1. U.S. Navy ships move closer to Yemen to provide stability….. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ Now every know what this it means ,))

  2. If all they do is stop arms shipments and don't do any bombings or any actual military engagement then I am fine with it.Ā 

    BUT you can never really trust our leaders not to get further involved in these kinds of messes. Especially if there is a strategic significance to the region in question.

  3. hahahah US is providing stability hahahahaha ..are you lying us or yourselves ? or you are just so fcking stupid to believe it..if there is no US then there would be the peace in the world

  4. Mr Obama plz let us americans in peach and others.if USA want they can stop everything in day . god help evry human

  5. To provide stability to theĀ zionist hooked-nose baby-killingĀ monsters occupying PalestineĀ and toĀ their salafi useful idiots of Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, etc… By the way, do you, yankees, really think those two floating jokes full of effeminate human failures can scare Iran and the Houthi freedom fighters? Shiterica and "israel" are over and they'll be totally inconsistent in the world which is about to come…

  6. Stability???? is this stability for Isis and other Sunni militants the USA are using at this time?Ā  America don't have partners only followers!!!

  7. like i said to provide stability to the rich kings against Yemen idk but i can say the rich kings with alllll theyr money still need foreign aid in war, education ,economy public service..not open for comments

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