Tragedy into Triumph – Inky Johnson Inspirational & Motivational Video

Tragedy into Triumph – Inky Johnson Inspirational & Motivational Video


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  2. God answers in three ways.he says yes and gives you what you want.he says no and gives you something better. He says wait and gives you the best

  3. When got say to me"NO" , I gotta sleep on it again and I gotta obey him what he want! Thank you for giving worthwhile speech.

  4. I never was religious, my parents didn’t raise me religious but finding god on my own and getting closer with him has saved me in hard times.

  5. Well done Inky, Our Lord works in mysterious ways, sometimes, even tho we may not always understand, we should just believe in trust in him, because he will NEVER put us wrong on anything, take care Inky.

  6. I’m a top wrestler in state going into my senior season and I broke my c4/c5 vertebrates. I had many offers but probably won’t be able to wrestle ever again. This video is so inspirational and similar to me😰

  7. When things actually go the way you planned it and it gets taken away ina blink of an eye. It's a different feeling. You lived your life striving for certain goals, when you finally get there and it's gone in a matter of months its different. I like the message but it doesn't apply to me. I had what I strived and worked hard for. In the end I'm left with nothing. I still like listening to this. Gives me hope I guess

  8. The fact that all of us are born shows that we are tough, so when adversity comes we should be able to fight through it. Unfortunately many of us can’t due to certain mindsets.

  9. Going through this now….God is telling me to leave a man I love and trust in him."but God this is my future. This is what I want" he keeps telling me, Brittany, you need to walk away and have faith in me. HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE. Walk away from a 5 year relationship and trust in Gods better plan for your life, or disobey and live your life, not Gods way.

  10. My uncle who served in the army was really close to me and taught me everything about never giving up and becoming the best player I can possibly be, he told me that he was gonna be at my championship baseball game, in 4 days, but he passed away before it even happened. I dedicated that game to him and stayed strong and went 5-5 with a home run, 3 doubles and 1 single, with 5 RBI’s. I took the trophy I got and put it in the middle of the field, and took the necklace I’ve had that he gave me 3 years ago and but it on the trophy and whispered, “we did it………..”
    RIP ❤️❤️

  11. I absolutely love the ending. We already know what to do when God says yes, we already know what to do when we are blessed, we already know what to do when our prayers get answered. What will you do when God says no?

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