Top 15 Scary True School Stories

Top 15 Scary True School Stories

15. Intruder
What happens when a under the influence maniac shows up on a school campus. Redditor jordz2143 knows firsthand. The Redditor describes how an intruder put
his school into lockdown, when he was in grade 12. Although to all of us, this sounds extremely
scary, the Redditor found it “quite exciting” and “pretty cool.” Jordz was in math class when it happened. In the midst of being chased by the cops,
the man drove into a tree. Jordz even heard the car tires skid, as he
tried to brake before impact. And then, of course, the sound of the impact. After plowing into the tree, the man raced
into the school to hide, as two police vehicles stormed through the main gates, and officers
were seen racing on foot through the halls, searching the classrooms. In the Redditor’s own words: “He went
into the music room where the school band was practicing and he got spooked so he left
and ran onto the oval where he was effectively [taken down] by a K9 unit.” After being picked up off the ground, he was
arrested and taken into custody. All in a day’s work. 14. The Blast
Imagine sitting in class when you hear a huge blast inside the building. That’s what happened to Redditor JesusHoratioChrist,
who was in kindergarten when a janitor tried to smoke out a gopher with an aerosol cleaner,
but, for some reason, decided to use a lighter while doing it. In Horatio’s own words: “Thankfully I
wasn’t in the area at the time … but when it first happened nobody really knew what
was going on. Parents were calling the school in a panic
and showing up to take their kids home.” Did the gopher make it out alive? It sure did. So, that janitor not only did not manage to
defeat his nemisis, he probably lost his job for almost blowing up the school. It seems Horatio went to a particularly eventful
school. He also experienced a lockdown in his young
life, because an armed man was fleeing police on campus, and a swarm of bees descending
on the playground in third grade. We can all be thankful we didn’t go to this
“cursed” school. 13. Pure Panic
These days, school atrocities is every Americans’ greatest fear. This Redditor’s experience with one revealed
how sometimes the unknown is even scarier than the known. azian0713 wrote about a scary incident on
his campus. Reports were coming out that four armed men
were roaming around campus and multiple passings had been reported. There were claims that the men planned to
take as many lives as they could. So, you can just imagine the Redditor and
his classmates, sitting in their classrooms or the library or their dorm rooms, fearing
that at any moment, four masked men might burst through the door. But the reports turned out to be completely
false. In azian’s own words: “When all was said
and done, turns out it was one guy who [took the life of] his professor who gave him a
bad grade then [took his own life]…It was still scary in the moment though, not knowing
what was happening.” Although reality was scary enough, this story
does demonstrate that false rumors and faulty facts masquerading as “breaking news”
can make harrowing life events seem much more terrifying than need be. 12. The Vampire
There’s scary, and then there’s just plain creepy. Redditor attackmodeweeja shared a description
of his scary high school “individual.” He said a “Crazy guy” in his high school
stuck a pencil in his arm and drank what came out. Sounds like someone read a little too much
Twilight. Strangely enough, this Redditor wasn’t the
only one to have a wannabe magical being in his class. Redditor smwox commented in the thread that
he, too, had a strange kid in his class, who believed he was a witch. The Redditor said that this kid drew a pentagram
in his own red liquid on his desk and also tried to hex a girl. Yikes. My classmates are starting to seem normal. 11. Three Fingers
Every school has rumors and urban myths. Someone passed away in the theater room. The art teacher went insane. But Redditor StalinsLoveChild had an ultra
creepy one. In his own words: “At my school the doors
in the older classrooms were large and wooden and could easily break an arm…When I was
in year 5, our teacher was telling us how a few years back a boy lost three fingers
when he left them on the inside of one of the doors when they were closing.” Now, you might assume that the teacher of
this Redditor was just trying to scare the children into closing the door with care. But, no, according to him, the next year,
he found out that what he thought was a myth was actually true. Nothing scarier than a true story. I bet you’re now picturing three chopped
off fingers on cheap linoleum tile. I think I’d stay away from that doorway
all together. 10. Taken
School is supposed to be a safe place, right? What happens when it feels very unsafe? This story was submitted to a Reddit thread
by an anonymous user. The Redditor explains what occurred on the
day his school went into lockdown. “We were outside on the playground after
lunch when we were rapidly herded inside. The teachers’ … kept saying that it was
fine, nothing to worry about, but they looked terrified,” the Redditor writes. He goes on to explain that they were ordered
to sit and read for nearly two hours in an area not within view of the door. And then, inexplicably, at the end of the
day, the children were sent home without explanation as to what happened…at least, no explanation
was given to the children. Parents were provided a form letter, which
the curious Redditor read as he walked home. As it turns out, an area elementary school
had been the target of a deranged individual …and two more times would this person attempt
to take a student at this Redditor’s school. Who was the culprit? A father without custody who planned to flee
the state with his children. And he tried to do so while armed. Luckily, the first elementary school immediately
jumped into action. After the bad dad took his first kid, the
school alerted other area schools and the cops, who were all waiting for the man when
he arrived. Although the man was armed and, apparently,
desperate, he must have known on some level that further confrontation with the cops would
not end well for him. So, he came quietly. Thankfully, this one didn’t end horribly,
but nonetheless it must have been terrifying for both students and teachers. 9. The Nail
Have you ever swallowed a nail? We highly recommend never attempting it. Redditor Paul_Shinfo has though. But it’s not the kind you’re thinking. Shinfo was young, when he swallowed a nail
in the middle of class and had to tell his teacher what he’d done, because it was hurting
him. Of course, the school called an ambulance
and told the kid that the nail could rip through his stomach and may even take his life. Although that’s not very nice to tell a
kid that, he didn’t have to live through this super long. In Shinfo’s own words: “I was so terrified
I thought I was going to [pass away] I couldn’t stop crying and then went into mild shock. After they called the ambulance, I had to
describe the nail and I perfectly described my big toenail (I used to take my socks off
in the toilet and chew my toenails).” Obviously, not knowing that the concerned
adults thought he was talking about a carpentry nail, Shinfo had worried them beyond belief. 8. Lost
Who hasn’t gotten lost as a child? When you’re little, getting lost is very
scary. But, as an adult, can you imagine how the
adults responsible for you must feel? Redditor Rotak75 muses about how the following
incident must have freaked his parents out. A little background: the Redditor would stay
at the neighbor’s house during the morning, as his kindergarten was in the afternoon,
and his parents worked. He’d then go home with the rest of his siblings
who were in school full-time. So, after lunch one day, the boy thought he’d
heard his school bus leave without him and, thinking he’d missed it, he hitched a ride
with the neighbor, who dropped him off in front of the school and left. There was no clear sight of the school playground
from the drop-off area, so the neighbor had no idea what she was leaving him with. The school playground was absolutely empty. No one was there. It was usually full at this time, so finding
the place abandoned freaked the child Redditor out. So, the practical thing to do, or so the boy
thought, was to return home. He started walking. He thought he knew the way. Imagine being in kindergarten, finding an
empty school playground, and then attempting to walk home. Of course, the Redditor immediately got lost. According to him: “I got out of the neighborhood
that the school was in and realized that it took a lot longer to walk than to drive there.” But, never fear, Rotak ran into another neighbor
who was leaving the grocery store at the time. After flagging her down, the woman returned
the boy to school. Why did all this happen? Because our dear friend had mistaken the sound
of a garbage truck with his school bus, so after thinking he’d missed it, he actually
arrived much earlier to school than usual. While this story had a happy ending, it could
have gone downhill fast. As they say, it takes a village… 7. The “Individual”
There has been and always will be the “strange” kid in class. The type that stands out from the pack…but
not in a good way. Redditor lolalodge shared a tale about her
class “oddball” from high school. Lola mentions that this boy wasn’t a cruel
person and, really, she felt for him. He just had some issues. Well, don’t we all. Lola shared some classes with him, and she
wrote that his antics sent him home on occasion. One of these antics was quite painful…literally. In Lola’s own words: “Once he came to
class and he had carved the letter ‘I’ into his cheek with a razor; he said the ‘I’
stood for individual.” And this fellow was certainly an individual. Lola also tells about when the class did secret
santa. Instead of offering some chocolates or socks
or some more thoughtful gift, like any regular “santa” would do, he gave his recipient
some old fingernail and toe nail clippings. Why? Because he “wanted to give a part of himself.” Cue the collective shuddering. Redditor Sarahthelizard jacks up that shuddering
in the comments to twenty decibels, writing: “He should’ve given him a [human] foot;
it’s the ultimate stocking stuffer.” Talk about a Nightmare before Christmas… 6. Toilet Water
You have the “individuals,” then you have the toilet water-drinkers. ChewyUbleck shared his account with the “oddball”
in his middle school. According to Chewy, he “did everything from
drinking toilet water to throwing binders at the teacher.” Further, Chewy says that when 8th grade wrapped
up, they each had to present a speech in front of the school. His topic? The deep disliking he felt for everything
from his classmates to the teachers to the school in its entirety. Apparently, there was a video posted of this
speech at one point, but it was removed. Nevertheless, I don’t think the student
felt very safe when they returned to school after summer break. 5. Duck & Cover
Sometimes it’s not the people that are scary. Nature can take the lead in creating terror
at school. Need an example? Redditor NeedMoreCowBen has a scary tale. Let’s set the scene: It was high school. Junior year. Fifth period English class. The Redditor’s best friend had his phone
out and was browsing twitter (as one does in fifth period English class), and he scrolled
past a local weatherman’s tweet about severe storms on the horizon. Being that such weather was normal for the
area and the season, the warning wasn’t something to write home about. But Ben and his friend wanted to get out of
school work, so they started the distract-the-teacher tactics. According to Ben: “Our teacher loved me
and my friend, … so when we told her about it, she effectively said ‘Well forget class
today, we’re watching the weather’ and turned on the local news station.” Thinking they’d just spend their class time
waiting out a very mild storm while effectively avoiding schoolwork, they kicked back and
relaxed…that is, until the weather reports took an even scarier turn: the storm was causing
damage, and their school was in its direct path. Instead of battening down the hatches, the
entire school started watching the news, as the storm raged outside. The class period came to a close, and the
principal was heard over the PA system, telling everyone to move on to their next class. He mentioned that the storm was being carefully
watched. But once they arrived at their next classroom,
which was upstairs in the building, the principal shouted orders over the intercom to “duck
and cover.” Our friend, Ben raced back downstairs and
found everyone under their desks. He dived under with them and waited out the
storm. Luckily for the school, the hail storm moved
a hair’s breadth south of the building. Unluckily for anyone who owned a car in the
vicinity, 100+ vehicles were either severely damaged or totaled, according to Ben. Apparently, the storm was so damaging that
it made both the national and international news. The moral of the story: sometimes distracting
your teacher is a good thing. Now, that is something to write home about. 4. Tornado Alley
When you attend a school in tornado alley, you’re almost guaranteed to be blown away. Redditor totallynotfromennis told of his experience
with tornado season in Texas. He was in junior high when a storm came rolling
in. This weather was normal for April in Texas,
but most of the time, the thunderstorms were mainly benign and lasted only around thirty
minutes. This storm though… Everyone was made to bunker down in the school
hallways, away from windows and doors. They were told to crouch along the wall in
a fetal position, faces downward, hands over the head. They were forced to stay in this for an hour
and a half. That’s one deep squat. Imagine the cramping! After a while, the tornado sirens went mute,
and students were allowed to leave the building. But just as they were let loose, a tornado
spiraled down to earth in the school’s football field, a few hundred yards away. The students had headed to the courtyard of
the school where their parents were waiting to pick them up, but the school staff all
went berserk and shouted for the kids to come back inside. Our hero didn’t want to return to that deep
squat though. In his own words: “I decided to make a run
for it and get into my mom’s car that’s been waiting for me for the past half hour (along
with the hundreds of other panicked parents). That sprint from the door to my mom’s car
with the tornado forming in the corner of my eye was one of the most surreal and frightening
moments I’ve experienced while within a mile of a school.” Being chased to your parent’s vehicle by
a tornado? Surreal, is right. 3. Lockdown
All too often nowadays, schools go into lockdown over potentially dangerous situations. While sometimes, it’s a false alarm, other
times it’s most certainly not. This one falls into the latter category. Redditor PutHisGlassesOn wrote about his elementary
school’s lockdown. Apparently teachers were not yet trained well
enough to handle these types of situations. According to the Redditor, this particular
teacher was also a newbie and didn’t know what to do. So, instead of playing it cool with a roomful
of small children, she explained to them exactly what was going on: a strange man had been
seen on school grounds and appeared to be armed. Being that the Redditor’s classroom was
not in the main school building, but rather in a trailer outside, their class was even
more vulnerable. The teacher locked the trailer’s doors and
then disappeared into the neighboring classroom of the trailer building to talk to a colleague. In the Redditor’s own words: “We’re all
sitting there, scared … when I see a man with a trucker’s hat pulled down, hiding his
face, launch himself up all five steps leading to the door at once and yank it so hard I
honestly am still surprised he didn’t rip it off its hinges.” Was it the mysterious man? No, false alarm. It was just the janitor, checking the doors
on the outer classrooms, as per orders from administration. But that didn’t stop the classroom of children
from screaming their heads off. Even the teacher was crying. Everyone thought that was it. The Redditor had an even sadder vision: “I
thought we were all going to [pass away] and that my mom would just sit in the car [parking]
lot forever waiting on me.” It’s pretty sweet to worry about keeping
your mom waiting at a time like that. But, thankfully he didn’t have to worry. It’s unclear what happened with the armed
man, but judging by the Redditor’s omission of any further incident, it’s safe to say
everyone made it through the frightening situation. 2. The Rejection
When you get a classmate who won’t stop talking about his victimhood, you might start
thinking it’s time to report the guy. And if that’s your gut instinct, listen
to it. Redditor Osiris32 had a classmate who took
a turn when he was rejected by a girl he had a crush on. According to the Redditor, he started sharing
posts on myspace, expressing how victimized he felt and how people heavily disliked him. He wrote that he wanted to ‘make them stop.’ Osiris and others were concerned about this
expressed victimhood and, when the horrible events at Virginia Tech happened shortly after,
that concern grew. In Osiris’ own words: “We realized that
what he was posting was a sanitized version of what Seung-Hui Cho had been writing/recording.” Instead of sitting and waiting to see how
this would play out, Osiris and others reported the man to administration. But only after the guy had posted: “Ave
Maria would make a great sound track” to take lives at a school. The police were alerted by school officials
about this post, and after obtaining a warrant, they searched the man’s house, where they
found loads of arms and notebooks with plans for his spree, including angles and a list
of targets. Although the man was held under a mental evaluation
for a brief period, he wasn’t charged. Who knows what became of him? Many in the comments praised Osiris for taking
the step to report this man. As they say, if you see something, say something. You may just be preventing the next terrible
school event. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
we upload every Tuesday. 1. Rabid Dog
If you didn’t have a fear of rabid dogs after reading Stephen King’s Kujo, you just
might after hearing this story. Redditor Uh_what_is_this wrote of a time when
she was 7 or 8 and got sent home from school by government officials, because there was
a rabid dog loose in the area. Not sure why they wouldn’t keep the kids
in class, where they were safe and sound, but the Redditor wrote that she lived just
next door, so it wasn’t a terribly long walk. She did, however, have to enter through the
apartment complex’s gate and then walk a couple blocks to get to her apartment. She was wearing her school uniform, which
included a long skirt. After entering the gate, she felt a tug on
that skirt. Thinking it was just the way it was hanging,
she continued walking, but she felt another tug. She finally turned around. In her own words, she saw: “the rabid dog,
mouth frothing, eyes red, almost as big as me, chewing my skirt and tugging at it.” The girl was in a tug-of-war with her life. She yanked, but the rabid dog had hold of
it and pulled harder, growling. Because she knew she wouldn’t win the tug-of-war,
she outsmarted the beast by sliding out of it and racing into the first entrance she
saw and up the stairs. The pound officials caught up with the dog
and likely were able to subdue it, but not before our friend raced up several flights,
fearing for her life. In her own words: “I had and still have
many nightmares of the black dog with the red eyes and frothing mouth chase me through
those staircases and I am still, to an extent, afraid of all dogs.” Due to
the situation, it’s completely understandable.


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