Trump shares Saudi response to Pensacola shooting

Trump shares Saudi response to Pensacola shooting


  1. Thank you President donald Trump the President have great ideas and have good ways to bring all jobs home here in America and he makes deals to lower our Trade from Other Country yes he’s the Strong President how he Makes things Work very well

  2. Hopefully Trump finally has the mental ability to listen to his intelligence and justice department on Saudi Arabia. I can't believe that Trump makes only a brief statement on the killings and then goes on and on about how wonderful his record is. The man can never stop talking about himself and making himself the center of all discussion.

  3. Zionist boot licker……….investigate the DEMOLITION of the Twin Towers and Building 7 TRUMP…..if your worth your salt….

  4. American deserve this America killed lot's of people in Afghanistan Syria Yemen Iraq now you will understand how they are feeling when America killed their people with Saudi Goa's Around comes around

  5. Your cars are "much safer"? Where's the proof of that? I'm finding that hard to believe when they struggle to turn corners. Your roads are far wider than Europe btw.
    Is Trump looking to redesign the White House because he's "looking at sinks and showers" and talking a lot about bulbs. The old were better because they were brighter but they use more elcricity and don't last as long. Your vanity isn't really worth everyone using more elctricity is it? Trump must do some massive KFC shits if he's flushing "ten times, fifteen times".

  6. Terrorism has officially reached my front door

    From the hell's of a desert to the white sand of NW Florida

    Saudia Arabia is not our friend

  7. One question to viewers. Do you think the president should just nuke KSA?? He's trying to keep world peace. It's sad the radicals enter our country in disguise . But I do agree don't let them train here. The statistics are a handful out of thousands of Saudis I think anger should be geared at the incident and our countries security. I don't see such anger at illegal aliens who do more crimes against Americans A Nutjob is a nutjob lets protect our nation from all.

  8. Rooting for a recession??? Only the corrupt elites would….. at least where I'm from….. is it different in the US???….. much $$$ to be made from the suffering of others…..

  9. Mr President, we have much too long been using our training facilities to train foreign nationals at our training facilities [ one assumes for profit]
    as well, Mr President out at one of the flight military facilities, out of about 3000 Afghan pilots being trained , 1500 have fled , and this Mr president is
    an imminent threat, thus far nothing has been done to either apprehend these AWOL people, nor to cease a practice frought with danger

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