Trump on fake news, freedom of the press

Trump on fake news, freedom of the press


  1. Mr.Trump repeated 1 sentence like 100 times and interviewer still didn't understand the answer…omg. Also, let the President do his job. Fake news only disturb him as this useless interview.

  2. It's funny though, you know that he's very much supporting the 2nd amendment right? It's just stupid to think that he's suppressing the media, i think y'all know what happened when government suppressed the American people, well yeah….

  3. It don't matter if the president is getting picked on the issue is it's all lies if they told the truth that would be a different story and it is the enemy of the people because we're the ones who are getting fed all this hogwash

  4. I watched the night he was interviewed about the debates and the so called Quote he made of Megan Fox the blood coming out of her eyes , the blood coming out of where ever. This is where I changed my outlook and became pro Trump. I watched the original interview and they kept asking him over and over again the same question, 7 or 8 times. He answered politely well. On the 6 , 7 th time he started to become short , like he couldn't believe the interviewer would keep asking the same question and said the last answer that famous over played clip and they ran with that one and cut out the entire pre story of him saying how the night went. The President went to say hello to her are you nervous … talking to Megan ,Trump says he was getting a feeling she was sick or something, her being uncharacteristically dismissive towards him short with him. And later she even said she was sick under pressure and she felt she was going to loose her seat to interview. Thus she was off her game. I saw what they did to his words and that was it. The press does lie they do change the narrative.

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  6. Now that there is actual proofs of fake news and connections with dnc and google and blacklists and bias and Russian bs and etc…what will Wallace and the fake news say now? Let him run the country!

  7. Authoritarian countries suppress the media because they know how much damage fake news can do especially if the populace is ignorant. & as for that aged former navy seal – it's his job to do or die otherwise you won't be any army – just an endless argument about beliefs.

  8. You can see Wallace try to control the meet, not the job of reporter. He is t o ask questions, and allow an answer. I don't care what Wallace wants.

  9. Dont be so hard on wallace, what his corporate masters want is what he gives. No matter how dirty his knees get!!

  10. I think Chris Wallace likes to play dumb. More and more journalists are admitting that their news organizations aren't concerned whether or not their reporters "get it right and/or are factually correct". Their bosses want clicks. Sensationalism. The more preposterous a story, the better. Fake news isn't going anywhere soon. As long as there are thirsty minions, the MSM will gladly keep pouring the Kool Aid.

  11. Chris seems to think reporters at CNN have the same integrity as he might have himself, and thus, he defends them?

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