1. The ""5"" time draft dodger's bone spurs must be on the mend and although he missed his Vietnam your 5 times in a row at least he wasn't too scared to go to Afghanistan under heavy protection.

  2. Disgracing the US Navy Seals, humiliating there commanders while kissing Putin's butt, and screwing the troops in Afghanistan when he needs vote cattle All in a day's work of Con Don Trump.


  4. Trumps is a fake and a phoney wannabe president..he has zero integrity,knowledge or compassion..high this mother high please

  5. What the President does in surprise.. speaks of his love for our heroes across the globe. Honor that and their sacrifice. Hell yeah Trump 2020!!! Hooyahh!!

  6. What a beautiful video, full of joy from all these men and women spending Thanks Giving Dinner with President Trump. What a memory for them. President Trump will go down in history as Americas greatest president ever, because God is with him, sending light, love and joy where ever Trump goes. He cares about "We the People" and we care about our amazing President. God bless you all and give you peace.

  7. Trump 2020 and Happy Thanksgiving. Amazing how much hate the left has as they have only 1 goal to remove an elected president with lies and deceit.

  8. Big Diversion…After Dinner Trump is having another meeting with Putin….lol…HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF OUR TROOPS

  9. Does anyone norice if you like a video and 'save' the link to go back there; the like is gone…? Just wondering. I like other videos unrelated to the swamp or FOX with the 'like' remaining present…?

  10. This visit is fake. Trump was seen playing golf in florida and having early coffee with Nunes and Jordan.
    " live long and prosper.

  11. Me thanks Fox News is now fake because their bullone ing the fake London bridge attack there is no London bridge in London its own like Havasu in Arizona in the United States

  12. Happy Thanksgiving weekend. The left is very jealous. You tube is biased and needs to face legal consequences for censorship. Trump 2020

  13. Dump goes to Asscrackistan to pretend to care about the troops. Notice that he has to read his "thanks" off of a piece of paper? So telling.

    I can tell you from first hand experience that those soldiers couldn't care less about him and only cared about getting a decent meal for once. Not that the Kabul chow hall aren't terrible.

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  15. What a Commander in Chief? Worthy of the Title. What do the other Countries Leaders think about him? You bet, a huge amount. Don't let the Liberals / Fake Media Fool ya.

  16. Nobody in middle east will trust Tricky Trump again after the betrayal in Syria.
    He's washed up. Oil companies can afford their own security. Tax dollars should not be spent for trumps pet projects for oil interests.

  17. And now commander bonespurs will say he has served in the forces …..i wouldn't have let the coward talk…draft dodging responsibility shirkin yellow belly coward!

  18. About time the idiot does something he's supposed to even though it's not enough he still should be executed publicly

  19. If you choose to give every one a weapon and shoot each other. That's your choice. Climate change isn't. And the longer the world waits to act, the tougher it will be to limit warming. However, the gap reports says that it’s still possible to meet the Paris climate goals. It won’t be easy, but the technologies are already here to decarbonize electricity production, increase energy efficiency in buildings, protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, and make cropland take in more carbon than it emits.

  20. The best president the USA has ever had.God bless you President Trump.Please invade Canada.Trudeau has turned it into a country of degenerates and passed laws to suppress the moral majority.

  21. I don’t know if it’s true, but I just heard the President was using military aid as a bargaining chip over some country, Poland I think, to dig up dirt on someone, Bernie Sanders probably. I’m not sure that is a good idea. They will impeach him for that, it’s unconstitutional.

  22. Trump went to Afghanistan to pull the focus from his thugs murdering the Deutsche Bank exec who was going to testify to Trump laundering money from the Russian Mafia. Well played Mr Trump – but you're still guilty as hell.

  23. I have never had my vote been so vindicated & earned just as I felt he was going to. He wasn't a part of the BS when he began & all the hate rests in the fact that he wasn't up to his neck in Washington BS. I am proud to be an American. While being disgusted by all the hate from the left.

  24. Trump has all of my support, and I'm an atheist who believes in abortion. May he have 4 more years, I know I will be voting for him again.

  25. Thank you for visiting the troops in Afghanistan instead of playing golf or holding a rally like you normally do, Mr President.
    I noticed he was reading the words that he spoke. That was ‘scripted’ Trump. Whenever he wants to look ‘Presidential’, he will reads the words that he speaks. But that’s not the real Donald Trump. The real Trump is the one that you see at the Trump rally’s. He doesn’t need to read the words that he speaks at the rally’s, because he’s speaking straight from the heart- mostly lies.

    Send this Grifter back to Florida in 2020!

  26. That's our president. We love you President Trump. American troops are on always in his mind despite holiday celebration.

  27. The stock index is a composite price, when the stock market is well, it almost week;y breaks a record , thus breaking a record 130 times. It is common.

  28. Help Trump rebuild America
    America, America.
    Help Trump rebuild America
    All country, state by state.

    Help Trump rebuild America
    America, America.
    Help Trump rebuild America
    And do it here, today!

    Help Trump rebuild America
    America, America.
    Help Trump rebuild America,
    And do it Great again!!!

  29. It's sad how Fox leaves out Trump rambling on about himself. It was literally the only part of his speech he didn't have to look down and read from his notes. President Bone Spurs everybody!

  30. Wow. I am watching this news clip because I want to get a fuller picture. Before that, I watched his speech before the troops. In which he conversed a big amount of the time about HIS achievements. And that the soldiers should be proud to fight for a country HE managed to make the strongest in the world. It was all about HIM. Now, I saw other news outlets concentrating on this, his narcissistic stupidities and not showing the praise for the troops he gives in this clip. You might want to paint your own picture and get an educated opinion. Having said that: This fox news editing is excellent in that it makes Trump look like a statesman. Which he is observably not. Watch the entire speech for yourself and you see, once again, his true colors.

  31. Bravo president Trump your awesome god bless you and god bless our military and god bless America United we stand 🇺🇸❤👊❤🇺🇸👊♥️🇺🇸👊❤🇺🇸👊❤🇺🇸👊❤

  32. Did you listen to what he said, it was all self praise, which is Dear Leader's style. He used the troops as a prop, he's white trash.

  33. Today, 12/01/2019 at around 1:15pm I was driving south on I-95 and saw a C-17 Globemaster pass over me landing at West Palm Beach Int…I wonder if it was part of Trump's support planes coming in from this trip.

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