Top Tips for Freshers | Episode #3 | University Advice | Surviving Freshers | Francesca Michaud

Top Tips for Freshers | Episode #3 | University Advice | Surviving Freshers | Francesca Michaud

Hello guys! Welcome to my Youtube Channel,
the absolute number 1 youtube channel for students. Yes it’s a bit empty at the moment
but I will fill it up as quickly as I can! Alright, so today’s video is about tips for
student and I believe that this is episode number 3, correct me if I’m wrong!Let’s get
right into it as we have our tips that we need to go through.
Today’s episode tip number 1 is Lock Your Door. You really need to lock your door, it
is super essential when you go on holiday or when you go away for the week end if you
ever go away! Locking your door is essential to avoid any
pranks. I have friends of mine that have their whole room filled up with balloons or plastic
glasses filled with water or everything was kind of put in paper packaging, just lock
your door to avoid any kind of pranks. Because as much as you like your flatmates, some of
them can love these kind of pranks and everything. So my tip number 2 is do wash your plates.
If you are about to go to university, chances are you will be allocated to a flat or you
are going to be in halls or you are going to share a kitchen, or even if it’s just you,
wash your plates because, you will be very surprised of how quickly mould forms on your
plate and then either you are someone that can’t stand mould and you prefer throwing
the plate rather than dealing with it. Or you are someone who will find this experience
excruciatingly painful, been there done that by the way! At least I didn’t bother anyone
because it was my own kitchen in freshers. But people who are going to share a flat with
other people really need to do that straight away, as soon as you finish eating, do wash
your plates because it’s out of respect of other people, and people will talk badly about
you, if you do not show some kind of respect or hygene of the kitchen. So yea don’t be
that person, especially if you are self catered, and wash your plates, trust me, this is a
big one. So moving on to my tip number 3, which is
a boring one. Do the work. And I should be the last person that gives you advice on this
but, doing the work is actually very, very, very important, don’t be last minute, just
like I was and you know when you arrive to uni, some of you will be, at least I was just
like oh yeah it’s the first week, will go through lecture number 1 next week, it’s fine.
But then you do that because at the beginning you just think oh yea I do have time to do
that and everything. But then what happens is that it accumulates and you don’t have
just one module, you have many. So if you do that for every module only a week, that
is already so much to catch up on. You do that for one month, yea, I can’t even describe
how much work I had because in my first year, I basically didn’t do any work for the whole
first term, and basically spent my Christmas holidays inside my room, studying on books
and did I mention that I didn’t celebrate new year’s eve, because I was studying, that
was how bad the work load was so, gone through it obviously, everything was fine because
I did study, some people think they have super powers when it comes to catching up with your
course and trust me if it was that easy, everyone would do it and everyone would have a first.
So do make sure that you do the work and do not leave stuff last minute. And don’t worry
I am not naive, I know that some of you will leave it last minute, but, it’s fine, you
will learn it just like I did. Alright so some of you will maybe need a bit
more money and I know a lot of people, me included who have been working with events
in order to gain a bit of money, become a rep, so basically, for every ticket you sell
you usually get a pound or, so if you sell 10 tickets then you get 10 pounds, free entry
to the club and all those kind of privileges. You need to make sure that you sell the tickets
other wise the people who organize the events will not let you rep any more so there is
some kind of pressure obviously, but for those who are super sociable and know a lot of people
that is a great way to make extra money if you are really in debt kind of thing.
Really hope that helps and I’ve been in the event’s scene a lot and I’ve actually had
my own event running and was very involved in that underground vibe, therefore if some
of you do have questions about DJ ing and Exeter and stuff like that, just let me know
in the comments, because I can really help you out with that.
Alright so now let’s move on to my final tip, tip number 5, and this is a huge one and it’s
take a fancy dress with you. I don’t care if you have just your school tie or you have
your pirate thing or you have a halloween dress of 5 years ago just bring something
and if you have face paint, even better. The reason for this is because, especially in
campuses, not very sure about London and other things but a lot of campuses such as bath
exeter durham they have all of these kind of dressing up events where you have to dress
up like something and this is hugely popular in Exeter. So if you are in Exeter then you
have to bring I think more fancy dresses than clothes, I’m exagerating, but you understand
like you really need to bring fancy dresses and if you never uses it, then someone else
will use it! This was my video of the day, I really really
hope this helped, I am so excited for you guys, you are about to go to university and
it’s such a great, I just love university frankly so, and I love Exeter, have fun and
be excited and just don’t hesitate to ask me questions because, for those who are super
excited I completely understand your sentiment, do we say that in english, I am not sure.
I come from Italy by the way so if I *make mistakes in my video please forgive me!
Alright guys so have a great day! Please subscribe and like my video, and if you have a spare
2 min, do check my Instagram account, maybe you can relate, and this said let’s say goodbye,


  1. I didnt really get the thing you explained about the extra money? Like, yeah, participate in events but what else can you do if you let's say need or want some extra cash?

  2. Ciao Francesca, sai qualcosa riguardo agli Student Loan da parte del governo? È un'opportunità di cui possono usufruire tutti? O possono non "accettarti" la richiesta?

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