U.S. Navy Vets Play Battleship

U.S. Navy Vets Play Battleship

– Everything that I learned
in the Navy is not built for this game at all. (upbeat music) My name is Jonathan Dock Farrow, I was a Corpsman in the United States Navy serving with the United
States Marine Corps. – I am Lisa. I was an
Intelligence Specialist. – I was a medic, the guy who
patched you up if you got shot. – I served in Virginia Beach, Bahrain and on the USS Bonhomme Richard. – The last time that I played Battleship, we’ll say 25 years ago. – 1984 was the last time
I played, nope, 1986. – I’m gonna won, simply because I’m Doc. – I was actually stationed on a ship, so I think I’m gonna kick his ass. (dramatic music) – [Jonathan] Great. – Let’s do it. – [Jonathan] You’ll never
think to shoot me there. – Somebody’s gonna lose his fleet. – This is not strategically
how a carrier group would be by the way. – And you know this how? – [Jonathan] Well, how would you know? – I was on an amphibious
assault ship. Ready? (laughing) B2. – [Jonathan] Direct hit. – (claps) Yes! (laughs) – D4. – Miss. As I suspected. – [Jonathan] I’m sorry what was that? – Hit. – Direct hit, okay, great. – [Lisa] Direct hit. – Sweet. I’m chasing after ya. I’m adjusting fire. – D2, I’m already gonna put it in there. – D2.
– [Lisa] Yes. – It’s my shot, right? – Time’s a wasting.
– [Jonathan] Okay. (laughing) F8. – Miss. – I’m sorry.
– [Lisa] E2. – You sank my battleship. (beeping) (Lisa laughing)
– [Jonathan] Oh, it’s funny? – Pruned your ass. You got your (beep) together now? – My (beep) always been together. I don’t know what you’re talking about. – You sunk my patrol boat! (beeping)
– [Jonathan] That’s right. – Miss. – Miss. – Miss. D5. – Hit. – (claps) Yes. Miss. – Miss. – Miss. – God bless America. – You’re going down, you’re going down. – You sank my destroyer. (beeping) – How you feeling? – Dying over here. – Starting to sweat a little bit. (Lisa laughing)
– I sweat all the time, shut up. – Hit.
(Jonathan laughing) – Hit. – Hit. I wasted a missile. – [Jonathan] I know, I know. – I don’t remember this being
so stressful when I was 12. – Really? It is stressful. – G8. I sunk your battleship! (beeping) – No! You sunk my courier! – It’s a courier. – Hey! – Is he bringing packages to your ship? – Ha! I just sunk some
(beep) right there, didn’t I? – You got a direct hit. – And I know where the next one’s going. – [Lisa] No sinking is
gonna be done right now. – And guess who’s gonna be saying they sunk some (beep) next? – [Lisa] No! You sunk my battleship! – I didn’t sink your
battleship! I sank your courier! – You didn’t sink my courier. – Your carrier. – I sunk your patrol boat. – You didn’t shoot my patrol boat. – Destroyer. U Boat? – We didn’t have U Boats. – All right, we could be in 1940. – [Jonathan] The Germans had, oh, my God. (Lisa laughing) – I’m so excited. (laughing) (shouting) – What happened? What’d I say? – You sunk my destroyer. – [Jonathan] That’s right I
sunk your god damn destroyer! – Good strategy takes time. – You’re getting bombed,
you don’t have time. – E8. – Yes. J9. (shouting) (beeping)
– [Jonathan] Yes! (laughing) – You sunk my whole fleet. I went in there with a good game plan of putting the ships in the pegs. We came out victorious.


  1. "I am a medic I patch you up if you get shot" No Navy you dont, thats what coreman do. You tend to the seaman that comes from the rear admiral.

  2. I honestly give so much respect and thanks to those both. Being a medic is one of the hardest jobs to do, I think. That's just so awesome they got to play a game like that.

  3. Anyone notice that these two navy vets are funnier and have more chemistry with each other than most of the people who work for buzzfeed.

  4. That last part, if I lost I would have rage quited just like her. If I won I would have been laughing like him being like, “YESS HAH HA!” Man, it’s nice watching people play games as serious as I do.

  5. When she lost the Coast Guard, it was all over. Only a matter of time. One of the poorest-kept secrets to the game: Always make your Coast Guard / Patrol Boat the hardest to locate. You lose that, you lose the game, regardless whatever else happens.

  6. This game is really all about luck, with a minor amount of strategy involved. I'm sure any normal person could beat them with LUCK.

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