US Military A-Capella Group CRAZY Discipline WOW! America’s Got Talent 2017

Me two big passions serving our country, but the other singing Our audition was totally new for all of us. We’ve never done anything like this before What the only downside was that we got a buzzer from Howie? I’ll be totally honest with you. It bored me We know we have to impress all the judges tonight Especially Howie we cannot be boring our big dream is to serve America, but tonight We’re going to entertain them first Hello. Oh, how aggressive I live life Hi guys, you know I have Welcome back Thank you, Mr.. Crowl. The me on to a question because I really enjoyed the first audition But there was part of me that was thinking was this sort of like a dare Honestly, yes Thank you, because when I remember saying yes to you And there was a kind of look on your face like oh my God. They’ve given us a yet That we’ve got to do it again that has been our journey But are you actually serious now about competing in the show, and oh yes definitely? I don’t want to use the word desperate, but there probably isn’t very much. We wouldn’t do to go to the next round, okay? Well, I don’t want to know what the story is because I like to surprise the good luck Hey I’m doing this tonight. You’re probably gonna start a fight I’m sure this can’t be right yeah, baby. Come on You’re gonna come now. It’s not to be alone I know that I Wanna see you out there? I don’t want to be So I’ll be dead ain’t no luck Okay now You’re all awkward, but it’s adorable You know I mean I got effectively be giving it all that stuff. I like the awkwardness. Thank you so much. Thank you Thank you. Thank you feel. I don’t know if people realize how difficult it is to Sing together like you do and I think that there’s obviously where your your military training comes, because there’s a definite discipline that’s required and that really shows you too much if you Howie I wasn’t as impressed the first time this was more fun It was there was more character. So it made me smile more do I think it’s a million-dollar act No, no, but I think you stepped it up from last time Most important thing to me is really that a remember tomorrow morning. I? Think we’re going to remember you and I really bored with all you got Thank you. Be laid up I like I like that their energy, but really sound good like they all actually refused down good

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