U.S. defense chief Mark Esper says N. Korea seeks legitimacy with nuclear weapons

U.S. defense chief Mark Esper says N. Korea seeks legitimacy with nuclear weapons

US defense secretary Marquez versus
North Korea is seeking legitimacy by developing its nuclear and ballistic
missile capabilities he added that the US forces are maintaining a high state
of military readiness to counter any provocations our proxy with more in a
written statement to the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday US
defense secretary Marquez first said North Korea code seeks to build
legitimacy through the development of a variety of nuclear conventional and
unconventional weapons and by growing its ballistic missile capabilities and
due to the continued threat posed by Pyongyang US forces in South Korea
remain on a high state of readiness alongside their South Korean
counterparts s Parata that while the u.s. supports diplomatic efforts to
bring lasting peace to the Korean Peninsula the forces are prepared to
quote fight and win tonight if required mark Milley chairman of the US Joint
Chiefs of Staff also alluded to North Korea’s continued threat in a statement
to the committee and stressed the need to have a force posture to deter and
defend against the threats he added the national defense strategy prioritizes
support for the long term competition between China and Russia followed by
efforts to counter Iran and North Korea at a seminar in Washington on Wednesday
the u.s. deputy Special Representative for North Korea I’ll explain said the US
will continue its denuclearization negotiations with North Korea when it’s
ready to talk he said the talks which have been stalled since said no deal
summit in Hanoi in las february will be set in motion when pyongyang has quote
ready to seize the opportunities that we have before us park se-young arirang


  1. Aren’t these corona flowers the belated Christmas gift he promised to send to Trump for his beautiful vase? He is surely a man of his word.
    Another ominous threat from the North: K at the party meeting held from Dec.28 to 31 confirmed that

    “the world will witness a new strategic weapon to be possessed by the DPRK in the near future.”

    And we are now witnessing the weapon.

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