U.S. Navy Senior Officers

U.S. Navy Senior Officers

I did two years on a destroyer squadron staff, the squadron would take a group of ships and we’d go out to sea. The evacuation from Lebanon. We went into New Orleans and in fact we gave care. Sharp guard operations in the Adriatic Sea. I love what I do, I love to work with airplanes. The Navy has evolved significantly from, you know, our early beginnings. This country is – is – is made up of so many different people and so many different cultures. I was in the lower pay grade, I mean the lower that anybody coming to the military can come in as a – as a – right in the bottom. My name is Captain Sylvester DelRosario and I’m the Director of Diversity for the Navy Recruiting Command. And I was able to make a Chief Petty Officer in a year – in a year and two month. And from there, I got my Commission as a Ensign ah – from there – ah – 20 years later I’m here wearing my Captain bars. My family was very proud. They were there and I saw it in their face, saw even tears from their faces when – during the ceremony. The, the whole desire to go Navy was to fly airplanes, and to maybe, one day, command a squadron. My name is Arthur James Johnson Junior, Rear Admiral, United States Navy. Early in my career when I was – uh – in my early 20’s, um I – uh – got my wings. I went through flight training and I think I was winged at probably 22. And, my first assignment I was selected to go back to teach other people how to fly. And uh – so that was pretty amazing as a young 22 23 year old, teaching other people, some of them older than you, how to fly airplanes. Today, I’m the highest ranking Latina or Hispanic woman in the Navy. My name is Captain Cathy Contres and I am the Commandant at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. First of all I liked what they offered women. Um, I felt like I – I was getting more respect. Um, I don’t know how to explain it but the jobs, I knew that I would be immediately put in the leadership position and I liked that idea. The other special time in command was as Commanding Officer of USS Essex, an amphibious assault ship. My name is Andy Winns, Vice Admiral, Naval Inspector General. But I think because of the sheer size of the ship, and the number of men and women that were under my charge, I believe that it was a special time, because we deployed on 2 occasions. I reported to my first submarine as a Junior Officer, Ensign Williams. My name is Melvin G. Williams Jr. I’m a Vice Admiral in the United States Navy. It was awesome, it was a relatively small submarine but very, very capable. And I’ll always remember my first command tour. I’ve always had a desire to understand the world, you know and to travel. My name is Sinclair M. Harris. I am a Rear Admiral Select in the United States Navy. I think I just really just wanted to see the world, and when I joined, I had no concept of staying in 26 years. I really – I had no idea. Being an Admiral in the Navy is as high as you can go. It’s – it’s a privilege. My name is Rear Admiral Will Rodriguez, I’m the Chief Engineer at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, California. Becoming an Admiral is a – is a unique opportunity to serve the Navy. I remember the day, it was St. Patrick’s Day 2004 when I got the call. And I was – I was floored – I was – wow. I never dreamed, I never dreamed of making Admiral. One of the things that I’ve, uh, experienced in Navy medicine is – uh – the ability to never have to ask my patients if they could afford the care that I had to give. My name is Vice Admiral Adam Robinson, uh I am the Surgeon General of the Navy, number 36, and also the Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery. Been in the Navy for 31 years, I learn a lot, I struggle a lot, I’ve been through and I’ve seen a lot. One of the things is that I never allow nobody to stop me. There – there is a lot of mentoring and it goes on, some informal mentoring some formal mentoring, by Commanding Officers and Department Heads. I enjoyed my opportunities to travel the world, to see sights, and uh see things that most people only can read about. And uh, so if someone is inclined to experience those kinds of things the Navy’s for you. Navy gave me my Master’s Degree. Helped me to – it gave me the time off, 18 months, to do my Master’s Degree. Didn’t have to work during that time, all I did was – I was a student, got my full pay and benefits. I think that if – if I hadn’t joined the Navy, as a person, I don’t know that I’d be as well rounded. I’ve got 2 Master’s Degrees from the Navy, ok, that I never would’ve gotten if I hadn’t joined. My deepest relationships have been in – the people I’ve met in the military. In the Navy in specific. Going in the Navy meant driving the ships at sea – destroyers, frigates, it’s ah, it’s ah, it’s very intense. And you’re 21 22 23 24 years old. Any young person who enters who has skills and desire, the Navy will give you a chance. The Navy is indeed a diverse place, and we are working on making it more diverse. And the diversity includes the men and women of all colors, religions, and persuasions and backgrounds who come together and who serve uh – under a common flag, and who um, make the commitment to support, defend our country. So I – I would be very comfortable telling ah – young folks, particularly minorities, that ah the Navy is a place of opportunity and you should give it a shot.


  1. Are they trying to show people that you don't have to be a white guy to be a high ranking Naval officer? I feel discriminated against. There was only 1 white person in this clip!

  2. there are no o-10, only in War there are fleet admirals, the last (5 star)fleet admiral was Chester Nimitz.
    The highest you can get right now is 0-9

  3. wrong.
    O1-O6 = ens-capt
    O7=radm(lower half)*
    O8=radm(upper half)**
    Nimitz was a (five star) fleet adm

  4. lol right now the highest you can get right now is admiral, there is now fleet admiral today, look it up.
    There is only a fleet admiral in times of war.
    You are wrong…biotch.

  5. wrong again, you said that there are currently no O-10 admirals in the navy. fleet admiral is not an O-10. I never said that there is currently a five star.

  6. Fleet admiral is like an 0-11, there are 0-10, O-10=ADM. There are no fleet admirals right now, but there are admirals. ADM are 4 star. Mistake for the typo, but i meant O-11. earlier.

  7. This video is really terrible. The Navy should not be boasting their diversity like this. The Weapon's officer on my ship was black and packed the weapons office with nothing but black people. It was embarrassing. I was happy when he finally left, I have no respect for him. Reverse racism is racism. Thank god the New Haven fire fighters won that case. There should be no minority quotas for any organization.

  8. Congratulations from US Navy for permit the black peoples access a Admiral. I´m from Brazilian navy, a racist navy, because in my country there aren´t black peoples as an Admiral. Since slavery abolition, 1883th, the black peoples have been suffer a lot racism here in Brazilian navy. We living in bad conditions, we dont have suficient money to survive. Then, the Unites States Navy is an exemple of respect to all peoples. God bless US NAVY!!

  9. I have one really big question, what is easier to get accepted, NROTC or OCS? i plan to join the USN as a surface warfare officer

  10. go BDCP to OCS… had i known about BDCP i'd be rich by now! time in neither ROTC not the USNA count towards retirement while BDCP does! and you don't even do anything but go to school! no drilling, uniforms, nothing! and you get O-1E pay off the bat. insane!

  11. I want a colorblind Navy. MLK was right and people need to judge on the basis of merit and content of character not national origin, color, birthday or any other way you can choose. Only one color in the Navy, Navy Blue. That being said I have served under great officers of all origins/colors whatever. Picking anyone on any other basis then merit cheapens the achievement and potentially puts someone in command who may not be as competent as someone not picked because of a bad policy.

  12. OCS is easier to get accepted, but ROTC is a better way to go. Get your college paid for. I went OCS and I am having to pay my college loans still. But I love my job.

  13. There is no such thing as racial quotas in the Navy. The racial make-up of the USN isn't all that different from American society at large.

  14. I have been in the navy for 29 years seabee platune # 22 i am the rank of a vice admiral select trust me the best thing u will ever do 🙂

  15. What the hell is this? A commercial for the US Navy? You know the difference between being in prison and being in the Navy? You have a greater chance of drowning in the Navy.

  16. Who gives a shit about diversity. Show me the Navy that dominates the seas instead of the Navy that spends time concocting boo-hoo stories.

  17. There is no Admiralty in the US, it's substitute is the Department of the Navy, it has no Lord High Admiral or First Sea Lord like the British Navy does where they have an Admiralty. Instead we have the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy… and if you have a problem with their civil rights policy, call or email the Department of Navy at
    901-874-2507 or [email protected]
    I'm sure they'l love to hear your thoughts

  18. I would not go as far as you, but the Navy's obsession with minorities, diversity, and females does a ton of harm to the service.
    I served for over a decade as a FMF Sailor. I served in Marine Corps commands mostly, 2 Joint commands & 1 Navy command.
    The worst command I was in was that Navy command. I firmly remember how the Navy would screw over their E5 & below while Marines really mentored.
    I am proud to be a veteran but prouder I worked with Marines & Joint Commands most of my career.

  19. Vice Admiral Winns, my CO while we both served onboard the USS Essex LHD-2.. a GREAT SHIP!! I also received his coin when he was the CO of  Patrol and Reconnaissance Force, Pacific and I was stationed at Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10 out of NAS Whidbey Island.

  20. So pretty much what this propaganda piece shows is that the Navy and the rest of the US armed forces have gone minority and political correctness. No wonder it now takes longer than ww2 to defeat some muslim cavemen. Meanwhile in Russia they are getting harder and sharper and not worried with the PC BS.

  21. Too many politically correct positions. The Navy is NOT a social experiment. ANYTHING that increases costs without increasing effectiveness needs to go. Like women onboard ships. They increase expense while REDUCING effectiveness.

  22. "I'm the highest r as nuking Hispanic female" way to go hero nobody cares we all know women get promoted faster anyway

  23. Acedemic qualification is Top priority ABOVE diversity that leads to a 1st Class🇺🇸military; it's dangerous the👮police&👩‍🚒fire have done by lowering the qualifications standards, including the✈️FAA.

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