UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY (The Joy of Music with Diane Bish)

UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY (The Joy of Music with Diane Bish)

Welcome to the joy of music featuring
Diane bish today bringing you a special presentation from the United States
Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland with special guests the Naval Academy glee
club and brass ensemble welcome to the joy of music today we
come to you from the historic United States Naval Academy in Annapolis
Maryland founded in 1845 this institution has educated and inspired
thousands and thousands of students who have become great leaders in our society
in the chancel area of the chapel here at the academy we read the words from
the Navy hymn eternal father strong to save here in the middle of the yard at the
United States Naval Academy is the superintendent’s or president’s home
beside his home is the Magnificent chapel at the entrance of the chapel
we are met by two giant anchors which flank the chapel steps the symbols of
not only the Navy but a faith in Christ our anchor every Sunday morning services
are held here both Protestant and Catholic the services are open to the
community to visitors from all over the world and of course to the Midshipmen we
can see the marvelous pageantry that takes place we can hear the choir sing
and hear also the magnificent organ worship in the Naval Academy Chapel is
an unforgettably enriching experience by column and prayer window and sermon
soaring dome and lifting song time and eternity are sacredly joined together
the worshiper is raised to God word above the chancel area stands the window
of Christ walking upon the water on the rear wall is found a statue of Jesus
saying come unto me the Great Commission window reminds naval officers of their
dual allegiance to the authority of their country and to the Almighty God divine services are the foundation of
faith at Annapolis but in every area of life Midshipmen are reminded of their
mission to develop morally mentally and physically to practice a life of
discipline and uphold spiritual values which have made America great it’s a very high honor to be chosen to
attend the United States Naval Academy around 15,000 apply every year and only
about 1300 are chosen I’m standing here with two Midshipmen the first is Cheryl
Ames from Fort Lauderdale Florida and Roger Isum what exactly made you apply
to attend the Academy well basically at first my highest
requirement for college was a challenge I went to a small private Christian
school for high school that was a challenge and the Naval Academy not only
offered the challenge and the high quality of education but to be able to
be an officer in the Navy was of course the top priority for applying here I
understand that up until 1976 they did not allow women in the Academy does that
bother you now do you feel like you’re the minority personally I’ve never
received any hassle I haven’t felt any added pressure being a female I
know there are quite a number of the women in Shipman who do you know feel
greatly biased against but I personally have not had any problems with it that’s
good Roger how long have you been here I’ve
been here for about three years and three months and where are you from I’m
from Monticello Florida Florida you’re both from Florida why did you choose to
attend here well I come from a family with a military background my father was
in the Army and I have three brothers and a sister in the Army now and I
wanted to combine a military career with college so the officer route was the
route for me I got accepted to a preparatory school in San Diego and upon
completing that successfully I was accepted to Naval Academy be a naval
officer I understand you’re the highest-ranking midshipman is that true
right for the first semester I’m the UH brigade commander and I basically
command the four 600 members of the brigade what dreams do you have for the
days to come do you want to stay in The Navy? definitely I want to stay in the Navy well I want to
stand it make the Navy a career well I’m an aerospace engineer I’m sort of
talking turning between the Marine Corps Marine Corps aviation and nuclear power
submarines have made a decision yet well congratulations
Roger you have really made something of yourself so far and I imagine we’ll be
hearing from you in the future hope so thank you and Cheryl what about you what
are your plans for the future right now I know really not even positive and what
all the females are offered but I have looked towards Marine Corps flying
aviation also fine halos or possibly a naval diver it’s all just going to
depend on what kind of slight I can get upon graduation what does enable a Navy
diver do well you’re a certified scuba diver and you go down they work on
underneath boats they work on all kinds of anything in the water that’s build
demolition teams and that type of thing do you often attend the services here at
the Academy the divine services on Sunday I usually attend the Protestant
service does that have a lot of meaning to you when you go it’s a special
feeling you get having it in the chapel just the aura of the chapel itself and
having the trumpets play that are naval hymn and everything it really it does
have a special touch to itself. How do you feel Roger about your faith and
being here at the Academy and attending services well that’s a very important
part of my life my father was a minister and I was brought up in the church and
I’ve always protected at the head of my life you know Christ the gospel etc so
as always had a big effect in my life so far well I think that’s most important
and I’m sure that’s why you are a success thank you the organ of the Naval Academy Chapel is
one of the great instruments of America with its four manuals and 81 stops it is
not only stirring in worship but brilliant in concert at noontime everyday 4500 Midshipmen
gather for roll call with the music of the drum and bugle corps visitors from
around the world are thrilled with an exercise in precision an impressive
pageantry marching with their fellow Midshipmen
are members of United States Naval Academy glee club a musical ensemble of
national reputation they can be heard on network television to the divine
services held on the campus performing music from Bach to sea shanties from
Mozart to Anchors Away thank you for joining us today on the
joy of music as we have come to you from the United States Naval Academy in
Annapolis Maryland we have heard the music of the Academy we have seen the
pageantry we have visited with the Midshipmen we have heard the Navy hymn a
hymn of faith which is sung in every divine service of the Academy one of its
verses expresses so well the faith of this Academy and its history of faith in
God who made this nation great and who will protect us if we look to him and
trust in him o Trinity of love and power our brethren shield in dangers our from
Rock and tempest fire and foe protect them where so air they go
thus evermore shall rise to thee glad praise from air and land and sea from a midshipmen’s prayer almighty
father whose way is in the sea whose paths are in the great waters whose
command is overall and whose love never faileth let me be aware of thy presence
and obedient to thy will if I am inclined to doubt steady my faith if I
am tempted make me strong to resist guide me with the light of truth and
keep before me the life of him by whose example and health I trust to obtain the
answer to my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord amen thank you for joining us and we look
forward to seeing you again next week on the joy of music

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  1. This is a beautiful video and especially poignant at a time in our nation's history where we are losing the connection between the foundations of this country and the link between our ideals and faith.

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