– So in this video today,
we’re gonna be talking about five high-paying
jobs that do not require any kind of formal college education. I know a lot of people
out there are insisting on going to college and
getting some kind of degree, but for those of you that
are saying, you what, maybe I don’t want to go into debt and take out student loans, what are some good options
for jobs you could get with just a high school diploma? That’s what we’re gonna
talk about in this video, The Top Five Jobs You
Can Get and at the end, we’re gonna include seven
more jobs if you guys are looking for more ideas. Now you’ll find that a lot
of people end up deciding to go off and work at
a fast food restaurant or they work in retail and I honestly wanna discourage that because that’s gonna be a very low-paying job for yourself. And it might take you a little bit longer to find a better paying
job than maybe a $10 an hour job working at
some fast food restaurant, but you know, if you your due diligence, and research and really
spend some time looking for high quality jobs, it is possible to find a
really good quality job just with a high school diploma. It is gonna take you longer
to actually get hired at that job, but it’s gonna
be worth it when you’re able to make significantly more money. So at all costs, I would say avoid working either fast food or retail. So number one on the list is
a Postal Service Mail Carrier. Their salary is around $51,000
and that was back in 2011 so this job probably pays
more than that does today. But if you wanna work
for the postal service, you don’t actually need to have any kind of formal college education. Now, because this is a public sector job, you do have to take
that civil service exam to actually be eligible for that job, but there’s a lot of
postal carriers out there that are making over $50,000 per year. Many of them do not have any kind of formal college education. One thing you might want take note of though is jobs like this, typically those who do have some kind of college education, well
those people are going to take precedence over those who do not. So do consider that, if
there is somebody who applies for that job who has a college degree, well they’re probably going to get it just because they have skills above and beyond what you do for that line of duty. Okay, number two on the
list here is working as a Correctional Officer. Now this is not going to
be a glamorous job at all. You’re going to have
to have very thick skin to do this job, but it
is an essential part of our civilized lives today
and a correctionals officer is basically in charge of
prisons and people inside them. So yes, it’s gonna be a
dangerous, confrontational job but as a result, it does pay pretty well. So in 2012, the average
correctional officer made a salary of around $43,500, so
definitely not a bad job there in terms of that salary. But this is, again, not a job that’s going to be for everyone. Now there are both
private and public prisons in the United States. If it’s a public sector job, again, you’re gonna have to take
that civil service exam, I would imagine, but if you are look to
work for a private prison, that might not be the case. And, again, those that do
have a college education of some kind are mostly
likely going to take priority when getting hired and
they’re probably gonna be starting out at a higher pay and a better position within that prison. Okay, number three on list is
again, a very important job. It’s a very important part
of our civilized lives today, and that is working as a
Transportation Security Officer. So when you go to the
airport and you’re getting your bag scanned and you’re getting your boarding pass checked, you are looking at a
transportation security officer and those jobs actually
pay surprisingly well. So the average transportation
security officer or TSA employee is making
around $40,000 and that was back in 2016, so it’s
probably around that today. But as far as jobs that don’t
require any college education, this is not a bad gig at all. And you’re also doing something
that is very important and helping protect the
safety of people’s lives. So it’s a very important
job and a lot of people would really be proud
to do a job like that. Now, number four is not
actually a job per se, but it’s more or less an
opportunity to make money for people that are more entrepreneurial. So let’s say you don’t
have a college education, but you want to be making decent money, you don’t wanna be a fast food worker. You do have an option here of starting a digital marketing agency. Now basically what you would be doing is helping small businesses
with Facebook ads and their social media presence. So obviously, yes, you’re
going to need some skills above and beyond a high school education, but these days, you can
learn a lot online for free. There’s online courses that will teach you digital marketing, and so it is a really
interesting opportunity, especially for young people, and I personally know multiple people who have digital marketing agencies that are making over $100,000 per year. In fact, on average, when
you take on a client, you’re looking at about $1,000 per month. So you only need a handful
of clients and you’re gonna be making a significant amount of money with your marketing agency. Now if you guys are
interested in learning more about that, I did an
interview with Kevin David. This is exactly what he
does is he shows people how to start their own digital
marketing agencies. So I’ll link that video up
down in the description below if you guys want more information on that. And then fifth and
finally on our list here, we have an Air Traffic Controller. This is one of the highest
paying jobs out there at a salary of around $122,000. Now while this job does not require a formal college education, it requires you to go through the FAA’s Air Traffic Collegiate
Training Initiative Program. So you are gonna have to
go through formal schooling but it is not a college degree. And it’s going to gear you
specifically for this job. Now this is one of the most stressful jobs that you can have is being
an Air Traffic Controller, so personally I would not
recommend this as your first pick if you’re just looking
to make a lot of money. But if you are interested
in this line of work, it does pay extremely well at over $120,000 per year on average. But anyways, guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video. Those are five high-paying
jobs that require no college degree of any kind. If you guys ae looking for more ideas, I actually have a companion
article over on my blog, which is 12 different
ways to make good money without a college education. So if you guys are looking for basically seven more ideas above and beyond this, the link for that blog article is down in the description below. But thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, drop a like and subscribe and I will see you in the next one.


  1. I know ups drivers that don’t even have a high school diploma making 130k a year. I know this because I saw my buddies W2

  2. 1) In-N-Out

    No really, In-N-Out managers can make up to 130K and normal workers make like 60K

  3. who gets a degree and works in retail though?or fast food????????? nobody….. and if you have a degree with 10 dollars an hour you need to change jobs

  4. 40000 plus per year working in the fields sure it's minimum wage but they give lots of hours and some jobs aren't even that bad

  5. Other jobs that you should have mentioned are Electricians and Linemen. If you join a Union (which most do) you can be looking at over $100,000 per year, depending on which State you're working in.

  6. I own my own truck …paid it off in a year and a half..haul recycled steel. After paying my fuel ,maintenance .insurance and medical taxes I still made $125000.i work 6 days a week but I leave early on Saturdays .no exceptions. But i started out driving someone else's rig making $55,000 for 2 years and then decided to venture out on my college degree .barely made it through high school. 😂the best part ,I am home every day.after work.

  7. I made $97k no college degree in 2018 as a commercial project manager for a specialty construction company at 26 years old, started out as a general labor hard work and being sponge for knowledge goes a long way if you have the work ethic.

  8. Postal worker is wayyyy too hard. I work as a custodian making $27 a hour. Its pretty simple, just work for 3 hours sleep for 5. Pretty decent.

  9. Journeyman Electrician 80 to 100,000+ Journeyman Plumber 80 to 100,000+ Master Carpenter 80 to 100,000+ a year, these jobs pay 15.00 an hour to start and you get raises as each year of training passes, only 4 years max to make the big money, these jobs are also be soaked up by illegal immigrants with stolen ID's I know this because I've been in the construction industry for over 40 year's, we call in on the illegal immigrants when we catch them with stolen ID's freeing up jobs for American citizens

  10. We need people in all fields !!! unless there is a automation for some tasks or services no matter how cheap salaries are.!!😐

  11. That's so weird… I worked as a correctional officer at cca a while back. It's cool you showed a picture of them. I'll be straight up, being a correctional officer is not easy and definitely not for everybody. However, it's true you can make a lot of money and the benefits are great. I'd recommend working for a federal prison because their benefits are awesome and when you serve for 20 years there, they'll pay you $3,000 a month for the rest of your life when you retire. It's pretty cool but also very dangerous. Good luck

  12. you literally just typed "good paying jobs no degree" in Google and give basic ass information about the first results. then you have the nerve to segue into an ad for some random dude's content because he paid you off. thank u, next.

  13. Yeah you might not need a degree but if you don’t have connections you might as well forget even trying to apply at all.

  14. All these jobs are good but it also doesn’t hurt to go to a community college and get at least a certificate in something. It’s cheaper and a lot quicker then even an associates degree. You can be a medical biller and coder and make over 50,000 a year. Even have the option to work from home. Phlebotomy is also a good job. You get paid less but you can gain experience and become a forensic phlebotomist, mobile phlebotomist, or a phlebotomist manager and make more. Both these jobs take less than a year to learn.

  15. I have 20+ years of schooling. Did notvhelp much. Some years i made $200,000, orv$1550 a day for as long as job lasted. When compete you were gone. Other years depending on economy i could work for min as little as $18/hr. Education not key, contacts and networking is.

  16. Air traffic controller does require a degree. I just looked the list of schools that offer the program. Everyone of them is a 2+ year program.

  17. I would like to earn online money but I don't have the time to make content I have to work at McDonald's to pay rent

  18. Digital marketing agent, entry level… requirement 57 years experience in marketing.

  19. Here's the catch tho…with a college degree you typically do less work for that kind of money, maybe more. So it's all about how much strength you've got to hold the job

  20. Just because no college is required does not mean its as easy as being a cashier those people are responsible for life threatening decisions each day not if ketchup is on the burger or not.

  21. There's way higher paying jobs out there that don't require a formal education, electrician, HVAC, framer/builder, CAD designer, some police agencies (not all), welder, mechanic, rigger (oil industry), etc where you can make a great money without it requiring a formal education. Most of those, almost all, do require certification but some are on the job training and others not so strenuous that it can't be learned. Hell, a good aircraft mechanic can start at about $115K and can work their way to up several hundreds of thousands annually. This is not to say that its easy… the requisite training is probably more intensive than college. I'm technically a "college grad," which isn't saying much. College is without question the most OVER-VALUED product on the market and due to its ease of entry the market is oversaturated with college grads that depreciates its value.

  22. What does an ass clown like this guy in the video with a speech impediment do for a living. Surely he's not making lots of money being a YouTube creator. Fuuuck!

  23. Do not buy a car to work for the usps. I am 7000 in debt to keep my job. They will put to much pressure on you and not let you clock in early to meet the deadline. Don't sale yourslef out and think it's ok if they do they to you. RCA was a good job buy not worth what I put into it. Never use your own money to keep a job.

  24. What about model?
    Or wait staff? what? No seriously . The more attractive you are, you can easily pull $1000 a night on tips.

    I'm trying to think outside the box.

    There's also retail commission jobs, or sales in general. it may pay ok, $40k-$100k

  25. I’m afraid if I take postal services they will find THC in my system and I been smoking all year 🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. About 10 years ago I was a plumber part time and got paid $ 45 an hour for 5 hours a day for 4 days a week, I made $ 225 a day, and brought home $4500 a month based on 20 hours of work for those 4 days, and made
    $54,000 a year and did that for 3 years till I got hurt

  27. Truck driver bullshit no more money in this business don't believe the comments posted . Ive been in this business for over 20 years no more money please don't do it u will end up in debt.. Miserable.etc

  28. Or do twitch
    Women; need some big jugs and no personality
    Guys; umm well be weird and funny I guess it work for pewdiepie soo

  29. I never went to college and I'm doin better than people who did. All the loans they have to pay off and they receive little to no benefits. The Better the job, the harder it is to get. Everyone wants the best in their life. So yeah college is a waste. You'll be stuck in a minimum wage job paying the Richie's off in college.

  30. Great tips man! I was in college but dropped out and started investing in real estate and the stock market. Best decision I made. Changed my life

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