Top 5 Gadgets for College Under $50 [GIVEAWAYS]

Top 5 Gadgets for College Under $50 [GIVEAWAYS]

Hi guys, it’s MTG here. And heading off
to college can get tough because you’d like certain products, but frankly they can get
too expensive. Today I’m going to give my top 5 gadgets under $50. I’ll give my
top pick in five different categories, and will include the links to them in the description.
Also, stay tuned to the end of the video for a giveaway involving all of the products I
talk about today. The first product that I am going to be talking
about today is my pick for best budget streaming device: The Roku Streaming Stick. If you’re
heading off, you may have your own TV already, or may not be willing to splurge on a more
pricey smart tv. The Roku Streaming Stick is a great option to add smart TV functionality
to any display. The Roku has an included remote and its own on screen interface. This
will allow you to connect it to any network regardless of if your phone can connect to
it. I had brought a Google Chromecast with me to college, but wasn’t ever able to connect
it to the school wifi because it was a public network and my phone wasn’t able to find
the Chromecast. Roku has instructions on their website to even connect it to wireless networks
that involve a sign in after connecting it at places like hotels and dorms. The onscreen
interface is nice and easy to navigate through. Apps load quickly, and videos play smoothly.
Physically, the Roku Stream Stick is very compact. It will plug into an HDMI port without
obstructing other ports, and if your TV has a usb port, you can supply power to the Roku
from there and not have any visible wires coming down from the TV. The Roku Stream Stick
is a nice plug and play type device that will instantly transform any display into a smart
tv. When it comes to headphones, there is so much
variability that it can become difficult to choose which one is right for you. The Skullcandy
Grind Wireless headphones are an inexpensive pair that work great in just about every scenario. It
may not have the noise cancelling features that more expensive options will offer, but
it has just about everything else. First of all, it is one of, if not the most comfortable
headphones that I have ever tried on. Even with high end headphones, I would have to
take my headphones off for a bit because they get uncomfortable after a couple of hours
of listening. The Grind Wireless headphones are so light and have such nice cushions,
that I feel like I could wear them all day. They won’t blow you away with sound quality,
for the price, they sound pretty good. music is clear, and voices sound crisp. The headphones
are connected to your device via Bluetooth, which is very easy to setup and get working.
The Grind Wireless also have an onboard microphone and Bluetooth controls so you’ll be able
to answer any incoming phone calls with the headphones. It has great battery life rated
to up to 12 hours of listening at 75% volume. And if your headphones run out of battery,
Skullcandy includes an aux cable with controls so you can continue listening to music. The
best feature of these headphones is its price. At the time of making this video, there are
sellers on Amazon offering the headphones for around fifty dollars. For a headphone
that packs features found in $300 headphones in a body that feels solid, the price makes
it an absolute steal. When you’re away from your room, it’s
essential to have a solid, backup, portable charger. The Tronsmart Presto USB-C portable
charger is a great option when it comes to functionality, portability, and price. The
portable charger packs a 10400 mAh battery into its slim casing, meaning that it can
completely charge an iphone 3 times and a Galaxy S8+ around 2 and a half times. The
Tronsmart portable charger is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified. What this means is that
all of your new devices, whether they be quick charge compatible or not, will charge just
as fast as they would if they were connected to their designated wall plugs. The portable
charger has a usb c port and a normal usb type A port. The usb c port on this portable
battery is cool because it is an input and an output. You can use this port as an input
to charge the battery, and also as an output to charge usb c devices. The fact that it
has a usb c input also means that the battery itself can be charged faster. It takes about
6 hours for the battery pack to fully charge, which is really fast for a battery this large.
Priced at under $30 bucks, the Tronsmart Presto is a great portable charger that gets the
job done in a slim design. When you’re short on outlets, it becomes
impossible to plug in everything that you need to plug in, so a surge protector with
extra outlets is essential. The Bestek Surge Protector with 6 smart USB ports is my choice
because of its functionality and added safety features. The power station has 8 surge protected
outlets.  It also has 6 smart USB ports that can change their level of output depending
on the device. The station will not send too much charge to an iPhone, but will still provide
fast-charging to compatible android devices. The Bestek Surge Protector also has many safety
features that give you piece of mind when putting it in your dorm room or near your
bed. All 8 outlets have safety doors that help avoid any accidental shocks. It has 1500
Joules of surge protection, which will keep your devices safe from any unexpected spikes
in power. Additionally, the 6 foot power cord is fireproof and feels like it is made out
of a very durable material. The Bestek Surge Protector has the safety features of more
expensive power strips, and adds functionality through the 6 smart USB connectors, making
it a must have. There are many options when it comes to choosing
a main keyboard, but the simplicity, functionality, and price of the Logitech K750 make it my
favorite keyboard period. Right off the bat, you’ll notice the solar panels on the top
of the K750. These panels, in fact, can draw power from any source of light, whether it
be from the sun or a desk lamp. I’ve used this keyboard as my main keyboard for about
2 years now, and it has always had enough power to function. It always just works. This
keyboard comes in both mac and windows layouts that will feel familiar. The keyboard itself
is portable thanks to it’s 1/3 of an inch thickness. Logitech’s indented key design,
coupled with the feet at the bottom of the keyboard, make the keyboard a joy to type
on. This keyboard connects to your computer via a tiny Logitech unifying receiver that
can be used to connect multiple Logitech devices at once. The K750 works right out of the box,
and you can start typing away on it in seconds. Since the keyboard is so easy to type with,
and because it never has to be charged, the K750 is my favorite keyboard regardless of
price, and for the money, I see it as a must have product. Hi guys, so about the giveaway I mentioned
earlier. I will be giving away all five products reviewed in this video if this video gets
1500 views and 200 likes within its first week of publishing. To qualify, all you have
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thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video.


  1. I love the surge protector. It will be very useful in the Philippines when there are always brownouts. Great review !!!

  2. This was very insightful. Thank you MTG for saving me bunch of money! I would like the portable charger. It would be the most useful to me out of the 5.

  3. This video is very well thought out. I appreciate your efforts in trying to help people save money and make the right decisions. The portable charger would be able to help me out so much!

  4. I like the surge protector the best because the plugs arent all lined up and wont be rendered useless if a charging block is too bug

  5. Hi MTG,

    Great day! Thank you for showing this kind of products . The headphone is magnificent perfect because I'm always on the go and fun of listening music's. This one is great because it's Bluetooth headset what else can I say. I like the way you explain it what else can I ask u said it all.

  6. We would love to have the ROKU, because I am tired of paying High Cable Bills…
    Thanks again for always giving us good InFo we can use. More Companies should
    use you to Promote their Products…

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