Top 5 Sleep Tips for College Students?

Top 5 Sleep Tips for College Students?

were the biggest ways i think people him
string themselves in terms of doing well and enjoying college especially freshmen
year is not understanding how important is to get enough sleep i’d know that i
was guilty of that i think art so guilty of it so we’ve got some tips that pos
should help you get more if they can get more out of sleep so you’ll be ready for
both partying and for classes assorted of the sunday is the first one i think
it’s interesting that i don’t think people really think about and and it sort of
something to be going for all of the exact college seems like perfectly
positioned to make me his impossible to hear cover the first one is it says
exercise regularly but not after the early evening avoid caffeine after two p
m and similarly try to avoid late night eating and alcohol no it’s not about gonna happen exactly
gap where you would and when you work out a
little morning personally personnel aside and have a right now obviously
biased and right now it’s really weird because i get a bit midnight and i
worked all night on that car and then a murky run two
days and then i within about it like four p m but i still feel like i’m the
in what is the normal people’s morning which is around lake ten a_m_ when i get
home usually and then that you know christan further as the day and
a good about as far and premarin remember in college i think
actually in college i mean if you have a classic a_t_m_ in
college and let’s be honest you are not getting up any earlier than seven fifty
and nearly one hundred near p day thing going to class just how everyone thought
cell and if we did not work out in the morning i would work out like an afternoon after class but you
know if you’re gonna have workout later try to maybe get around three years
something like that instead of round eight resent your endorphins are all up
here and it is all i think it’s a really hard to go back to to get tired and i think that uh… yet
but i played volleyball the people of the dots will take time to play like
late at night and another in a row sports are lee and i a it’s kind of hard
to avoid and the food alcoholic yet come on all at once the sunday
drinking deaths and business witnesses in a way to have a but there is enough so on the rest of this list will
hopefully make up for the fact that you’re not going to accomplish the first
decision for the second this is something i think helps people not just
in college but it’s is don’t use electronics laptops
tablet smartphone succes truck elite ignite not only with the content similar
your brain which is a huge from myself above the brightness of the screen is
comparable to a morning walk in the sun when it comes to waking you up and they
do you like to think about that when you get amin for you it’s in the morning but
like when you’re getting ready for bed like for me i watched an episode may
reverse children i don’t know i did i say laurel a get on my kindle like maria
barker like action plan email or whatever and that is more productive but at the bank as i have the same thing
graft ready that i can not fall asleep is because that glaring light in your
eyes it really does like the lease these chemicals in your brain and makes it
harder for you to fall asleep so i’d and guilty on it but it’s a bad idea and a i didn’t try not to do it i’ve been a
little better lately spanning-tree it’s been the best i think you can hope to do
is turn down the brightness on your ipod retaliates that why i just read attacks
but the freedom advised to put me when i get to sleep in college the third though and this is an is it
something that i would like to rip abstract yeah and then sometimes advise limiting your
bed to the three axis sleep sacks and sickness i think
academia and i would say if you’ve already done
this accident sickness maybe watchers sheets before the sleep are meaning rosemary if u burly class on sunday is trying to
sleep in on the others experts irregular schedule as the most essential element
of healthy sleeper team fixing started because if you have the early classes on
sundays you need to make up to sleep on the other thing that they may be that
doesn’t work out in terms of body but it seems to me it’s working now but i am sure enough is
enough for you probably know lake once you get out of context are working a
regular job and for a normal people not me but you have to be at the lake seven
everyday you wanna sleep in on the weekends that every weekend it’s likely clockwork your body wakes up at seven
again because you do in your body’s gets used to have him but three i don’t know for a deal you get used to having a routine in and then urinary teen and then you continue to
make up for that same times if you can say a routine and just get to bed at the
same time having a wake up at the same time every morning it’ll just be easier
on your body as as time goes on that’s the hard part yes they’re going
to sleep early or not we can later nazia
difficult one that’s this is one last or really quick asus i thought this is we
are set your alarm clock but for that evening cell except your alarm to tell
you when you go to bed and instead if you need an alarm clock to wake up
feeling rested you’re not sleeping enough ok does not mean you know that is
leading in open spot is probably true provide there’s no way i could wake up
without an alarming


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  2. #4 is the best one, in my experience. I exercise until 9 p.m. most days, then usually get a big meal and maybe even coffee – in bed at 11. Then I usually wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. almost everyday (might sleep in a little on Sundays). It's become a routine, and now my bodies used to it and I can't say I ever feel sleepy or tired.

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  7. I don't know about that technology sugguestion. If I am tired, the light of a bright monitor irritates my eyes, and for as long as I can remember the sound of the TV is easy to fall asleep to. I may be weird…

  8. No, they're called people who need less sleep. Don't use medical terminology like insomnia if you have no clue on what it is.

    Insomnia isn't even related to how long you sleep specifically, it has to do with your quality of sleep. I can sleep for 8, 10, or even 12 hours and still be classified as an insomniac.

    Many studies of sleep suggest that there is an AVERAGE time of sleep required, that does not mean EVERYONE needs 7, 8, 9 hours or w/e you deem to be the norm.

  9. I feel ya Lisa I work late shift as well. I get @ around 9pm to start getting ready for my 11pm. I usually don't go to sleep till most people r just starting work 8:30-9am then I wake up @ around 2-3 and stay till 7pm. Repeat process except on the weekend its many times I'll get off @ 7a and stay till 4-5p sleep for 3hrs and stay up all night

  10. Wow. I'm the exact opposite, if I sleep in late, anything past 6 hours of sleep I feel like total shit, nausea, headaches etc and I still feel tired. However if I get 4.5 to 5 hours of sleep I'm up and at'em and I can work hard all day and stay up late again until I have to wake up in the morning.

    I think getting a sleep routine is the most important thing, I imagine that if I slept for 12 hours a day for a month, I could get used to that too.

  11. Working out in the evening on the weekdays help me get a better sleep at night because my body will be physically exhausted. Also, it feels good after a whole day of listening to lectures.

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  13. Depends. Running a couple hours before sleep will keep you up as it raises your heart rate, it's solely use is to raise your heart rate, ie cariovascular aerobic exercise. Weight lifting will exhaust you without keeping you up. Weight lifting but doing circuit or drop weight sets will not help as they are more cardio and aerobic than regular 3×3-5 sets that are mainly anaerobic. I work overnight so as much as sometimes I get sleepy, I avoid caffeine myself otherwise I can't sleep later.

  14. It sounds weird, but for some odd reason, I've started using it as a sleep aid. If I dim the lights on my pc and hold out for a bit, then once I'm done, I end up being tired enough to sleep. As long as I don't do anything too active, I'll drift off soon enough.

  15. I guess the question mark in the title should've told me before I watched the video that you guys would be dissing every single sleep tip XD

  16. There is a program for the PC that changes the colors, or light emitted, or something, throughout the day, so that you're getting more of an evening light at night, and it's supposed to make it easier to sleep. I don't remember the name of the program though.

  17. Apparently I set alarm for myself to go to sleep everynight.. but when it starts ringing, I just ignore it anyway. haha

  18. Here's something to try. When you meet people you know nothing about, try to determine if they went to college. You might think that those with a college degree are more intelligent, better thinkers, or at least not as goofy as non-college grads. You just may be frightened by what you find.

  19. btw, can you help me out?

    I'm in the UK – our college is different to your college but I think you know that.

    Anyways, the biggest ways of me not getting sleep is distractions – my pc mainly.
    Any advice on how to break the addiction to the internet? Any videos you have made?
    I'd love anything! I'm suffering this year,

  20. btw the most I can get is 5/6 hours of sleep.
    But that goes down easily.

    eg I'll be getting less than 5 hours of sleep today, along with the fact that throughout this week I have been getting very little sleep and on Sunday I got 2 hours of sleep for college :S

  21. Why is it that I assume there are both girls' and boys' teams … I guess what you mean is that you think it's a "typical feminine" sport, though, which I (also) disagree with …

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  24. Learn these secrets to getting good sleep. These simple tips will help you sleep it takes time and focus.

  25. "Avoid caffeine after 2PM" … what? I thought avoiding it after 6PM was too cautious. 2PM is about the time I would wake up if I didn't have work.

  26. Rule number 1, NO CLASSES AT 8AM!!! I stopped those after freshmen year and it was the best cause then if I had a 9am, I could wake up at 8am and go to bed at midnight or 1am and get 8-7hrs of sleep with is a good amount for college.

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  28. Every night before bed, I watch YouTube videos on my iPhone (the brightness on the iPhone is as low as it can go). My brother is on a sleep schedule where everyday he wakes up at 7:00. I agree with Lisa, if I don't have an alarm clock to wake me up when I have to get up for school then, my parents will wake me up or I will either be late for school or not go at all. I love to sleep. 

  29. I need to avoid lat-night food and alcohol. It's difficult for me that I have insomnia, I took some sleeping pills and drink some glass of water. And I listened to relaxing music to help me sleep.

  30. what helps me sleep is to go do some pushups or run for 5 to 10 mins with some rock like deltaparole, cuz that takes ma mind off of sleeping and i can sleep easier once i dont think about it no more.

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