Top Sex-Friendly College Campuses

Top Sex-Friendly College Campuses

park campus survey two thousand students
are from one under seventy-five campuses to find out which campuses are the most
expanding and their results are shocking in mackay um… coming in at number one
talent i’m sorry coming in at number one is the
university of michigan which is the most sexually friendly have nothing against
that university of michigan sounds like it makes sense coming and number two is
university of texas at austin nilanjan either all assessing it as one
can seem to think that that that there take the fifth quiet period but then reelected at that time in nineteen eighty yahoo
has to be about this expand the camp is the european chikatilo and that’s
because number three which i found very surprising is harvard university located
on the by wouldn’t think that harvard university is nonsense friendly but it turns out that they have found
something known as the sex and i d block and also h five which is practically a
point magazine hoon na decided we didn’t have a point
magazine nancy sent the women for their her opposite orgasm seminar sells it to me within the bag okay america and well you harbor grants for instance
alone but probably miss it i mean we can’t come up of harvard
daniel but only with princeton doing weekends
of may not know the billing requests an american request misdeeds go home and then james i’m sure
a minimalist and in some of them have six and is not against school policy foods that they this in this story this
is the way you hidden sexual insects opening school
commitment is open four percent in the country and because of a condemned the
missus clinton bathroom where princess medical compared to a harvard princeton
in the afternoon who’s doing the removal of the allure of
the mir there will not be able to do the rest of the women underneath company known with mister clinton is
that the kids up for a polite of you know apply looking for an employer’s he’s referring to that ivy
league schools that got into a lot of trouble for violating title nine out there were cases of sexual
harassment where school administrators and do anything about that so your
friends and but look overalls jr i green with you in
terms of harvard thursdays every other college campus in the united states and these college rankings and these
ideas about ivy league schools are better than all the other schools about i don’t i don’t mind to it at all and
you know what the her camp is that if they wanted to and survey students from
one hundred seventy five campuses take this survey with a grain of salt
there are so many college campuses today even interview anyone from my university
okay because just a note saying she was made
in a one e get down into a debate on the budget for campus interview anyone from
that proposed upward wsd and dozens of in catholic and surely in this instance
you guys but but but usc yeah and housing electrophoresis but anyway yet it was a giant grain of
salt but i do like that there’s an orgasm seminar at harvard and i’m a
little joey joey that we didn’t have something someone similar to that
account statement ridge now that i would say yes then with music highlighted to fight it


  1. They may or may not provide better education at the elite universities, but there are more rich people there so better connections.

  2. Ivy League schools definitely part less hard. I went to a very highly regarded Liberal Arts University and the party/sex/drinking scene sucked compared to big state schools. That said, Havard is no surprise because Havard square is a wild part of Boston. So it's not just level of academics or rules, it's location. BYU couldn't enforce their rules in Las Vegas Nevada like they can in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  3. @MrDevilishSmile dude, the entire thing was about Ivy League sex culture. Starting off with Harvard would have given it zero impact…

  4. I think its pretty sad that nobody focuses on what college is actually there for, ACADEMICS.

    No, college is one big social experiment. SImpleton fucks.

  5. @fram4153 I think it has more to do with the prevailing attitudes in our culture. I dont know if current events are too relevant, because i dont know if youre simply learning business laws that are on the books, or about how people break them (but i also wouldnt be caught dead outside of a science or engineering program)

    Science degrees are pretty quick with updates, once something is proven to be true.

  6. Going to an Ivy League school for your bachelors is really stupid. You go to a top school for your masters and PhD because that's where the leading work in your area of study is being done and you want to study under those professors whose work you admire.

  7. can we reduce the sex and party-related content here and instead have more productive topics about college? Im looking at the suggestions box and frankly, it's full of bs.

  8. Of COURSE they have lots of sex at Harvard. Now i'm just finishing up high school, but I consider my self to be a very good student. It's stressful to be a good student, as all the people at Harvard are. I'm not surprised that they let off some stress that way.

  9. @fram4153 while preventing you from getting sued in the first place is legitimate, the topic you described is still relevant.

    Also, dont base the entirety of the university experience on your college/university

  10. Also, I don't trust these metrics at all, for example, they used the Trojan Sexual Health measure which rates my school UMD as having an F for condom availability. As a Resident Assistant, I regularly hand out free condoms to people, they are also available for free at the dorm desk, and available for free at the health center – this rating is simply WRONG!

  11. didn't go to ivy league school because i wasn't smart enough to be in them… that being said, they are better so don't hate because you didn't get to go to princeton

  12. Haha yeah I don't buy it that Ivy League universities are better. Using extremely selective application procedures and taking only the very best students from high school guarantees nothing. My application to Oxford (yes not ivy league, but same thing) involved multiple subject specific interviews, a personal statement, the results of my school exams, and additional demanding university tests. On top of that these universities get the most funding and generally have the best professors. Hmmm…

  13. Jayar is exactly right! I go to the "best" undergrad engineering college in the U.S. People that go here and the other top schools in the U.S. party just as hard as the state school students. There are certain differences though: 1.The administration protects us from negative press. 2. Our connections protect us from any real bad things from happening. I'm not saying that we can get away with murder, but most drugs are legal, the drinking age is 18, and tickets seem to always turn into warnings.

  14. Unfortunately, UT doesn't have randomly paired co-ed roommates… You actually have to go find a f*ck buddy. The school doesn't give her to you 😛

  15. The college I go to (East Tennessee State University) doesn't even allow us to smoke a cigarette on campus, except in your personal vehicle. There is also a no alcohol policy if you live in campus housing. Thank God I don't pay 2K per semester to live on campus. I'm not sure of the sex policy in TN. Now when it comes to sex, who are the college officials or the Tennessee Board of Regents to tell anyone they can't have sex. Come on now.

  16. She's a little Jelly- Jelly? Huh? WTF? Is that supposed to mean. SMH. I swear the decline of the human language all in the name of "Socialization".

  17. Don't be jealous! lol Your comment doesn't even make sense, idiot! Check the US News & World Report ranking of the best universities in the world. The University of Michigan is the only American public university consistently ranked among the top 20 best universities in the world year after year. Check out the employer rating of Michigan graduates as well as the faculty rating of Michigan. From your post, it's obvious that you can't even speak or write grammatical English.

  18. Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the University of Michigan, is also listed as the 3rd sexiest city in the USA, only behind Denver, CO & Portland, OR. Ann Arbor, Michigan was also named the "smartest" or most educated city in the USA by the Business Journals, ahead of Cambridge, MA & Berkeley, CA. Yes, it makes sense. lol

  19. He probably posted his retarded comment from his iPhone, which was developed by Tony Fadell at Apple, who also happens to be the inventor & father of the iPod. Even the iPad would not exist if it wasn't for Tony Fadell. He's a Michigan graduate. So is Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Google. lol There are so many Michigan graduates working in Silicon Valley that Michigan has an alumni chapter there. Michigan is also ranked 5th for producing the most CEO's of Fortune 500 companies.

  20. Yes, it's probably due to the "hippie" attitude toward sex in Ann Arbor & Cambridge in addition to the fact that both cities were ranked among the top 10 sexiest cities in America by another source. I don't get Northwestern though. Evanston, IL is the home of the Women's Christian Temperance Movement. Unlike Ann Arbor & Cambridge, Evanston, IL is rather conservative. Northwestern is much more conservative than Harvard or Michigan.

  21. The Business Journals also named Ann Arbor, Michigan the "smartest" or most educated city in America, as it has the highest % of college graduates & highest % of residents with advanced degrees. Cambridge, Mass., home to Harvard & MIT, came in 2nd.

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