US Navy Admits UFO Has Been Caught on Camera

US Navy Admits UFO Has Been Caught on Camera

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at the US Navy admitting that UFOs have been
caught on camera we often see UFO photos and clips online however it’s easy to
say these are fake as a lot of them probably are a lot of the time a UFO
enthusiast will post up an edited video but at the video we’re going to look at
today comes directly from the US Navy and we’re also going to look at some UFO
confirming information in a u.s. Navy report which came out moments ago but
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first let’s look at this video we’ve all been wanted to see this video came out
in 2019 and it shows US Navy pilots seeing an alien craft this video was
taken near the east coast of the USA you may think Navy personnel are just on
boats but there are also Navy pilots who patrol the sea this video was actually
caught in 2018 but Declassified in 2019 in the video you can see a UFO with no
wings and no tail the plane flying above was a Boeing f-18 Super Hornet this is a
67 million dollar fighter jet that the USA have many of its estimated the USA
have over 600 of these and they go in a top speed of 1300 miles per hour on the
video one pilot can be heard saying what is that thing another then says oh my
gosh dude look at that flying the video is only 35 seconds long and is in black
and white that’s because it was caught by an infrared camera at the time it was
filmed the jet was traveling at 25,000 feet in
the air that’s slightly lower than where most aeroplanes would be flying so that
means this UFO was flying really close to the sea much closer than any aircraft
would after this video was Declassified many people reached out to the
Department of Defense however each time they declined to comment on the video
one of the pilots who were flying the plane that took this video said it was
kind of like an oval shaped object hovering above the scene so we know it’s
clearly something we know it was not an airplane but
recently things have got even more strange weeks ago new reports were
released by the US Navy these reports detail events between 2014 and 2015 in
the reports seasoned US Navy pilots describe a number of UFO encounters
during missions they said mid-flight their radar equipment detected seemingly
impossible objects flying at hypersonic speeds these UFOs would be flying at
altitudes of up to 30,000 feet and mysteriously the UFOs did this with no
visible means of propulsion this means there was nothing that pilots could see
that was actually moving these UFOs on airplanes we have things like contrails
and spinning propellers to know they’re moving and on fighter jets there’s often
fire coming out of the exhaust one pilot said the UFOs look like tiny white
specks this was a UFO they would see oftenly and it was actually nicknamed
go-fast that’s right they saw these UFOs so often they actually had to give them
nicknames another UFO they often saw look like one large dark blob this UFO
was nicknamed gimble lieutenant Danny a coin said they had no distinct wings no
distinct tail and no exhaust plume this meant there was no visible way these
UFOs were moving but they were and at hypersonic speeds the lieutenant said he
got a very strange feeling when the UFOs first showed up on his radar at first he
thought it was a false alarm but he then said he saw multiple sensors reading the
exact same thing which confirmed it was not a mistake lieutenant a coin said he
tracked the UFOs twice on two different missions in the report an f-18 pilot
named Ryan graves reported something similar he said when he was flying
around the Arabian Gulf he saw some UFOs appear in 2015 he said he had issues
with UFOs in the Middle East at first he simply thought they were part of the
drone program he didn’t know about however it turned out no drones were
actually operating today he was flying in the middle ADEs legally u.s. Navy
pilots are sworn to secrecy about many of the things they say this means they
can’t openly say what they’ve seen whether it’s UFOs or
something else however just weeks ago this report was Declassified but
remember these four events that happened in 2014 and 15 so just imagine what’s
happening right now which we don’t know anything about chances are all of the
biggest UFO evidence will remain classified for some time but it seems
more and more infos coming out every single day and that video along with
these new reports from lieutenants really makes you think what’s out then
vote in the poll in the top right corner and you can tell me whether you think
UFOs are real or not personally based on the evidence I’ve seen I do believe
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  2. Its what we need. an alien invasion! Then maybe humans will start working together instead of hating each other. bring on the Alien Army! lol

  3. This is a true story.

    For the past 6 years. On one day on the same date every year I would see something that sounded like the (go fast) it would fly about 8 feet in the air and would go by my window within s few seconds at first I diddnt think anything of it but now I believe it's something (UFO) it was going st top speeds and I will probably see it this year.

    I'm not keeping this classified as I dont work for the US.

  4. @Top 10s !!! I LOVED your content and got inspired from your work and it motivates me to work more harder on my content. I have even created youtube channel to follow my progress, my video is due to drop in today. I would love some support/ feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. please

  5. Hi All, I am going to be a bit more grounded in my assessment.
    My thoughts are that these are man made advanced unmanned vehicles (drones) this explains the ability to conduct manoeuvres that are too severe for the body to handle. Remember fast jets have been in development since the 60s as well drone tech. Couple this with a clocking technology then you have what I think is on these videos. It's the next gen of advanced unmanned vehicles.

    Is there life out there in the vastness of Space- probably! But it's not going to present itself in the odd video here and there in this context.
    Also- the US has a large research budget and so is at the forefront of military tech hence then location of the sights.
    It could also be a message to other countries by the USA to say, look this is our technology- it's coming down the pipeline, we are still capable of destroying any enemy. (In the 60s area 51 and false alien stories were purposely propagated to divert from the actual research efforts and to help keep the info secret).

  6. LOL… says "east coast", but shows west coast…
    NOT ALL ufo sightings are aliens, they are simply flying objects that cannot be identified.

  7. It doesn't make sense. If UFOs were to be truth at the present time. Surely they would make sure thae rest of the world are aware of thei presence. Thats just my opinion. Although I beleive the Universe is a vast place

  8. I absolutely 1,000% believe in UFO's, USO's & Extraterrestrial life. Now with the government finally saying something about it & releasing "some" classified records has to make you wonder what's going on now as to why their finally speaking about it & releasing information 🤔

    Is something big about to happen that they know they won't be able to hide from the general public? 🤷 Only time will tell 💁

  9. To be fair to UFO sighters a UFO is an unidentified flying object…so everyone who saw one DID see a UFO cause they had no clue what it was.

  10. Do you have a link to something that SHOWS the Navy or someone from the Navy saying any of this? In the video,
    you do not.

  11. Well, that was certainly a silly video :-). The Navy is too busy stuffing money into the pockets of "defense" contractors and using military weapons against patient advocates/hospital whistle-blowers like me. They're all about making certain people wealthy and powerful. I believe they no longer even care about protecting the U.S. from foreign enemies. (Gosh, where did I read that "the love of money is the root of all evil"??) Craig Handley, a directed energy weapons developer for NAVAIR, the Navy's aircraft and weapons division, has been targeting me with massive, organized, covert, violent harassment for years now (in collusion with UF Health) for reporting his social worker daughter, Kimberly Bryn Handley, for egregious violations of patient privacy laws at UF Health, where I worked as an RN for 25+ years. Please read my Linkedin article, "My Introduction to NAVAIR (or, How I Discovered My Stalker is a Weapons Engineer for the U.S. Military)" . Thanks for reading, Kathleen Maynard, RN, OTR/L, ACM-RN, Gainesville Florida.

  12. This is fake cuz California is in the west coast and he said it's in the east coast and also the UFO on the video was actually looking like a fighter jet

  13. last year I saw a black triangle ufo one night when i was outside with mom, it hovered silently above us at a great speed and on each of its corners had a red light.. i saw it and immediately showed it to my mom

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