, and books and papers
in the locked archive room being found scattered all over the room. In an attempt to get to the bottom of the
phenomena, the unnamed custodian conducted a Ouija board session, and discovered the
spirit of of a passed away construction worker who suffered a life taking fall from the school’s
fire escape in 1912. However, any records of such circumstances
have not been found, but this has not stopped the bizarre events from occurring. Employees still find items sprawled across
the archive room, and paranormal investigators heard hammer sounds echoing throughout the
building, despite no construction work being conducted at the time whatsoever. It appears the archive and museum has more
history within its walls than they could imagine, and it is unknown if their origins will ever
be truly discovered. 8. Heidelberg University, Germany: While today
having a high reputation as a prestigious German University, this place has codes of
dark history painted on some of its walls. Heidelberg University is Germany’s oldest
university, having opened its doors way back in 1386. Ranked amongst the top post-secondary institutions
in Europe. Sadly, Heidelberg was not spared the stained
hands of the Nazis. Many professors and students between 1934
and 1945 were shipped off to various concentration camps the evil empire established. Now, faculty members and students have reported
finding chalk boards either frantically erased of its contents or nonsensical writing sprawled
across its surface, having appeared overnight. While some may dismiss this as pranksters
breaking in during the night, the classrooms of the university are locked during the off-time
hours, making entry virtually impossible. The Nazis also used the medical wing in order
to perform sterilization on women. A process known as Eugenics, women were forced
to be sterilized in order to prevent them from reproducing children the Nazi regime
considered genetically inferior. While Germany has long since escaped from
the Nazi oppression, residual reminders of the horrors have remained. People have reported hearing loud screams
of a woman echoing through the hallways, but when security goes to investigate they find
nothing. On a minor note, students have reported the
scent of something burning in the courtyard, despite no fires. Interestingly, the courtyard was used as a
book burning site, one of the many the Nazis used in an attempt to destroy the works of
those they fought against. It’s sad to see such a historically significant
and distinguished educational facility continue to house the suffering an extremist regime
inflicted on its country. 7. Lambertville High School, New Jersey: Long
since abandoned, Lambertville High School in New Hope, New Jersey served the local youth
until 1955, when it was permanently closed down. The tragedy that befell the school happened
in November 1935, during the traditional high school turkey bowl football game. The game was tied 21-21 when the New Hope
player known as Buckeye ran to the end zone with the ball when he collided head on with
an opposing team member. He didn’t get back up again, and the coaches
and referees rushed the field, only to find Buckeye had broken his neck, with his head
almost completely turned around. Years after the school closed, and urban legend
began about a group of teens were drinking on the steps of the school, and one told the
story of Buckeye. As a joke, one of the teens shouted a challenge
to Buckeye for a race. After some laughter, a cold breeze ran through
the group, and all saw a pair of red eyes on the other side of the field. They then heard a voice and said “Run across
the football field from end to end, or die.” One teen turned and ran away, but fell to
the concrete, blue to the face. Frightened, the rest lined up on the football
field and ran to the other side, only to see another one of the group was missing. The kids ran home and locked the door behind
them. In truth, the name of the student was Jimmy
Cavallo, not Buckeye. It became a Halloween tradition for teens
to venture into the remains of the school, and many would come running out in fear after
hearing strange noises and seeing apparitions. Then, in 2012, the remains of the school collapsed,
a result of poor construction and quick decay. While the school is now gone, it is unknown
if the spirits remain. 6. Bitburg Middle School, Germany: Located on
the spot of a former air force base, Bitburg Middle School has had all the classic signs
of a haunting. According to rumours, the base was built on
a former Nazi regional headquarters. People were brought there for questioning,
and is likely where they were sent off to camps. The Middle School was built as the school
for the base housing, and since it opened in 1956, strange things have been happening. People have experienced lights flickering
on and off during the night, a window was seen opening and closing on its own, and most
terrifying is disembodied screams have been heard echoing out of the school. The victims of the past continue to experience
their last moments of hope and happiness dwindle away from within. Despite now being a place for education, this
hasn’t settle the spirits, and it is unknown how anyone can bring them to rest. 5. Kangaroo Inn, Australia: Despite its name,
the Kangaroo Inn is actually a school in Penola, South Australia. Its name comes from the ruins of a nearby
inn and pub, built during the gold rush of the 19th century. According to stories, the Chinese couple who
ran the inn were buried somewhere on the school’s property. A student named Deb told a story about her
time as a student at Kangaroo Inn in 1993. She was on cooking duty one night when she
and other students witnessed a dog jump through the wall and run around, barking loudly before
running off. One of the teachers came to investigate the
barking, and when told about what the students saw, he simply stated he knew the place was
haunted, but not by a dog. They all then heard barking again, and found
the dog only half way through a wall before it disappeared. Others have reported seeing green orbs flying
around the property, an occurrence which continues to this day. However, there has been no explanation presented
for the mysterious dog, nor the orbs. Deb stated her teachers also reported being
shaken on their shoulder, and Deb herself experienced cold spots with other students
when sleepovers and night events happened at the school. Despite this, Deb admits, albeit being genuinely
freaked out, she believes the ghosts meant no harm, and were simply just wandering around,
not meaning to scare anyone. 4. University of Toronto, Ontario: Over its nearly
200 years of operation, the school is more than a place of education. Several of the buildings are said to be haunted
by spirits of a variety of moral alignments. A ghost in the Christie Mansion of Regis College
has a tendency to trap women behind a large steel door, forcing them to pound against
the metal until someone hears them and lets them out. According to legend, a man kept a woman confined
to this room until she eventually went mad and took her own life to escape her imprisonment. The resident ghost of Massey College is believed
to be that of Robertson Davies, the former master of the college. He would entertain guests at the annual Christmas
parties by sharing ghost stories he had written himself. He also joked that upon his own passing, he
would stay to haunt the building. According to staff and students, he probably
got his wish, as since his passing, people have heard strange whispers, seen shadow figures
rushing around and heard loud crashes. It appears Mr. Davis has settled into his
role as haunt, living up to the spooky stories he used to tell. A more benevolent spirit seemingly saved the
life of theatre manager Paul Templin in the Hart House Theatre. Having worked late, Templin decided to simply
sleep in his office, and asked the security not to disturb him during the night. While he was in deep sleep, he was startled
awake by his door swinging open and hitting his cot. Behind the door’s glass pane, he could see
the figure of a dark shadow, but could not make out who was there; his attention was
quickly switched to that of the smell of smoke rapidly entering his office. Templin managed to escape unharmed from an
electrical fire, and went to the security team to thank them for waking him. There was just one problem, since none of
the security guards had managed to reach his office. To this day, Templin has been thankful to
the spectral that saved him from a horrific passing. U of T has several more interesting stories,
too many to tell here, and all just as diverse as the three shared on this list. 3. Westmount Junior High School, Alberta: Teaching
the children of Edmonton for over a century, Westmount Junior High School has gone through
much of the city’s ups and downs. Aside from the staff and students who educate
and are educated in its walls, a lonely spirit wanders down the many corridors and classrooms. Felicia Graham of New Westminster, British
Columbia secured a job as a 9th grade teacher at Westmount in 1918. However, she soon found herself unhappy with
her job and working conditions. She was being paid $100 less than she was
back in B.C, and grew increasingly upset over how much more her male counterparts were making
for the same work. She managed to get a new job at the nearby
Strathcona school, but she never started work there. The Spanish Flu epidemic had hit Edmonton,
shutting down all the schools and transforming them into temporary hospitals to accommodate
the frightening amount of patients. Teachers were also recruited to act as nurses
in the schools, a position Graham undertook as well. After the epidemic ended, Graham mysteriously
disappeared, and was never soon or heard of again. The last time anyone say her, she was wearing
a fur coat walking across the High Level Bridge. Theories have speculated she jumped to her
own demise out of sadness or possibly shame of an unwanted pregnancy. However, these claims are unproven. Another theory is she contracted the Spanish
Flu and succumbed, but her family disputes this claim as she actually recovered. Another frightening theory is she fell victim
to the notorious James Watson, who took the lives of several women in Edmonton and California. People have said they hear disembodied footsteps
in the halls, which can be heard walking into her old classroom. Graham’s spirit is also reported to haunt
her former apartment building, and the riverbank near where she was last seen. Another anonymous ghost is also said to live
at Westmount. People have dubbed him Harold, and he haunts
the bell tower he allegedly jumped from. 2. Oxford University, UK: The moment you think
of “prestige” and “university” combined, chances are 90% of people will think of Oxford. Since 1096, Oxford has worked its way up the
ranks to become known as the most famous university in the world. With its long history, it has also become
home to a number of spirits. The most famous resident ghost is that of
King Charles I, who roams the grounds of Christ Church College. Charles was overthrown and had his head removed
in 1649 by Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarians during the English Civil War. Freakishly, people have reported sometimes
seeing Charles walking around the campus without his head. Seeing a ghost is scary enough, but imaging
seeing an apparition walking towards you without a head. Close friend of Charles I, William Laud, is
said to haunt St. John’s College ever since he too had his head removed in 1645. Even more creepy than Charles, William has
been seen walking the campus at night, and kicking his removed head across the lawn. A famous recollection from 1892 occurred at
St. Mary’s Hall; a student known as Mr. Colthurst was frightened by strange noises while he
was alone in the building. Having heard the story and being curious,
his friend Mr. Ackerley decided to investigate and waited on the staircase by himself. Not long after settling down, Ackerley heard
a loud noise, which he described as sounding like “a walking stick standing against a
wall gradually slid down and come with a clatter upon the floor.” He could hear the sound getting closer and
closer, but saw nothing capable of producing such noise. The next night, Ackerley returned with Colthurst,
this time armed with swords. Immediately, the two witnessed a flint stone
fall to the ground without explanation. Later, footsteps descended the stairs towards
them, sending the students retreating from the building. It has been speculated the spirit of St. Mary’s
Hall is that of William King, the former principle. With a long history, something is bound to
stay, and for Oxford it isn’t just the mementos it has on its walls. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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your channel will be added in the description. 1.Pocatello High School, Idaho: A true phoenix
from the ashes, Pocatello High School has seen its variety of second life. Originally built in the early 1900s, the first
school burnt down in 1914 after water pressure issues prevented firefighters from properly
battling the blaze. After being rebuilt in 1916, several major
events happened to give the school its haunted reputation. In the 1950s, two girls reportedly made a
pact to both take their lives, with one girl hanging herself in her locker the next day,
while the other girl changed her mind. Students and faculty have reported the smell
of perfume where her locker was located, despite nobody nearby at the time. Custodians have reported smelling the perfume
long after they’ve locked up the school and they are the only ones left in the building. It is also believed the ghost of one of the
real skeletons used in the science classrooms now haunts the building. After the real skeleton was replaced with
a plastic one, staff would find pieces of the real skeleton in drawers, and other random
places around the classrooms. By far the most compelling stories are of
the apparitions seen throughout the school at all hours of the day. Pocatello’s hauntings gained national attention
after security footage was released showing several apparitions walking down the halls
after school hours, followed by the lights flickering on and off . A spirit also serenades
the school with tunes on the piano in the evening, despite the auditorium being empty. For the most part, the ghosts of Pocatello
High mean no harm, which makes people much more curious to search for them.


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