The US Navy sailed USS Chancellorsville through
the Taiwan Strait US military has called it a “routine”
operation”. It was the ninth-time a US warship has sailed
through the waters this year. Commander Reann Mommsen, spokesman for the
US 7th fleet said the guided-missile cruiser traveled through the Strait to demonstrate
“commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific”. Commander Mommsen, “Guided-missile cruiser
USS Chancellorsville conducted a routine Taiwan Strait transit November 12 in accordance with
international law. The ship’s transit through the Taiwan Strait
demonstrates the US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.” He said: “The US Navy will continue to fly,
sail and operate anywhere international law allow.” The statement indicated that the US would
not be deterred by China. In this video Defense Updates why China couldn’t
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province
and wants to bring it to its fold in the future. Taiwan is currently a self-governed democracy. Though Taiwan has no formal diplomatic ties
with the U.S, it remains an important ally. U.S relation with Taiwan is governed by the
Taiwan Relations Act. The Taiwan Relations Act neither confirms
that the USA will intervene militarily if China invades Taiwan nor does it relinquishes
it, maintaining a strategic ambiguity. As per the act, “The United States will
make available to Taiwan such defense articles and defense services in such quantity as may
be necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain sufficient self-defense capabilities” The Taiwan Strait is tactically important
since it separates China from Taiwan and China will have to move its forces across the strait
in case it decides to invade. The strait constitutes international waters,
though China keeps a close eye on any movement in the strait especially if it’s a U.S Navy
warship. Taiwan Strait is part of the larger dispute
of the South China Sea region. China claims most of the South China Sea. It said that it has “indisputable sovereignty”
over the area. Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and
Taiwan have disputed these claims. The route is significant as about $5 trillion
in trade through shipping passes each year. Countries like the US, Japan and India have
no claims in the area and want ‘Freedom of Navigation’ as per international maritime
laws. China has tried imposing a unilateral decision
as per which all ships & aircraft navigating in the area needs to identify itself to the
Chinese Navy. USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) is a Ticonderoga-class
guided missile cruiser. The Ticonderoga-class cruiser’s design was
based on the Spruance-class destroyer. Chancellorsville was commissioned at Ingalls
Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Miss, on 4 November 1989. She was first deployed in March 1991, to the
Persian Gulf in support of Operation Desert Storm. Yokosuka, Japan is the homeport of the warship. USS Chancellorsville has an overall length
of 567 ft or 173 m and displacement of about 9,600 tons. This makes it one of the largest cruisers
in the world. It has limited Kevlar splinter protection
in critical areas. USS Chancellorsville is designed as a multi-role
warship. It can carry out Anti Aircraft Warfare (AAW),
Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW). For propulsion, it has 4 General Electric
LM2500-30 gas turbines generating 75 MW of power, driving 2 shafts. It has a speed of 32+ knots (60+ km/h) and
a range of 6000 nm or 11000 km. The Aegis combat system forms a critical component
of the Ticonderoga warships including USS Chancellorsville. The Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System
is designed by the United States Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency to protect
against short and intermediate-range ballistic missiles. Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense is devised
to intercept ballistic missiles post-boost phase and prior to reentry. It enables USS Chancellorsville to shoot down
enemy ballistic missiles by expanding the Aegis Combat System with the addition of the
AN/SPY-1 radar and Standard missiles. Aegis BMD-equipped vessels can transmit their
target detection information to other systems and, if needed, engage potential threats using
Standard series missile like SM-3 or SM-6. The centerpiece of the AEGIS systems is a
very powerful multi-purpose AN/SPY-1 radar present in USS Chancellorsville. It is considered to be one of the most advanced
naval radar that can automatically detect and track targets. The high-power of 4 MW enables it to simultaneously
track over 100 targets and guide missiles. Traditional search radars have rotating antennas
that can track a target once during every 360-degree sweep. A separate tracking radar is required to guide
missiles to a particular target. AN/SPY-1 radar is different. It incorporates the two functions into a single
tightly integrated system. The 4 fixed arrays of “SPY” direct electromagnetic
beams in all directions concurrently and continuously. So, the targets are tracked without interruption. The radar can be made to focus on a single
target when needed, without blinding the warship against other threats. This enables the radar to create a very holistic
view of the surrounding, providing unprecedented situational awareness. USS Chancellorsville has AN/SQQ-89(V)1/3 – A(V)15
Sonar suite. The suite consists of AN/SQS-53B/C/D active
sonar and AN/SQR-19 TACTAS, AN/SQR-19B ITASS, & MFTA passive sonar. It can provide precise information for Anti
Submarine Warfare control and guidance. USS Chancellorsville has two 61 cell Mk 41
vertical launch system that can be equipped with a choice of different weapons. 1. RIM-66M-5 Standard SM-2MR Block IIIB for Air
Defense & Anti Ship role with a range of 103 miles or 167 km and speed of Mach 3.5 2. RIM-156A SM-2ER Block IV for Anti Aircraft
& Anti Ship role with a range of 115 miles or 185 km and speed of Mach 3.5 3. RIM-161 SM-3 for Ballistic missile defense
with a range of 435 miles or 700 km and speed of Mach 10. It can also be used as an Anti-satellite weapon. 4. RIM-162A ESSM for anti-missile role with a
range of 31 miles or 50 km and speed of Mach 4. It can be quad packed in single Mk 41 cells. 5. RIM-174A Standard ERAM or SM 6 for anti-air
warfare with a range of 150 miles or 240 km and speed Mach 3.5 6. BGM-109 Tomahawk for land attack. It has a long range of up to 1550 miles or
2500 km with subsonic speed. 7. RUM-139A VL-ASROC anti-submarine missile with
a range of 13 miles or 22 km It also has 8 Harpoon Missile Launcher for
Anti Ship role. 2 × Mark 32 triple torpedo tubes are present
launching Mk-46 or Mk-50 torpedoes 2 Sikorsky SH-60B helicopters are responsible
for Anti Submarine Warfare. Other weapons consist of long-range naval
guns and a variety of Close-In Weapon System. USS Chancellorsville multi-mission capability
makes it a potent adversary for any rival. Any aggressive move against the warship will
result in an immediate counter punch and this has prevented China from taking any action. Taiwan is one of the many critical flashpoints
when it comes to the US-China relationship which also includes trade disputes. In the larger context, USS Chancellorsville
navigating through Taiwan Strait is a message for both China & Taiwan. For China, the mission will indicate that
the U.S will not back down. For Taiwan, it will a sign of support from
Trump administration. It will be interesting to keep a watch on
the region and see how the situation plays out.


  1. The US needs to provide Taiwan with high yield tactical nuke cruise missiles, that would be the only thing that would thwart a Chicom invasion.

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    (US passing by)
    China: …..
    (US out of sight)
    China: Yeah I shut up now… But when he gone, I be talking again.

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    God bless America, Mr Trumph and Sweden! Please do pray for Sweden..

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  8. You bet that there are US attack subs lurking under the waves in the Taiwan Strait and also in the S. China Sea. That is one of the reasons the communist Chinese would not dare to launch an expeditionary attack on Taiwan, because if they did they would be on the bottom of the Strait.

  9. More analysis of what it means than reciting the entire spec of the ship would be appreciated. I can go on Jane's Defence and look up the spec. I think it's an interesting scenario and there's definitely more political drivers than anything else. Good video.

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    Silly title

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  28. funny analysis. China can easily sink this ship, navigating to the Taiwan straight is a death trap. China has home court advantage and a single US warship near its shore doesn't scare the Chinese. China is not Syria. It is a battle between the two world's biggest bullies anyway. 😇

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  30. Because they are not at war, they want a trade deal, and in the end it does not really matter the missles aimed at the boat would hit it before it reacts as the taiwan strait is a choke point. The type of choke point that stops them invading taiwan

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    Maybe because the Chinese aren't interested in lowering themselves to bullshit dickwagging/posturing/provoking

  32. The bottom line: China isn't about to trigger a thermonuclear holocaust that would destroy all life on earth forever; thus, they aren't about to hinder American naval or air passage.

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  38. It's pronounced Chancellor-s-vile. You're leaving out the 'S' after Chancellor… . It was Lee's greatest battle, where being outnumbered 2 to 1, he flanked and defeated the Federals. It's considered to be one of the most brilliant battles in US military history.

  39. China could sink it at any time. What counter punch? Fire a nuclear armed cruise missile or two at China? This small warship is basically defenceless against a sufficient number of cruise missiles. China wishes to avoid a war that would potentially leave both countries in smouldering ruins. Thankfully one of the two shows some restraint and common sense. It’s certainly quite an insult sailing warships up and down their coastline, I wonder how America would react to such behavior.

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