U.S. Navy Health Care – Patient Care

Dr. Chun: The nice thing about the practice of Navy medicine is no matter where you go the way you deal with individuals is pretty much uniform throughout the Navy. Nurse Benson: Having a child there in front of you being sick knowing that you can bring them comfort, you can bring them care. It’s truly tremendous in my life. Dr. Chun: All military healthcare beneficiaries fall under one health care plan, and so the focus is on caring for the patient. Nurse Benson: Some of the parents are deployed overseas be it the pacific or Iraq and Afghanistan and if they know that their child is getting care. That slightly lessens their load. Dr. Rockabrand: When you realize that religion and politics doesn’t matter any more, it’s really what you can do. What you’re doing to help people. They see that and they look at that. They respect that.

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