1. Listen to this bull shite dribble, trying to split blame there at the end. we know dam well iranian gov knew…like oh it was our reservist that attack you

  2. can someone….anyone please explain exactly where this happened…international or Iranian waters….they never fucking say

  3. I am sure these homosexual Yankees scratch for a good ass whooping from our patrol boats,I would say this time after we arrested them we should cut their hands and feet then let them swim in our waters.

  4. This happened where again? Off the coast of New York? Not New York, California then? Oh the ARABIAN GULF – just a few hundred miles from the US then? Oh I see.

  5. I think the US navy must be lost because the last time that I looked at a map the Persian Gulf is about 6000 miles from USA. Also the Iranian coast stretches almost the entire length of the Persian Gulf so it is no surprise that Iran is anxious when an uninvited superpower is just over 12 nautical miles from its coastline. If the situation was Iran 12 miles off the US coastline……………….

  6. fuck that should have sunk them motherfuckers and the ones that were floating still alive grab them by their hair and slit their fucking throat and then took our 1.7 billion dollars back and start rebuilding our schools our infrastructure or sewer systems storm systems electrical systems roads so on and so forth

  7. What CNN just said here is exactly what they should be telling their American people. If you feel threatened…you take lethal action. If you support Hillary she will (try) to take away your ability to defend yourself.

  8. Obama won't do anything! The Iranians could have sunk that ship and Obama still wouldn't do a thing except play some more golf!

  9. Blow them out of the water!
    "Sepha Pasadaran" owns those
    boats.They are not Iranian regular military.We're tired of
    these religious fanatics and
    phsychos.Israel started all this
    "BULLSH$#%T.Why don't you put your navy out there Israel.
    May be the God of Abraham and
    Moses will protect you.Your rich
    but you want the gentiles to do the dirty work,while you sit in
    Hollywood doing nothing and
    wasting Gods time.Shame on
    you.Your house is abandoned to you.You den of vipers!
    You killed your own Messiah.
    Now he's coming to collect you.

  10. cnns own version making it dramatic the. americans violate a sovereign country's waters and call it international boundry why go there what for and provoking the Iranians by taking a war ship its no cargo ship the americans do it on purpose they are warmongers the fucking cunts then cry on cnn of international waters what madnesd is this not one day goes by if evet the tv reporters have not reported on war and violence just for a change the media just shows negative news

  11. What the US Navy is doing there anyway? What if Russian ships were circling around Mexico, what would be US reaction? Stay away from Iran territories if you don't want that to happen again.

  12. This is BULLSHIT ofc the Iranian ship are under the command of Iranian Government. I think both sides want war. Its just a game to the leaders of both countries. They could care less about the lives lost. In their minds there is to many people anyway. As long as their making that money thats all they see.

  13. lol When she said arabian gulf , u know the lies are not going to end. Zombie women looks like she just walked out of her grave to give this interview

  14. Why is it hard to believe American, to me and for the world 🙂 this could be because of your tarnished credibility in the past in relation to Iraq and Libya and Syria, Afghanistan many other places around the globe.

  15. time to send a message. you say that the Iran government doesn't have direct control over them, so they won't take responsibility for their actions, yet it would spark an international incident if we fired on them. either Iran needs to reign them in and take responsibility, or not get butt hurt if they need to fish their boat off the bottom of the ocean.
    or maybe we should simply arrest the offenders, and hold them in the states until we work this out

  16. I have noticed the old hag is THE ONLY PERSON on news programs that insists on calling Persian gulf the Arabian gulf. I can only assume oil rich Arab countries pay her to do so.

  17. leave Iran alone….they at least had enough respect for the USA,Jimmy Carter,and RONALD REAGAN TO NOT KILL OR INJURE EVEN ONE OF THOSE HOSTAGES

  18. It's a probing tactic, zig zag up and down their coast to monitor the response time and find holes in Irans warning radar. This way the invasion landing force will know where to land The expeditionary force

  19. Indian super poor. Shut up. Who's need leave that water?iran or USA ? That's the Iranian water we call Persian gulf. If the Iranian ship goes to USA water do u think the let us we stay there also you better talking about Kashmir between Indian and Pakestan

  20. The USA navy is a joke. Maybe the naval academy would surrender to the cadets so the Army could win The Game next November. USA you deserve what you get.

  21. Why the hell were the US ships doing in the Iranian Peninsula? They have no right to be there and no reason either. This story sounds a lot like the US spy planes that flew over parts of Russia last year (2015) and complained the Russians intercepted them. You can't invade another country's airspace and waters and then complain they intercepted you, you are there illegally. Can you all remember when the Russian warplane was shot down by Turkey while fighting ISIS on the border between Syria and Turkey? The US defender Turkey and said the Russian plane "Invaded" Turkey airspace

  22. To observe the rights of coastal states while also serving the needs of maritime navigation, special rules have been established for the Strait: A six mile navigation channel has been defined consisting of a 2 mile wide inbound lane, a 2 mile wide separation lane, and a 2 mile wide outbound lane. Nominally, the inbound lane impinges on Iranian territorial waters, while the outbound lane impinges on UAE and Omani waters. The Law of the Sea permits innocent passage in both directions to all maritime users.

    I don't think it's " innocent passage " when a warship passing thru your territorial waters fires at you. Try that next time you go thru a border checkpoint and see what happens.

  23. These are IRANIAN Hardliners / Revolutionary Guards who are against IRAN Nuclear Deal with the west ( just like Republican Party in America) and there goal is to stop the nuclear deal next time fire couple a warning shots if they don't respond you send them to the bottom


  25. So if we blow these assholes out of the water, they're not affiliated with Iran? WTF, are they Somali pirates? So, CNN, we should exercise MORE caution because they are NOT Iranian Government? I FEEL LIKE I AM TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 0:15 – 0:18 This area is in Persian territory. Of course you will find a "fast attack craft" belonging to Iran in there 😀 Look in a spider's web and you will find a spider. 0:23 "harassing" lol. 0:30 basic things to do when someone is invading your water? BLOCK EM OFF. she reports it exaggeratedly. They dont have to leave as well. They are in their waters. 3:36 You know that meme where NATO puts bases all around russia with the phrase "They put their country too close to our bases!" Yeah. 200 yards was because US drew in. 0:45 "Got no answer INITIALLY" thanks for being honest. You can guess theys till got an answer. An answer they did not heed and ignored. 0:58 They do not have to leave…. 1:30 very true. Americans do not back-off thanks to their standard procedures. THEY MUST fire warning shots then clear a path if it is not cleared yet. The Iranians fled because they knew of these procedures. Basically just think of taking "Exodia" right out of your deck because your procedures allows you to do it when your opponent plays a monster which has attack points. Of course your opponent will just quit the game. Better to lower both ratings than just lose to a person who wants to win by bending the rulebook.

  27. The USA Navy was not firing warning shots they were entertaining the sailors with a fireworks display and the Iranian Navy just ot too close. John Kerry our Dept. of State is one to quickly entertain in order to avoid mishaps.

  28. Iran hates America and Americans but love our money which Obama keeps sending them?  Why would anybody vote for the left?

  29. First of its Persian gulf, and what fuck are u.s navy shios doing tgat clise to Irans borders????? PS: FUCK the jewnited states of israHELL

  30. Nobody in our evil as fuck government ever read a history book in their
    lives. We got our asses kicked twice in Korea in the 50's by a tiny
    country that didn't even have nuclear capabilities at the time….. "It
    will be over by Christmas"…

  31. USA military quick busy going to another country..PBB now just picture joker to USA..shit….for what…just show up his power military…

  32. More than half of you need to learn the Law of Naval Operations. As far as Iranian ships going elsewhere perhaps you should do some research. I operated in the NAG and we're not going anywhere, it's international waters. People learn what you're talking about. The PCWORLD is tight, and you hurt one of us active or vet, we will take your names.

  33. ain't got nothing to do but pick on a little Kids on the Block don't do the same thing in North Korea when their starve to death the u.s. prays on the dead just the same as a living if there's profit in it

  34. Why that stupid soldier was calling Iranian patrol Arabian gulf show respect to other nations if u called them Persian gulf they would respond

  35. why americans military are in the gulf of persian?!! is the persian gulf their home?!!!
    so not problem and is okay if the iranians force come to the gulf of mexico?!!
    Iranians have not attacked any country they defend their homes, but US military forces are aggressive…
    Anywhere in the world that is war US forces are also?!!
    The people of the world will never forget the nuclear attack of the US Army in Nagasaki and Hiroshima And the deaths of many women and children
    so The whole world knows Iranians are peaceful, but if an aggressive force attacks Iran The Iranians defend their home with their lives
    Long live Iran…. ✌️??

  36. So when bozo was pres its standard procedure, and perfectly fine, but if trump does it , it's the start of WW3 and trumps fault.

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