United States Navy – A Family at Sea

United States Navy – A Family at Sea

LT Jennifer McNab: I’m a mother of three and I have two girls and a little boy and their ten, six and two. And… my two year old’s like “my mommy works on a ship”. What got me here, my dad was in the Navy. There was just something about it. I remember visiting him when he was working and I just thought it was really neat just to say, “Hey, my dad’s in the Navy”. And so I sorta followed in his footsteps and here I am. I have a lot of my junior corpsman, you know I call them my kids too, that come up to me and tell me about issues that they’re have and things like that. I think because I’m a female and because I am a mom, they feel they can relate to me and they tell me some of the personal things that are happening in their lives. The biggest thing is just taking care of your people and they’ll take care of you. LCDR Patricia Johnson: My kids they love these cute little songs and they always want me to dance with them. So we, we do that. Those are the moments I appreciate because we’re basically like a well oiled machine during the week. It’s chaotic but it’s doable. [background voice] Being in the military, there’s a camaraderie cause you’re at work so much and you’re in these difficult situations together you’re kinda like this is your pseudo family away from home. But we always have this one thing in common – the mission. And we come together, we get it done, and then we come back and do it again the next day. CAPT Cedric Pringle: I wouldn’t say it’s unique to the Navy, but you know, it’s easy for us all to get along when we have a pretty common goal. There are people who are tasked to do different things and everyone has a role onboard, but we all come together for a common–common vision. LT Jevon Jackson: When you’re young, I was seventeen years old, you know, cars and women were the new things. I wasn’t focusing too much on school. So my mother insisted, demanded that I would go to the recruiter. She said “Pick one”. And for me it was a Navy recruiter. With a ship, you need every department to get along, to move, to make it functional. To support, ah for missions assigned. Ah the ship just becomes a building at the pier without it. We are a collective force and it just became amazing to me that I’m a part of this big environment and I’m allowed to apply myself. CAPT Cedric Pringle: I was four years behind my brother who went into the Navy as an enlisted man. I was always following in his footstep. Even to the point were he just retired here in 2009 and asked me to be the guest speaker for his retirement. So I just thought that was really, really neat. Ahhh and it added closure to his portion of his Naval career, but I’m carrying the torch for him.


  1. @ARC3LYP5Y Not to be a recruiter or anything, but let's say you wanted to be in the Navy, but work with Marines. You could look in the Hospital Corpsman (HM) online and ask your recruiter for more information on it.

  2. @technomaster222 plus you guys get more infantry training, I've heard of marine pilots taking command of a platoon in combat situations

  3. The kind that wants their child to be instilled with values like Self-less Service, Respect, Honor, Responsibility, Courage, Commitment. That kind that would be proud no matter the career choice their child makes. The kind that understands that someone must stand to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. In other words a great loving parent. That's what kind of parent.

  4. If you can't instill those values into a child before he reaches puberty then you've failed as a parent. Even if it's a career criminal? And please, there are no threats to America, especially foreign, and there hasn't been a truly big domestic threat since the 20's, it's just fear mongering. In any case, a sane parent wouldn't want their child getting blown to shreds over a meaningless cause. All those values you think you're fighting for have long been replaced by corporate interests.

  5. Oh, please, you're gonna play that card? Really? You're not defending anyone or anything, no one is gonna attack your country. Get over yourselves, this is not some alien invasion movie where America is always the only nation to be attacked.

  6. but every time, America was attacked.. what are you talking about?…. every single time America has been attacked… no war will nor ever has been on American soil… so no you get your facts straight!

  7. There's actually Marine squadrons that do deployments with the Navy CAG (Carrier Air Group-if you weren't sure). When I was in my last squadron, we went UDP as the first squadron to be a part of a MAG (Marine Air Group). We worked with the Marines, and the squadron we took the place of took our place in the CAG. Your best bet if you want to be a Marine and be on a boat is to be an Aviation Maintainer and find a marine squadron that is currently assigned to a carrier. Best of both worlds.

  8. The US Navy keeps kids in abusive homes. Civilian kids have so much more protection. Plus the navy moves the kids around so they can't develop roots. Navy is a bunch of scumbag homosexuals

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