Trump administration inches closer to massive trade deal with China

Trump administration inches closer to massive trade deal with China


  1. Just more lies out of idiot manchild trump's mouth to manipulate the markets again! Trump is now officially the little boy who cried wolf!

  2. Let’s go back to the beginning. Trump has NO political experience. Being a so-called businessman isn’t enough. NO understanding of the law or the Constitution. And he makes no effort to do so. His motivation for himself, family, and business associates is to make as much money while in office and changes to this country to be in alignment with his own prejudices and his distaste for anyone not white or wealthy.

  3. I think God was speaking of this time in history as the beginning of the end. False peace and people worshipping the anti-Christ which is trump.

  4. Pass this on!! I think all the witnesses that were in the first hearing should be sitting in the gallery when the senate votes that them look at real patriots to our constitution!!!

  5. Fox TV : China and the US look to be making a deal

    Trump : I didn't watch the impeachment hearings I was too busy putting the finishing touches on tbe Chinese trade deal

    Reality: There is no deal

  6. It is not possible to reach a 'deal' with China. They will renege, lie, cheat and steal as they have always done, for many years. I say to hell with China and put the tariffs at 200% from now to eternity.

  7. Limit House Reps..4 years..must B a business owner..must work w/ o pay like originally done
    Must do what President is doing..president gives, they give..



  9. They think that this country isreal stupid ,trying to to impeach our president when he's doing nothing but good for our country.

  10. I’m pretty sure China already owns us. I guess we will be socialist with a New World Order. It’s better than Hillary or Obama. President Trump has been in business with China for decades. I expected something with China to happen.

  11. What I find funny is that when Dems win it's because of Jesus, when Republicans win it's because of God. Boy Heaven must really be complicated or at least bi-partisan for them to pull strings on both sides. LoL

  12. Nothing but a bunch of fake news actors…😎…never thought u could be payed for lying😆 I guess there all playing for the same toilet paper roll😅🤣😂

  13. Democrats are undermining the president when negotiations are ongoing with a hostile foreign dictatorship. Smells like treason

  14. The US only brought the Chinese out of the stone age .We should do the same with Russia, establishing a solid trade arrangement is the best way to create allies.

  15. We should use china for what they are, cheap labor. Don't share secrets with any communist country. They will not obey patent laws, no matter what they say. Don't ever trust them.

  16. You know you're a bad president when you make Nixon look like a decent respectable guy.
    How did those casino deals go for him? Oh that's right, he claimed bankruptcy on every casino he owned.

  17. Chinese child: Daddy what is freedom of speech?
    Chinese Dad: freedom of speech means you can say anything but you have to be responsible for it.
    American child: Daddy what is freedom of speech?
    American Dad:Freedom of speech means you have to hate China.
    American child:But I like china daddy,they have lovely panda and….

  18. China is seeing the writing on the wall and dont want to play chicken against Trump currently. China cannot play hardball for another 4 years and they suspect that Trump will be re-elected. So they start moving forward to cut losses.

  19. Watch the Democrats will try to slither in to claim that they participate in making this deal happen. And it wouldn't have happen if not for them. Another Home run Mr. Persident , well done

  20. The Chinese were hoping President Trump would taken out of office. No such luck. Trump’s approval rating went up during the impeachment scam. Time to make a deal.

  21. China and the USA govt. Is making soooo much money off your people. The taxes go to the govt while companies suffer. It will take years to make up for your losses. Trump is in cahoots with China China China.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 American fools elected an idiot! 😂🤣😂🤔🤔🤔🤔 i mean Russia elected. 😂😂

  22. It appears the US constitution & America are f..ked up & ripped when legistrative, executive & judicial braches are now ganged up

  23. why is greta thornberg a white , northern european swedish female ?? could "they" not choose a black Tunisian boy who walks across the atlantic in 2 days to protest global warming and advocate the youth to hate their parents for causing it although however unproven it is ??

  24. Trump will be kissing up to Chinese President Xi because they're our banker investing and buying our bonds, credit card debt, and our food.  Trump sold his soul to Saudi and America to Russia!

  25. Pelosi is pusshing now on USMCA because she has secretly inserted billions for
    the UN for "the environment after her trip to COP25. Republicans are
    being tricked. The whole country is being tricked..

  26. Pelosi is pusshing now on USMCA because she has secretly inserted billions for
    the UN for "the environment after her trip to COP25. Republicans are
    being tricked. The whole country is being tricked..

  27. Pelosi is pusshing now on USMCA because she has secretly inserted billions for
    the UN for "the environment after her trip to COP25. Republicans are
    being tricked. The whole country is being tricked..

  28. I’m thinking about getting Chinese for dinner and maybe an egg roll.
    Speaking of Donald Trump, maybe it’ll be hotdogs and beans tomorrow.

  29. I love how she refers to this impeachment as 'an attack'

    The man's trying to cheat the next election, and trying to stop him is an "attack"???

    No wonder fox viewers are so deluded.

  30. Phase 1?….but we don't know how many phases are in this fiasco…or bail outs..oh well no worries..its not like Trump lies or anything

  31. China has been taken everything from our past presidents! Now the American People have a President that stands up for the American People and We start WINNING AGAIN!!! It’s great to stop paying for everyone’s economy and invest in our own !!!!

  32. It wasn't a democratic issue I just always talked about it so they could get votes and never intended to do anything about it except to get paid off by China

  33. This guys is a bozos. His thought is if it’s a secret it has to get congratulated 🎈 but if everyone know it’s bad. Wow how radical republicans think.

  34. The waiver on Chinese companies needs to be taken away. Chinese companies must be treated the same as any other company and not have favorable treatment. Obama was a sellout to China and we need to undo that garbage.

  35. Give him time. It has only been 3 years! Our farmers can go a couple more years. The only permanent change is Brazil burned the Amazon to grow sow beans and the United States farmers lost that forever.

  36. I would prefer No-Deal but well, I guess something has to happen and it shows that China has no convidence in the democraps to win the election…which I can understand…btw: should give you the proper idea about what democraps are: traitors, foreign governments (and communists at that) can rely on…

  37. The stupidity of the entire Trump entourage never ceases to amaze.A true reflection of Americas souless money grubbing consciousness.God help us.

  38. Oh oh…another point for the LEGAL President of 🇺🇸 USA!!!…Wait for another supposed scandal…poor guys; they are soooo desperate!!!…true is Mr.Trump is one of the best president ever!!!…GOD bless America!!!

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