Turkey Military Power and Capabilities 2020 | Updated

Turkey Military Power and Capabilities 2020 | Updated

today’s video is of turkey’s military power. Straddling two continents, Turkey has one
of the most powerful armed forces in Europe or Asia. Much of the Turkish military’s equipment
is foreign made but the country is currently making an effort to build up its military
industrial base turkey received the s400 defense system in
late 2019 from russia for its air defenses.. The s400 air defense system scans 600 kilometers
and destroys targets within 400 kilometers. these systems were delivered to Turkey. Turkey has some projects of its own, Ankara
has been working on its own indigenous fifth-generation stealth air superiority fighter jet, the TAI
TF-X. It hopes the TF-X will gradually replace the
country’s F-16 fleet and also give Turkey fighter jets it can export. In the Navy, there are aircraft and assault
ships produced by Turkey aswell. the defense industry
has improved a lot lately. the missiles they produce the armored
vehicles the planes are the examples. there are also light aircraft carriers and
helicopter carriers that Turkey has recently produced, there are
some missiles produced by Turkey which is quite good compared to this class of
missiles called Bora. Turkey has been
developing itself recently on the subject of missiles, the nation has one
of the strongest military forces in the world and plays a key role in Syrian
affairs, so lets find out, how strong is Turkish
military Turkey has 1 million 100,000 military
personnel in total, out of which 700,000 are on active duty Turkey currently
spends 8 billion dollars of its annual budget on defense
the country has 4,300 combat tanks and more than
10,000 armored fighting vehicles, their Navy is composed of 16 frigates 12
submarines and 34 coastal defense crafts. the country’s lack of lighter access at
sea is limited to destroyers. Turkey’s
armed forces possess 1,060 aircrafts this includes 286 interceptors and 287 attack
aircrafts, Turkey is one of only a hand full of nations to possess nuclear
weapons with the country having between 91 warheads. turkeys nuclear bombs are
being supplied by NATO if needed, Turkey will use its Borah rockets missiles to
deliver weapons. which has a range of 280 Km and can carry
450-kg of warhead..



  2. Long live Turkey. May Turkey becomes the mightiest world Atomic super power. Insha-ALLAH. AMEEN. Turkey is heart. Love from Pakistan

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