The United States is the top spender in military
technology for a long time and will continue to do so in foreseeable future. With Russia and China ramping up its military,
America is constantly upgrading its arsenal with state of art technologies. In this video, Defense Updates lists Top 5
future weapons of USA that will be deployed in next decade. Let’s get started. Intelligence is an important factor in any
battlefield. Timely, accurate and relevant intelligence
during military operations can give a nation massive tactical advantage. Lockheed Martin the manufacturer of iconic
SR-71 Blackbird, will be coming up with SR-72. The SR-72 is a next-generation platform intended
to provide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. It will be able to penetrate even highly defended
areas. SR 72 will be unmanned and to prevent enemies
from detecting or intercepting it, the SR-72 will travel at hypersonic speed. It will have a velocity of around 4,000 mph
or Mach 6 that is six times faster than the speed of sound. SR 72 will employ a very advance dual-mode
engine that combines turbine and ramjet technologies to achieve those speeds. This drone is expected to enter service by
2030. Railgun uses electromagnetic energy to fire
shells at speeds of Mach 5 to 7. It is touted to be the next game-changing
military technology. The US Navy has asked General atomics & BAE
Systems to pursue this technology in parallel. The initial research is aimed at arming navy
ships with Railguns. A Railgun is a gun that uses just electricity
– no gunpowder. The projectiles do not contain explosives
or propellants but have extremely high velocities. Hence Railgun has much further range than
conventional guns and uses the kinetic energy to inflict tremendous damage. A 32 Megajoule prototype has been delivered
by BAE SYSTEMS. This particular rail gun delivers fire from
up to 220 miles in range, around 10 times the distance capable of standard ship-mounted
guns. Future ships will be armed with Railguns with
hundreds of rounds, instead of a limited number of conventional missiles making them far more
deadly. The system has the potential to play offensive
as well as defensive role. Once fully operational Railgun could be used
against warships and defend against incoming aircraft, cruise missile as well as ballistic
missile. The US Air Force is awarding almost $1 billion
to Lockheed Martin to develop a hypersonic missile. The missile could be launched from air and
land initially and from the sea at later stages. Russia and China have made good progress in
this field and The United States is trying to catch-up. The idea is to develop a missile that can
accelerate to the edge of space and then deploy multiple ‘Glide Vehicles’ that will plummet
back to earth at hypersonic speeds. A traditional ballistic missile follows a
parabolic path can so the path can be predicted and there is a possibility of interception. But Glide Vehicles will be able to maneuver,
taking an erratic unpredictable path, making them very hard to intercept. B 21 Raider is long-range strategic bomber
(LRS-B) for the United States Air Force, intended to be a heavy-payload stealth aircraft capable
of delivering thermonuclear weapons. It’s envisioned to replace the Air Force’s
aging fleets of B-1, B-2, and B-52 strategic bombers, which have an average age of 27 years. On 25 October 2013, Boeing and Lockheed Martin
announced their teaming up for the LRS-B. The other participant was Northrop Grumman. On 27 October 2015, the Defense Department
awarded the development contract to Northrop Grumman. The United States Air Force plans to purchase
80–100 LRS-B aircraft. The initial value of the contract is $21.4
billion, but the deal could eventually be worth up to $80 billion. Though its specifications are still highly
classified, the Raider is expected to be able to handle strategic bombing, tactical bombing,
and global strike, surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, and electronic attack. The Raider will carry nuclear and heavy conventional
payloads and is being specifically designed to counter next-generation anti-aircraft systems. The Columbia-class submarine will be the cornerstone
of America’s strategic sea-based nuclear delivery option in decades to come. It will replace the Ohio-class ballistic missile
submarines. The first submarine is scheduled to begin
construction in 2021 and enter service in 2031. They are expected to be service till 2080. The United States plans to build 12 new Columbia-Class
Submarines, each with 16 missile tubes. These will house nuclear-armed Trident II
D5 missiles. Trident II can be loaded with 2 types of MIRV (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle). The Mark 5 MIRV can carry up to 14 W88 (475
kt) warheads, while the Mark 4 MIRV having the ability to carry 14 W76 (100 kt) warheads. The new submarines are being designed to be
harder to detect and have a lower maintenance downtime. The submarine will be quieter and will not
need a mid-life refueling in order to complete 42 years of service. The Columbia-Class will utilize many advance
systems deployed in Virginia-class attack submarine like fly-by-wire joystick control
system and large-aperture bow array sonar.


  1. Well, I know I'm going to be trolled, but this "railgun" pretty much proves that the earth is flat. AT 220 miles the Earth would have ~6 miles (32,269 ft.) of curvature ( I guarantee you that shells fired at Mach 5 to 7 are not going to be able to go around the curvature of the earth. If we were living on a ball, this shell would go flying out into "space".

    Free your mind from what you have been indoctrinated, this is Occam's Razor, the earth isn't a globe.

  2. Umm, the title said weapons systems deployed in the next decade, but many of the systems won't be deployed until well after the next ten years. Misleading title.

  3. It's about time that the United States military starts to spend it's money more efficiently and start to field these systems in a timely manner.

  4. If the Rail-guns are firing as far as quoted – how do they compensate for the curvature of the Earth if firing straight over a long distance? The very high velocity of the metal object means that it does not necessarily follow the traditional ballistic curve that normal shells follow. This is something that needs to be considered for longer ranges – the metal slugs are inert and do not steer themselves like missiles.

  5. Can't wait for M1A2 SEP v4, then M1A3 and all the upgrades to the A3, and then the real treat that the US will bring to armored warfare that the tank to replace the M1 Abrams will be.

  6. The really sad part is that the Defense Budget of the USA or even its war fighting budget are not the majority source of a finance problems with the budget of the USA. In order of budget slice its Social Welfare programs #1 — close to half the budget; Defense #2 — varies between 1/6 to 1/3 depending if there is a war; #3 every one else from the justice department to the national parks. If it was a question of money spend on feeding people. The majority budget slice has a lot of explaining to do and that is not actually the military or even the military industrial complex.

  7. Recent events have proven the USA model of capitalists ripping off its citizens by marking weapons and supplies up by 500% is not the way to achieve military superiority . The world is watching and laughing at the clownish antics of the USA . Russia's victory over USA in Syria shows the beginning of the end . Goodbye USA !

  8. I personally think we're 15 -20 years ahead of what they hear about and see shoot f-117 was flying around in early 70's we didn't and find out exactly what it was till mid 80's i think

  9. All China has to do is shut down their diode manufacturing and none of these will work. Almost no semiconductors are made economically and in large enough quantity in the west. Nothing with a circuit board would be able to be repaired or replaced.

  10. Well packaged, relevant piece of video magazine. Stayed on point and didn’t get political. And BIG THANKS for narrating with a human voice.

  11. What about the LM TR3B Flying Triangle UFO w/ disruptor DEW weapons?
    OR are they considered too advanced to reveal B4 the Alien Invasion that Reagan mentioned in speeches 2 UN?

  12. Maybe the federal government needs to get these smart college people that's big in science to help them along. because the military has had all this money and they do absolutely freaking nothing the real gun should have been finished. They've been talking about it for three decades I always thought they should use the old aircraft carriers to carry drones that automatically deployed and carry nuclear weapons. It doesn't have to come in very often you put two new nuclear drive engine in it. You give it as an area to shoot. Drone will hit it. Why don't we have two drones with maximum firepower with lasers. That is capable of destroying something. Why don't you understand a new lasers can't even destroy anything without the setting on it. For like 5 7 minutes what kind of f**** technology is the government getting. They set up their under asses and didn't make anything. We give to military complex so much money and we get absolutely nothing back. we should have robots that are men are fighting in. and what are we doing now they're going out there with a chest protector on and losing their life. Body parts this sucks if I was a combat soldier I would make the United States Congress in the military joint chiefs of staff go out there. And start dying

  13. Start complaining about how far we are behind other countries. Or children should be going to school all year around. We will never get into space unless we start doing her damn part. Our kids are forgetting everything they learn by the next school year there's something going on. With our government not want their kids to remember anyting oh I forgot they can't remember anything either did you busy getting drunk. And having sex sex with pedophiles little kids because they can't find an adult to have sex with. Their gene pool is too poor

  14. I would add a few more systems that we can expect in the following decade.. First is the 6th gen fighter jet or Penetrating counter air whose prototype will fly by the end of 2020s. Next is Raytheon's Deep strike, a replacement for the ATCMS missiles for the US Army. Now that we finally left the INF treaty this will be a long range conventional precision strike missile. And last but not the least in the beginning of 2030s we can expect a next gen attack submarine, a Virginia replacement. These are thrilling times for weapon development.

  15. Why Not Do Some Upgrades for The Minuteman III ICBM's and Trident D-5 SLBM's ☢️ capable of delivering such a Fatal Blows up to 100 GIGA TONS. If Russia have 100megatons of Nuclear Warhead, Then 100 GIGA TONS of Nuclear Warhead would be Enough to Decimate, Incinerate, Obliterate and Wipe Out The Entire Russian and Chinese Soil in just 1 launch of ICBM and just 1 Strike of Nuclear Weapon 2 Superpower Country will Ceased to Exist INSTANTLY! And Effortlessly! Why Not Let The Minuteman and The Trident do The Job?! Just like Winning a Lottery INSTANTLY! Just like that! (Finger Snap!) ☢️💥☢️💥 Why Not?!

  16. Superpower theres no such thing as military powers they are weak powers they connot stop chineses grabbers the sea tsehhhhhhhhhhhhh&hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. US > Russia > China. Both Russia and China exaggerate their military capabilities because there’s no accountabilty. The US is far superior than China and Russia. Notice how China and Russia are playing catch up. China is finally building it’s 2nd carrier and the railgun after the US has spent years refining it.

  18. Its kind of funny that many of your vids have 5, “Five” bullets or points to everything I’m so glad our militaries do everything in 5’s

  19. Trident 2 D5 14 warheads × 16= 224 Russian Cities Will Vanish in under 20 Minutes😰 ….and that is One Columbia submarine Only.

  20. the rail gun is a distraction from the more Advanced Technologies we have if you don't understand that you're a total idiot dude USA USA USA USA USA

  21. Ha haaaaaaa "The USA is going to be developing" is code for uhhhh Congress we need a couple billion to build a better missile……..shhhhhhh STFU general, Congress doesn't need to know we already prototyped the specific missile we are asking money for 10 years ago. We even have a few already built. Do not let it leak out that the money we are asking for is to actually build that new anti gravity propulsion drive system to shorten our trips to our mars base. It's perfect I tell you. What great timing ole pooty has….new sarmat 28 put online…..bwahahahahaha no worries general our satellites we put up back in the 80s and 90s will deal with that threat. I mean that is why we built the space shuttle program after all. The world is watching and falling for the f35 scam…..all the set backs supposed problems cost over runs is a terrific distraction to what locheed martin is really working on…………shhhhhhh don't tell anybody now if Congress finds out we ask for money to developed things we already have stashed at area 51 they will take our toys and cut off our budget.

  22. If they're talking about SR-72, it already exists. The US isn't "trying to catch up" – we tested the X-51 Waverider hypersonic missile about a decade ago and did most of the research required.

  23. As a patriotic American my fear is we need to stop looking at government spending on military technologies and defense, and start looking at what we are getting for the hundreds of Billions Of tax payer dollars, The Pentagon hasn’t allowed a true audit since, well ever. First I’d like to give my thanks and praise to the men and women of the US military who are the best in the history of the world. Now having said that the disgusting amount of waste, fraud, and incompetence in our federal government, Congress, and the corruption as a result of the defense industry lobby doesn’t instill a lot of confidence that we the tax payers are getting the most bang for our buck no pun intended. F35 is already in the 100 billion dollar plus phase of the project with little results, and its seeming that Russia’s S-400 middle defense system may have already rendered the F35 an ridiculously expensive F16, and I’m still not sure why we didn’t just embrace and master the F-22 Raptor which if it isn’t superior to the F35, it’s damn sure close. Add this in with the ridiculous wages paid to the all union crews building our naval ships, subs, and aircraft carriers, which labor is still the highest cost of those projects, and the wasted funds for the already shelved Rail Gun and it’s easy to see how Russia and China are passing us, no thanks of course to the Clinton’s and Obama’s who let them rob our technology for over a decade, and the fact that our elected officials and bureaucrats in charge of military believe Transgender troops, gay troops, females on the front line (long as we lower standards that have existed for over a century, having the most diverse military in history, is more important than having the best highest caliber most disciplined troops in the world. Add that with our suicidal Rules of engagement that ensure every war since 911 and through the future will be fought forever because we won’t allow our troops to defeat the enemy

  24. These are all of the really large and expensive weapons systems like subs, HGV and the like. But you completely ignore the hugely effective yet physically tiny drones (both air and water). Each one costs vastly less than the systems covered in this video, yet they can be super effective. One good reason is that it is very hard to detect the tiny air/water craft and it's very hard to defend against a swarm.

  25. SR-72 is utter fiction. Railguns are not flexible enough to be used to shootdown incoming missles or even planes as they are too large, power output dictates this. Anything with "hypersonic speed" again is utter rubbish as a weapon system. The B21 is viable but the number of units being suggested that the US would order is a rediculously large amount. They have never had anywhere near that amount of stealth bombers in the past. The submarine is a very real prospect and almost certain to go ahead.


  27. The carrier battle groups seem like rather large targets, needing vast resources to build, maintain, and defend. An alternative is easily found when combining many of the new innovations into a drone launching submarine perhaps?

  28. Yeah, right up to the point we elect a liberal president and they cancel the SIGNED CONTRACT the government had with the companies to build a certain amount of these things. Lockheed Martin got SCREWED on the F-22 program!

  29. Who gave dislike in this video will die early, hope all the atom bomb in this world gets dropped on them


  31. Very impressive but just think what all that R&D and future spending is in opportunity cost terms.

  32. rail gun… ok! any chance to intercept Russian kinzhal? speed M10+ non ballistic trajectory? LOL! This missiles IN SERVICE since 2018. I had herd such PROPAGANDA when I was a kid in USSR.

  33. I will tell you a secret anything the US tells you is in development it is already deployed. Remimber the f-117 nighthawk it was still in development in the early 1980 as per the US but already doing combat missions in 81 and 82. The Russian brag they have stuff they dont just like the Chinese. However the US will say the project does not work or it will be ready in ten years but are deploying and using them. Evry time thier is spikes in UFO sightings later the US reviles it thier new tech nothing to worry about, they did this with the SR 71 the f-14 and f-15 and the f-117 along with the b-2 and with the f-22. Remimber the EMP bomb did not exist in desert storm or in the second Iraqi was, right tell that to all that lost thier power in Iraqi

  34. SR-72 – not cost effective, much like the SR-71.

    Rail Gun- as of now, there are serious doubts it will be used due to the fact it rips itself apart after every shot, and has to be rebuilt each time.

  35. America needs to be careful not to depend too much on Tech. Battle Tactics sometimes will outweigh Superior force or technology. look at the 300 Spartans!

  36. Can the united slaves of America produce something that promotes food production or world peace is just bombs artillery bombs and artillery cant they design something else for Humanity. They can lick China's ass China will design only useful stuff .

  37. Feedback: Stop the 5-10 second delay when introducing the next item. I always skip ahead… pretty annoying.

  38. How come countrys dont make Heavy Infantry ? People that have bullet proof suits with AC and exoskelton ? Even just 2 layers of bullet proof vests and new helmets

  39. Internet communications to influence public, and enemy, cyber warfare, deeper AI aided surveillance and profiling, artificial Intelligence driven equipment across the board, AI created strategies, swarm intelligence communications, repeatable EMP cruise missiles, antisatellite missiles, hypersonic missiles possibly combined with MIRVs, laser and railgun weapons power plant issues haven't been resolved. High tech toys will be first with infantry finishing. Exoskeletons might be implemented. Infantry darling A-10, & bomb truck B-52.

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