Ukraine War – Russian military forces in Crimea move to Simferopol

Ukraine War – Russian military forces in Crimea move to Simferopol

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Seven peaces of them on the way to Simferopol in Crimea


  1. these are may be ukranians. coz russians BTR stays at russian facilities of black sea fleet in the sevastopol. ukranians already sent their owb BTRs. so its unknown.

  2. Sons of the bitches fuck you with your propaganda!This BTRs belong to Crimea and not Russia fucking son of the bitch author EuroMaidan PR..The Chechen war Terrorist now is in Ukrainian government with kalasnikov inside..but you not showing this!The US bastard comes to Maidan and telling.."Im Belong to other Country but i can tell the Russian foot will not step on this land about Ukraine"I mean who the fuck are you fucking son of the Bitch?Go to your fucking America son of the bitch..and dont touch my country..Ukraine is Rus…For retards who dont know history look Kievska Rus..Kiev was been Russian capital and not the Moscow!

  3. This video is FAKE. This channel has the same vid from another view. The policeman on the second vid confirmed, that they are Ukrainian Army….not Russian……this is EuroMaidan :DDDDDDDD

  4. Военизированных России! незаконно в Крыму! Как и в Приднестровье! Если война затем останавливается Europa торговый сибирский газ в Россию будет разрушена! Вне berkouts, снайперов и ФСБ! Иди домой в Москву!

  5. In another language: Give back Criemea to Russia. Give back Zakarpatia to Czechoslovkia and Hungaria. Give back land to Poland….give all back and create your own fascist state in the middle of real man land. Create your own land around Chernobyl !!!

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