How much was this? Enough. Why? It only cost $15 guys. Why you tryna expose me? What’s up guys welcome back to my
channel. As you can see I got this man over here, Victor Wang, from the Naval
Academy. We’re gonna do a Q&A with him. If you don’t remember, he was in my original
video of 1v1 versus Naval Academy Midshipman. If you probably saw that
video, I let him win the 1v1 just because you know…. I just needed him to feel good about himself you know after he got
beat down from plebe summer you know he had to feel good anyways. As you
guys know, Victor goes to Naval Academy and he doesn’t really have many
opportunities to kind of get these kind of Q&A sessions going so I thought you
know why not do a Q&A in my house during Thanksgiving Day. In one of my other
videos you guys gave a bunch of questions that you want to ask Victor,
so I have them on a sheet of paper right here, so without further ado, I
want to first say, Victor can you give a brief description of yourself in
case there any ladies out there who want to hit you up you know
Yeah I’m a BCA 2017 graduate we’re the same graduating class
that’s how we know each other. I didn’t get into Naval Academy on my first
time, I applied twice, so I went to University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign for a year and then I transferred to Naval Academy. Yeah kind of my story. So
let’s start with the first question, when is Nick Gee getting his $37.00 back? I already gave it to him, I gave him rides, the rides covers up for that so never I guess. My
next question comes from my sister, why did you choose the Navy and why not the
Army, the Marines, the Air Force. It just had a lot more options coming out
so coming in you can service like a lot more things for example to I got submarines, you can service Warfare Officer, you can be a Marine
Corps officer, Navy pilot, seal, yoD, med Corps. It’s just that in the army you don’t
really have many options air force you don’t really have many options as well. Ash Jindal asked this question he’s my great grandbig in Theta Tau. He wants to know who would win in a game of musical chairs, a team
of blind people or a team of deaf people A team of deaf people cuz the blind people wouldn’t know where to go, they’d just like keep on walking, they
wouldn’t know where to sit well they’d know when the music stopped.
yeah but then the deaf people would realize that the blind people knew that and then the Deaf people would react via how the blind people react that’s
true that’s true. I’d rather be deaf than blind in real life. So this comes from
Andrew Zheng, man scale Tony Wu. ten men yes oh man ten minute he’s a snack. Sam asks how do you get a friend like tony. Who said we’re friends? Yeah I just like I just found him off the street actually and he just happened to go the Naval Academy. Sanjana Rao wants to know what is your first memory
of me. I thought you were a loser. I think I told you cuz in basketball camp remember yeah
and then were trying to show up and everything and show off.
like nothing’s changed I guess but it’s like there’s more
to this more to you than I thought. I think you’re looking at someone else like it was some other dude because I actually made my jumpshots. are you aware of the subtle Asian traits
page and what do you think of it? I am I think it’s a really funny really
relatable takes up a lot of my time. Ok so now I’ll go into some of the navy questions now.
We’re gonna start with how is the food at the Naval Academy? A lot of people
there complain about it, but it’s honestly not that bad I mean we get hot food every
single day and three meals a day and a lot of people don’t get that in this world.
And even compared to like regular college food like it’s not that bad. How does it compare to Johns Hopkins food? So much better at least during
the day I went. You definitely didn’t come during Sterling Brunch. Sterling brunch is once a month
and it’s basically when we get really bougie and we start giving out salmon
shrimp we have like ice sculptures and stuff. It’s just a time you know. What
classes are you taking and what do you learn at the Naval Academy. Right now
the classes I’m taking are Calc 3 chem 2, naval history, boxing, cyber
security, English, that’s it. I take 18 or 17 credits. 18 is average. Yeah you see like I’m trying to
I’m trying to like get through Hopkins taking 15 credits
or less every semester so like 18 just sounds incredibly insane and combine
that with like the 5 a.m. workouts and then…yeah it’s a lot of stuff. What’s the worst military obligation you have
to do so far? Parades Nobody likes parades, like you’ll
find them online if you look up USNA parade. You’ll find it it’s like
an hour and a half long, it’s mandatory nobody likes them at all. It’s really boring.
Especially this summer it’s bad because I you have to wear FTV’s, it’s like your
parade uniform. First of all, it’s really really uncomfortable and then it’s also
kind of thick too and sometimes you’ll be standing out there in like 105 degree
weather people will pass out because it get super duper hot. Those are the worst
nobody likes them. What are your plans after graduation. I want a service like
submarines so I’ll be a submarine officer and then you can go to power
school first around like two years then you’re an officer aboard submarines.
Apple or Android? Windows or Mac? Ok, fortnite or pubG? What is your mile time now and what was it before
going to Naval Academy. My 1.5 mile time is about 9:45 so I guess
that’s a 6:30 per mile pace so I’m assuming I can run a mile under 6:30
Before going to Naval, my personal record was a 6:38. So that’s all the questions I have for
Victor today I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys gain some
insight on the Naval Academy life and just on the thoughts that goes on in
this man’s head but until next time we out


  1. Hey! My dream is to go to the USNA and I’m just about almost done applying, and officially a candidate (as of last week lol)! I have a few questions: How was the interview for the congressional nomination? Did you go to the summer seminar (I am in two weeks!)? How hard is PT there (im kinda out of shape because ive been trying to find a swim team for a year :/)? How much free time do you get?

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