Top 15 Scary School Fire Drill Videos

Top 15 Scary School Fire Drill Videos

15. Pep Rally Fire
In March of 2016, a high school pep rally got a bit less peppy and a bit more terrifying
when a performer’s stunt went terribly wrong. Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach,
Florida, brought in a fire breather for the event. During the demonstration’s finale, another
performer from the group tried to jump over the fire breather. The stunt didn’t go over too well. The video shows the fire breather prone on
the gym floor, while others try to put the fire out. But he wasn’t the only one who suffered
from the routine. Seven students were taken to a local hospital,
while twelve others were treated at the school. All were expected to recover. As for the fire-breather, he was also taken
to the hospital. The pep rally was apparently intended to amp
students up for the Florida Standard Assessment Testing. Firebreathers to inspire good test scores? Only at this school. 14. Bibb County Junior High School
Built in 1909, Bibb County Junior High School was more than a century old and was being
renovated at the time of the fire to be used as office space for the Bibb County School
Board – a $50,000 renovation, destroyed in less than an hour. The fire started around 2PM. In an hour’s time, the entire building was
aflame. Luckily, everyone got out in time. When a dispatcher at the Centreville Fire
Department was called, they said there was little hope in saving the building and damages
were yet unknown. From the view of the cameraman, it looks pretty
damaged to me. 13. Coronado High School
Remember that fire drill at school – the one they warned you was going to be scheduled? The one you knew was just a test? Well, what happens when it’s not? Coronado High School in Henderson, Nevada
found out, when a paper Student Council sign above the lockers was set on fire. The incident happened around 2 in the afternoon,
which was when students were being let out. Regardless, someone pulled the fire alarm
to prompt both students and teachers to depart faster. School staff called 911, before they, themselves,
put out the fire. Less than forty minutes later, students and
teachers were allowed to return to the school, after the Henderson fire and police departments
ensured it was safe. While some reports of this incident state
that a student set the sign in the hallway on fire, others claim that a notepad on top
of the lockers caught on fire somehow. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that
without the smart thinking and quick action from the school’s staff, this fire could
have been much worse. 12. Skanderborg Fire
What if your school hallway looked like the next zombie scary movie? That’s what happened in Skanderborg, Denmark,
when an entire classroom was engulfed with fire, sending a mysterious fog through the
hallways. Just watching this video will make you feel
like you can’t breathe. The clip shows students meandering through
a fuemy hallway, as a really loud fire alarm pounds against the eardrum. The students don’t seem all that alarmed,
however. It’s unclear what the source of the fire
is. What’s even more unclear is why students
aren’t being hurried out of the building by school staff. Why is everyone just mulling around, unconcerned,
when it’s clearly time to evacuate – and fast?! Nearly everyone in the comments of this original
video is wondering the same. As of now, it appears that will remain a mystery. 11. Lincoln School
This fire at Lincoln School playground in Rutherford, New Jersey, sent up massive billowing
black clouds, as flames licked the sky. Firefighters are seen in the clip rushing
around to douse the flames with the water hose, trying their best to prevent the school
building from being damaged as well. It’s surprising to see how quick their progress
is. From start to finish, the video is about a
minute and twenty seconds long. At the beginning, the flames are roaring and,
at the end, the fire has been reduced to nothing more than ash. There’s likely still some flames alive and
hidden within the charred remains, but it’s certainly impressive how quickly these brave
firefighters were able to tame the angry uproar. Great work by these firefighters for putting
out those scary massive flames. 10. New Hanover
When home ec class goes wrong, it goes very wrong. That’s what happened at New Hanover High
School, when a hot grease fire in cooking lab was reported around 1PM. In the video, a pot on the stove is aflame,
and the teacher is seen trying to approach the pot to put out the fire, while the students
around her are giving advice. But instead of listening, she removes the
lid from the pot, and the flames go upward to lick the ceiling, causing everyone to scream. Although thankfully no one was harmed, the
school was evacuated when the fire was reported. Kind of puts a whole new spin on the phrase,
“cooking with fire.” 9. Newman Senior High School
This roaring fire tore through Newman Senior High in Western Australia. You can see that it starts out seemingly tepid
but grows into quite a monster as the minutes roll past. At the beginning of the video, there’s just
a single fireman with a hose aiming the fountain of water at one of the upper windows. Then as the clip rolls, you can see visible
fumes emitting from the windows, which are heard shattering from the heat. And a little further along, and you get billowing
black fumes and the raging fire. The fire demolished eight math and science
classrooms, resulting in an estimated $2.5 million to 4 million in damages, according
to Fire and Emergency Services. By the time volunteer firefighters arrived
at the scene, the flames had taken a large portion of the west wing of the two-story
building. The firefighters were able to whip it into
shape eventually, but the damage was done. Luckily, no one was harmed, as all students
were quickly evacuated. As a precaution, both the high school and
the nearby primary school were kept closed the following day. Year 11 exams were to occur the following
week…which might suggest that the fire was intentional. But early reports indicated that the devastating
fire may have been electrical. 8. King Philip Middle School
I bet you never had a teacher this scary. Published in June of 2010. The clip shows a row of desks at the front
of the classroom with some liquid covering around the upper edges. Before doing her demonstration, Mrs. Leone
ensures that her students are a safe distance away from the flames. Then, she pulls out her fire starter. King Philip Middle School is no stranger to
actual scary fires. Just a year prior, the smoke from two electrical
fires at King Philip Middle School smothered hallways and rooms in February of 2009. No one was hurt in the ordeal and, as Fire
Chief Cole Bushnell stated, the school staff’s actions were “exemplary.” The fire alarm system was immediately triggered,
911 was called directly, and children were led to the cafeteria and gymnasium, and luckily
out of harm’s way. 7. Kirkburton Middle School
Turnshaws Special School in Kirkburton was destroyed by a massive fire in July of 2009. Many residents phoned the fire department
after noticing flames coming from the building. Hurd and his crew of around 50 firefighters
were dispatched to the area around 6PM. The size of the fire was enormous and required
a lot of manpower. The crew managed to control the fire enough
to save one of the buildings. But it took all night and five jets to take
down the flames. Residents were told to stay indoors while
the fire department did its job. The fumes was thick and some residents claim
that the firefighters were warning residents about asbestos. Huddersfield Fire Station crew manager Mark
Hurd stated that there were indicators that the fire was started on purpose. It’s unclear where the investigation into
the matter led. But this was certainly one extremely large
fire. 6. Microwave Fire
Want to see the chaos that is a fire drill? This clip was published by 22megaton in October
of 2016 and shows panicked students fleeing the scene. Well…some of them anyway. At the beginning of the video, the cameraman
appears to be in the school cafeteria. When he reaches the hallway, you can see some
students sitting on the floor with their lunches, not moving an inch. He yells at them to evacuate, as the annoyingly
loud fire alarm continues to blare up and down the halls. Considering there’s no fire within view,
it’s understandable why most of the students are treating this alarm like your average
drill. But, it wasn’t a drill. 22megaton explains what happened: “Someone
set a microwave on fire on accident making a sweet potato on the third floor, No fire
was shown on video” I guess that’s why the situation wasn’t
being taken seriously by the others. Nonetheless, here’s hoping all made it out
the school safely. 5. St. Anthony School
A fire erupted at St. Anthony School in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, on February 21st 2012, damaging
the interior beyond recognition. At the time, the school had 42 students. Portions of the exterior of the 55-year-old
school were visibly damaged, while a layer of soot and and ash coated the attached St.
Anthony Church. Father Joel Sember, said that the parish was
taking the fire “very personally.” In his words: “This is part of their family;
it’s part of their community, and so they are taking this as if it happened to their
home.” While the fire was certainly devastating,
the school was empty at the time, so at least no one was harmed. Father Sember noted that the fire could have
been far more destructive, had the fire department not been so efficient. The fire is believed to have been intentional,
although it’s unclear if they ever found the culprit. 4. Lacombe Composite High School
In September of 2010, fuems was seen emitting from the roof of Lacombe Composite High School
and was quickly reported to the fire department. Around 70 staff and 800 students were evacuated,
while more than 25 firefighters arrived and put the fire out. One tenth grader, Allan Dean, described what
unfolded: “We went outside and we saw people just over there, and then the whole top of
the school was all black…then they just evacuated us to the football field.” The investigation found that the fire originated
at the northeast section of the school at a construction area. Luckily, no one was harmed. The roof in question was above the school
kitchen, and an investigation examined whether or not it was started by a roofing crew who
had been working on the roof earlier. In fact, the crew were the ones who first
saw the fire after coming back from lunch. The superintendent fears fire and water damage
may have impacted the structural integrity of the school. After all, the roof was showered in thousands
of liters of water by the Lacombe Fire Department. Strangely enough, the morning of the fire,
Jacobs had been discussing worst case scenarios for fires in district schools. Talk about a crazy coincidence, or did he
know something the public didn’t? 3. Fire Vlog
As this YouTuber zeroes in on the school, you can see the damage this recent fire caused. Windows are busted out, cinderblocks are strewn
all over, black fumes continues to billow from the rooftop and, when the YouTuber rounds
the school, you can see the building is still on fire. Ironically, the school sign at the front reads:
“Thanks for the memories.” This fire occurred at General William Harrison
Preparatory School in Lake City, Washington, in January of 2016. It had just been announced that the school
would be demolished. Still, firefighters couldn’t let the flames
ravage the place. They were called to put out the blaze, which
they set out to do. Stationed around the building, they were ordered
to take the fire down from the outside, as it wasn’t worth the risk to send any of
the crew in, due to the building’s upcoming demolition. The fire continued as a controlled burn around
noon on Monday, thirteen hours after the fire was first reported, with firefighters monitoring
the situation. West Pierce Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief
Pat Macnealy said that the fire originated at the east wing of the school and spread
throughout the whole building, gutting it completely. Who started the fire hasn’t been solved,
but the YouTuber does claim that one of the firefighters told him this was not an intentional
fire. 2. Laura Secord School
In October 2011, the 100-year-old Laura Secord Elementary School in Winnipeg was evacuated
when a fire broke out. The evacuation occurred during lunch time,
so much of the school was already outside. Students weren’t allowed to return to the
school until a week later – and even then, the damage had not been entirely repaired. The front of the building was still charred
to say the least. The fire, which somehow sparked in a heap
of construction material outside the school, resulted in an estimated million dollars worth
of damages. The fire’s cause is still being investigated. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1, School Play
What happens when a school play goes up in flames? And, no, I’m not speaking metaphorically. Two female students were inside a box on fire
during a school play in Mexico, when part of the stage set burst into flames. They been hiding in a box at the center of
the stage, one that another student was told to throw a candle on during the performance. The problem? The box was cardboard and caught on fire instantly. In the video clip, you can both girls panic
and run off stage. At the request of one of the girl’s families,
the teacher who directed the school play was let go. The family thought that security and safety
measures should have been priority, but he’d ordered the students to make the play realistic. Someone should tell that teacher that’s
not always the best way to go.


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