U.S. Navy Physician: Dr. Nassiri

U.S. Navy Physician: Dr. Nassiri

As – as much as we talk about how different Navy medicine is from civilian medicine, it’s also surprising how similar it is. We have neuro- radiologists, we have endocrinologists, and rheumatologists, infectious disease specialists, keeping our sailors healthy. Keeping their families well so that they don’t have to worry about them when they’re away. Making it so that when a solider gets hurt, they know they’ll be taken care of. Being able to be part of that is very exciting to me. My name is Joshua Nassiri, Physician, United States Navy.


  1. Is Navy disease pathology, public health and trauma medicine any different from civilian stuff? It's a great way to learn. They should budget more money for Bethesda in every department.

    An appendicitis is an appendicitis no matter how many sparkly things are on your uniform.

  2. Yes, and the U.S. Navy along with every other Military branch is made up of all ethnicities.

    My cousin is also in the US navy.

    Nassiri is an Iranian last name, he also looks Iranian.

  3. Yeah, but they're all American.
    People need to stop doing that. I was born and raised here – I don't want to be called Indian, just because my mom and dad speak with an accent. Hell, I've only been to India once in my life – my allegiance is with the U.S….

  4. You can't ask for a better deal. The military pays for your med school education including housing, books, as well as a stipend. And you'll be safe from any shooting since you'll most likely be working at a base. The only thing is that they can ship you anywhere they want you to during your duration.

  5. @myassin2009 Yep they pay for housing, tution, books, etc. Plus you get a generous stipend too. And you can join anytime but I thin you have to join by your 2nd or 3rd year of med school I'm not sure though. And you can serve at a military hospital for your residency yes. I don't think they train you in fighting.

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