USA vs IRAN: Who Would Win? – Military / Army Comparison 2019

USA vs IRAN: Who Would Win? – Military / Army Comparison 2019

As we write this you don’t have to look
hard to find headlines in the media containing the words U.S. and Iran and conflict. The BBC writes that the USA has just sent
1,000 troops over to the Middle East because according to the the American Acting Defense
Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Iran has been acting hostile. Iran has been accused of oil tanker attacks
and the country it’s said will also soon breach a 2015 deal regarding its uranium stockpiles. The New York Times has called this a “new
confrontation with the West.” How bad could this get? What kind of a threat would Iran be? Is there really a threat at all when compared
to the might of the U.S. Military? Let’s now have a look. If you’ve watched many of our military comparison
shows, then you are likely already an expert when it comes to the arsenal of the U.S. military. You will know that the U.S. spends more on
defense than any other country by a long, long way. Sources differ, and it’s hard to get the
exact spending down to the last dollar, but in 2018 it’s reported that the USA’s defense
budget was somewhere between 587 billion and 597 billion dollars. But if you go to the actual U.S. department
of defense website one of the first things you’ll read is that President Trump planned
to pump an extra 160 billion dollars into defense. The prediction from the DoD., right from the
horse’s mouth, is that by the end of 2019 defense spending will have reached $686 billion. Where does all this cash go? Well, the DoD website just breaks it down
simply into various departments. The army, navy, air force, marine corps, coast
guard and joint chiefs. If you are wondering what joint chiefs are,
well, they kind of run the show. Part of their mission statement reads: “The
future operating environment will place new demands on leaders at all levels. Our leaders must have the training, education,
and experience to meet those demands.” It’s not all about spending money on killer
toys of course, because you have a lot of paychecks at the end of the week. The U.S. military has 2,083,100 personnel. 1,281,900 work as active personnel and 801,
200 reservists. On top of that you have all kinds of special
units and specialists to pay. It’s not free when the U.S., say, wants
to buy artificial intelligence technology to scan faces, go through hours of drone videos,
etc. Research and development, according to the
U.S. military, eats up a great deal of money. Thankfully, someone else has broken down the
budget for us and it goes like this: A little over $205 billion goes to the navy
and the air force will get basically the same at 204.8 billion. $191.4 billion will go to the army and $116.6
billion will go to projects spread across the DoD. $104.3 billion will go to research,
development, test and evaluation. $143.1 billion will go to buying new things,
such as expensive aircraft and ships. $155.8 billion will actually go to the actual
men and women of the military through the paycheck budget. $22.5 billion will go to building houses for
personnel and other military construction projects. $292.7 billion, the biggest part of the budget,
is for maintaining the military. If you add all this up, though, it comes to
more than the actual budget. That’s because some of the spending overlaps,
such as research, purchases, or wages that might be accounted for as part of the individual
forces’ budgets. If you look at what the military has been
buying or trying to buy you see that F-35 Joint Strike Fighters are a big item on the
shopping list. These things also get sold of course, but
as we write this, Japan, according to some reports, is no longer looking at buying many
more of them because it has created its own aircraft that it sees as superior. Nonetheless, if you follow military news you’ll
know these things are still selling like hot cakes. The US currently has around 200 plans to build
a staggering 1,763 more. As we have said before, the US no doubt has
the most powerful air force in the world, and we just cannot list everything that is
in its arsenal of flying machines. But some of the most powerful beasts include
fleets of F-22 Raptors, F-15E Strike Eagles, F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and F-16 Fighting
Falcons. Some of the newer machines are 15 KC-46 Tanker
strategic military transport aircrafts and also the B-21 stealth Bomber. So, can Iran afford to spend billions and
billions of dollars on just one plane alone? Well, the answer is a resounding no and in
fact recent news reports tell us that the country has slashed defense spending to the
equivalent of $43 billion. Compare this to the reports that 2019 that
the U.S. navy just paid Virginia shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls $15 billion to start construction
on the new Ford-Class Aircraft Carriers. Also bear in mind the billions spent on new
aircraft, or the 2 Fleet Replenishment Oilers at $1.1 billion. The 5,113 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles costing
$2.0 billion or the M-1 Abrams tank modifications setting the U.S. back $2.7 billion. Just one new Columbia Class Submarine will
cost $3.7 billion and the military has requested $6 billion for some DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Class
Destroyers. The list goes on and on, and we cannot possibly
tell you everything on that shopping list. But all in all, you have over two million
personnel, around 13,400 military planes and counting, including about 5,700 helicopters. Add to that 6,287 tanks for land based operations. Then on water you have a total of 20 aircraft
carriers which are like a travelling army, and would be very important when fighting
a country located on the other side of the globe. The USA also has 68 destroyers and 68 submarines,
but as you know, more of both are in the pipeline. As you can see, this is shaping up to be a
David and Goliath story. No one doubts that in terms of equipment the
USA has by far the biggest and arguably most advanced military in the world. We say arguably because countries such as
China, Japan, The UK, India, France, Russia, also have some very capable military toys. Iran though, well, you won’t find the country
on any top ten lists when it comes to military might, and some writers have described Iran’s
equipment as being Cold War-era machines. In total, Iran has 523,000 active military
personnel, but also around 350,000 reservists. They own 509 military aircraft, which sounds
fairly impressive, but let’s see what kind of planes these are. For starters, they have 54 American-made McDonnell
Douglas F-4 Phantom IIs. Some of these are pretty old, but we are told
many have been upgraded. Joining the list are also some other capable
multirole aircraft such as 23 French-made Dassault Mirage F1s. As for ground attack, Iran has about 50 Russian-made
planes in the Sukhoi SU range, the Su-22, 24 and 25. Iran is also in the process of building a
fifth generation stealth fighter aircraft called The IAIO Qaher-313, although some experts
have cast doubts as to how viable this aircraft will be. This is not a weak air force by any means,
but much of that strength comes from purchased American military hardware. That said, much of this fleet is aging and
in need of an upgrade whereas the American military has never stopped upgrading their
equipment, whether they need it or not, as any American taxpayer can tell you. As for tanks, Iran has 1,634 of them, but
we might ask just how advanced those tanks are. Well, again, the country owns quite a few
older models bought from the USA, Russia, and also has some homemade tanks. But in 2018 Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister
Reza announced that the country was in the process of building another 700 to 800 new
tanks. The country also has 2,345 armored fighting
vehicles, but compare that to the 39,223 armored fighting vehicles in the USA which for the
most part are much more modern. But where Iran is really weak is in the water,
as it doesn’t have a single aircraft carrier to speak of. Remember, the US has 20. The country has no destroyers either, but
does have a 34-strong submarine fleet and 6 frigates. While Iran really is an underdog to the U.S.
military, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a strong military. Ranking militaries is difficult and shouldn’t
be taken as an exact science. Iran has had to be strong military presence
before and it has a large well-trained military because of its location in a volatile region. Reporting has stated that they have a ground
force that includes over 1,600 tanks, 725 reconnaissance and infantry fighting vehicles,
640 armored personnel carriers, 2,322 towed and self-propelled howitzers, and 1,476 multiple
rocket launchers Yes, the numbers can change, since we guess
the press doesn’t have a regular tank counter working all over the world, but we’re guessing
these numbers are pretty close to reality. Much like their air fleet though, much of
this equipment is somewhat outdated and likely needing of either upgrading or full replacement. Now we already know that the USA has some
of the most advanced special forces units in the world and also is not bad at collecting
intelligence through the CIA, NIS, and both of their cutting edge computer technologies. But the Iranian forces also have a special
branch that is said to be very highly trained and is an entity to be feared. The Quds Force, a special ops unit within
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, they number around fifteen to thirty thousand very skilled
agents and work in what you might call unconventional warfare. Iran also has the advantage in the event of
an invasion of being a geographically difficult country to assault via land. It’s a large country and the major cities
are mostly located in areas that would be difficult for land forces to quickly reach. And now we come back to the start. What about these new fears of nuclear conflict? The New York Times writes this: “Iran is
still well more than a year away from being able to build a weapon — perhaps much longer.” But the experts in that article also said
it would take much longer to produce what the Times called a deliverable weapon. It’s highly unlikely Iran is thinking about
attacking the USA, and many European countries have blamed the U.S. for putting Iran in a
difficult position thanks to harsh sanctions. We won’t get into the politics, but suffice
to say confrontation of military powers with nuclear weapons is not something anyone wants. As Newsweek points out, while the U.S. military
is by far superior in every way, an invasion would be a long drawn out affair. They wrote, “If decades of difficult conflicts
worldwide have taught the American military anything, it is that a mighty armory goes
only so far.” Let’s hope for some diplomacy that works
for both nations and the threat of conflict behind us. What do you think about all of this? Many things might have happened by the time
this episode is released, but just in terms of how an invasion would work out what do
you think? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
The United States (USA) vs The World – Who Would Win?. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.


  1. Iran fought Iraq for 8 years without winning.
    The US overran Iraq in 2 weeks.
    Iran may last 3 weeks before their leaders are hiding in a hole in the ground like Hussan .

  2. Imagine that your happiness and love are destroyed in front of you, that is what the war brings to you, but I believe it will not. Although our respective governments are not perfect, but I believe they also know the heavyness of sadness, I love all of you. Truly, although we come from different countries and different races, we are all human beings with thoughts. We are born of love. We all have our own dreams and ideals. We all have things we cherish. I want to chat with each of you happily, about the culture and pride of our different countries, and about the interesting things in our country. I don't want to be separated from you because of war and hatred. This world is simple, but very complicated. Human beings still have a long way to go. There are still many problems to be solved in the world. I hope this road is full of olive branches and love, not tears and sadness.

    ย  If, unfortunately, you feel that there is no love around you, please accept my love, then from now on, at least one people in this world will love you for real , believe me, believe that the world can be full of vibrant people ,everything will get better

    A normal Chinese university student

  3. You don't fight religious fundamentalists.. they have nothing to lose. They will die with a smile as long as they think they're taking out "infidels." While the US military is a formidable force, these soldiers want to come home to their wives.
    If their wives were killed in a drone strike on the other hand; you might come close to the same level of commitment.. probably not though.

  4. where the money comes from? it comes from china… the entire usa is a bankrupt country… why stockpile weapons??? the usa is too violent… demilitarisation is the only option to world peace. aircraft carriers are for invasion… thats y only the usa has it… every other country finds it unnecessary to invade other country far far away..

  5. Btw the US military is working on laser weapons wich are are currently being mounted on certain ships even though it is still under development ,and what makes this weapon so dangerous is its firepower and that it's INFINITE ammunition travels at LIGHT SEEDS leaving no warning to its target

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  7. When people say we spend so much more on our military than anyone else in the world and by far I always question if those people actually think the other countries are honest in how much they spend. You really think Iran, Russia, and China are honest about how much money they spend on military?

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  9. Iran couldnโ€™t even afford a war with the United States while yes they could drive back us on thier soil but thanks to sanctions and USA higher military budgets the economy of Iran would crumble to dirt.

  10. There are some fallacies. E.g. Japan will buy F-35 – plenty of them. Building (deploying) their own generation 5 (or 6 – which still leaves a lot of question marks) will take at least a decade more. And it seems, given their issues with the Mitsubishi F-2 – which was slightly more technological advanced than the F-16's they were based on, but was heavier, less agile and cost about 3 times more, it doesn't seem, that even with their homegrown fighter jets, Japan will be able to buy a lot of them…

    And what we didn't talked about is airspace superiority. It seems that Israel already flew over Iran several times with their new F-35's and Iran didn't even detected them.

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  15. How to destroy Iran.
    Go to the us army tell em to nuke Iran boom army navy air force will attack. [ Attention this is made up do not try to do it ]

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  18. USA would lose because China Russia all the middle east and Asia would join Iran to fight against America the world is tired of usa's bullying of the world and a war with Iran would not be some small war it would turn into an official WWIII which very likely would end almost to all life on this earth. And no one really wants that unless they are some crazy idiot or wacko religious person.


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  21. I think the US, will win because I think Iraq is kind of a poor country and we Americans have power and a lot of explosives and that stuff

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